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Wix vs Squarespace Comparison 2020: Which Platform is Best?

Wix vs Squarespace

In this article, we’ll compare 2 giants: Wix vs Squarespace.

We’ll look at their features, strengths, and weaknesses, as well as digging into the pricing tiers for each platform.

By the end, you should know exactly which one is right for your needs.

Wix Review 2020: Is Wix Website Builder Right for You?

Wix review

Have you ever used a website builder to design and host a site?

If you’re a newbie with little experience, these might seem like a great alternative. Instead of having to purchase a domain separately, find a reliable web host, and use third-party software to create your pages offline, you can do everything through the site builder with relative ease.

Which site builder to go with though? Find out if this is the right choice for you in our Wix review!

Weebly vs GoDaddy Comparison: Who is the Winner for 2020?

Weebly vs GoDaddy

Having an efficient and attractive site is very important for your enterprise to grow rapidly and remain competitive on the market today. You will also need a top-notch hosting provider that can guarantee your target audience of a great user experience, fast response time, and security.

Two brands that have made names for themselves in the Internet hosting niche are Weebly and GoDaddy. Weebly is known for its proprietary site-builder while GoDaddy is the global leader in domain services. The two brands also offer hosting services. Which one should you go for?

Wix vs Shopify Comparison: Which is the Best Option in 2020?

Wix vs Shopify

A lot of your clients have started asking where they can find you online so that their friends can buy from you, even though they’re not in the area. You need an eCommerce platform. Who to choose, however?

If you been measuring up Wix vs Shopify then this is the article for you!

Best DIY Website Builder: Do it Yourself Easy & Cheap!

Now that developers have devised ways to build sites where confusing code hides behind the scenes, most anyone can become a do it yourself website builder.

Website builders are highly intuitive, leading you through the process step-by-step.

Here are our reviews of the best DIY website builders around today!

GoDaddy vs SquareSpace 2020 Comparison: Who is Best Overall?

godaddy vs squarespace

GoDaddy and SquareSpace both offer website builders, but are they both great website builders? If you want to build a website but are new to hosting and web development or are a little uneasy about the prospect of managing your own website, this review aims to simplify who to choose.

GoDaddy is a big name when it comes to domain registration and hosting. They offer a wide range of customization options and a depth of control that few other web hosts can match.

Wix vs Bluehost Compared: Hosting & Website Builders Review

Wix vs BlueHost

As more businesses realize the advantages of operating online, the number of firms entering the market to offer hosting services has progressively increased. This large number of hosting firms has made it difficult to pick the right provider.

In this comparison of Wix vs BlueHost, we look to see which of these two choices might be the right one for you.

Squarespace vs Weebly Comparison 2020: Who is better?

You’ve probably heard of or ran into these three names while combing the internet for an easy way to build a website from scratch. Initially, you had to be really good at coding or web design in order to set up a decent website on your own.

But that has since changed, and these three companies are among the top tools that take the lead in making that possible. As easy-to-use website builders, they provide an affordable way to create a professional-looking website.

Best WYSIWYG Web Builders: Top 10 Softwares Reviewed

best wysiwyg web builder

Web design has made some amazing strides over the years. A process that once required advanced coding knowledge and weeks of work can now be accomplished in the span of a few hours if you know which software to use and how to use it.

With the best WYSIWYG web builders, the power to create an awesome website has changed from the hands of the few to the domain of the masses.

Here’s how you can get started with WYSIWYG website builders.

Website Builder Reviews: Wix WordPress Squarespace & Weebly

Website builder reviews

There are scores of builders on the web, some widely known and adored, others key to a niche of developers and some that aren’t all that special. The industry is highly competitive, as we’ll be looking at the top four, WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, and Weebly.

All of these website builders offer extensive communities, control support, customer service templates, blogging, e-commerce features, and integrated developer supported plugins.

Who is the best, however?

Read our website builder reviews to find out!

Yola Review: Website Hosting Plans, Pricing & More!


What is Yola? You’d be forgiven for not knowing (but I guess you do if you’re reading a yola review :-/) a thing about this service. Originally from Cape Town, South Africa, the web host set up shop in San Francisco in 2009, changing their name from SynthaSite and going through a complete rebranding to attract new users.

SquareSpace Review 2020: Pros and Cons You Must Consider!

Squarespace review

“Make a beautiful website.” You’ve probably heard Squarespace’s tagline on a video or podcast before. They’ve been around for a while, since 2004, but have made a strong marketing push over the past few years. Now they have plenty to show for it.

Ask just about any hipster under 35 what Squarespace is, and they’ll be able to tell you it’s a platform for building sites. They’re big enough now to afford Super Bowl ads starring Key & Peele:

Does being big, however, translate to offering a great product? Read our Squarespace review to find out!

WordPress Review 2020: The Best Choice for Building Websites?

WordPress reviews

Today, we’re going to do a review of WordPress and cover some of its pertinent features. Please note that we’re talking specifically about doing a self-hosted site with

With any luck, after reading our WordPress review you’ll be able to draw a conclusion on whether or not it will work best for what you have in mind.

Weebly Review 2020: Does Weebly Wobble or Fall Down Flat?

Weebly Reviews

Chances are, you’ve heard of Weebly before.

It’s one of the older drag-and-drop website builders, having been in existence since 2006. In the span of ten years, they’ve built a large base of customers—more than 40 million.

The service has been lauded for its ease-of-use, features, and speed (when it comes to getting a site up and running).

But how do they stand up against all the new kids on the block?


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