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Squarespace Pricing Plans 2020: Are Website Costs Worth it?

Is the pricing for Squarespace worth it?

Interested in Squarespace pricing and what you get for your money?

Here we take a deep dive into everything to do with pricing for Squarespace and uncover hidden costs, secret discounts available to select groups, the difference between Personal vs Business and the Basic and Advanced Commerce plans, as well as their email and domain pricing.

Top 5 Best Magento Hosting Providers 2020: Reviews & Pricing

Best Magento hosting

Magento is one of the best-known e-commerce platforms currently on the market. It’s open source, provides plenty of options for selling your products and accepting payments, and is widely regarded as on the top picks when it comes to e-commerce solutions for just about any online business.

Sounds good, there’s just one issue. Without the best Magento website hosting, your store is going to be as good as useless.

Best eCommerce hosting sites 2020: Top Platforms Reviewed

Best sites for eCommerce hosting

You’ve probably noticed that lots of consumers nowadays prefer to do their shopping online. Brick and mortar no doubt still has its place in the retail sphere, but the convenience of shopping online is unbeatable.

What makes you luckier as a business person is the fact that setting up an e-commerce website and cashing in on this e-commerce wave is far easier to do today than it was a decade ago, provided you have the right hosting company or platform by your side.

BigCommerce Reviews: Everything You Need to Know!

It’s difficult to start a conversation about e-commerce platforms without some mention of BigCommerce. The service has a large user base, with over 98,000 sites.

They’ve got a feature-packed interface with a lot of positives, and there’s plenty of incentive to give them a go.

Unfortunately for them, they aren’t the only ones in the game…


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