Host Types and Differences

Cloud Hosting vs VPS 2020 Comparison: Which Is Better for You?

You’ve harbored the idea of creating a website for your business, or maybe a personal blog, for a long time. You feel as if now is the time to turn your idea into reality. You have a great domain name which you’ve already registered.

You even visualize how your website will look when fully created and operational. However, before you can actualize this dream, you need to take care of something first. It is called hosting.

Types of Web Hosting: Shared, VPS & Dedicated Explained

Types of web hosting

Do you think that all web hosting is identical?

Sure, the end goal is the same in all instances, to “host” the files that make up a website, making them accessible to visitors.

The particulars, however, vary with different types of web hosting. There are separate operating systems, there are multiple hardware setups, and different types of web hosting services will offer a range of plans, each finely tuned to fit a specific kind of customer…

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