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If you want to find the web hosting that is right for your particular circumstances then you’re in the right place!

Here we take a look at all the web hosting services available and tell you who our top picks are.

Ehost Vs BlueHost: Which Offers the Best WordPress Hosting in 2020

ehost vs bluehost

eHost might not be around anymore, but they had a great following of loyal clients when they announced that they will no longer be trading. As the authority among the hosting service providers, they’ve become a benchmark that entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals use to gauge the deal they’re getting. eHost provided a great service, however, …

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Windows vs Linux Hosting Differences, Advantages & Disadvantages

Windows vs Linux hosting

Selecting suitable web hosting service providers is the start of your site’s transition towards being live on the internet. What comes next often confuses people: the choice between Windows vs Linux hosting. Your choice of hosting will significantly impact parameters such as speed, tech compatibility, operational costs, and manageability. As such, it can be somewhat …

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BlueHost vs Squarespace Comparison 2020: Which is Best?

bluehost vs squarespace

Have you been bitten by the blogging bug, and now you’re keen on starting a blog? Are you at a loss as to which hosting service to use for your blog? You are not alone.

In fact, many people find themselves grappling with this very question when starting out. Picking a web hosting service for your site can be an uphill task because of the plethora of providers on the market, all claiming to be the best.

Arguably, the two top providers on the market today are Bluehost and Squarespace. Bluehost is one of the most recognized hosting providers today, has hosted over five million sites, and is also recommended by WordPress management.

HostPapa Review 2020: Pros and Cons of Papa’s Hosting Plans

HostPapa review

With thousands of web host providers lurking in cyberspace, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and lost in a sea of ratings and comparisons.

This HostPapa review demonstrates that HostPapa is a fully featured web hosting service with top-rated customer service, around the clock support, and 30-day money back guarantee.

BlueHost vs HostGator Comparison 2020: Which is Best?

Compare BlueHost vs HostGator

A quick Google search will show you that a web hosting choice usually boils down to Bluehost vs HostGator for most people.

The questions are, “how do you know which one is best?”, and “don’t they do the same thing?”

The simple answer is yes. However, the nuances that make them different actually affect your website in larger ways than you can imagine.

GoDaddy vs Wix Comparison 2020: Which is Best?

GoDaddy vs Wix

Until recently, individuals and businesses alike had to hire specialists to build their website for them. This process was a considerable hassle (not to mention expensive), and it rarely resulted in a desirable outcome. Thanks to innovations in the website building industry, you can now create and implement a far better website for yourself or your business from the comfort of your home and for a fraction of the price.

Many would-be website creators question whether Wix or GoDaddy provides a superior website building experience. These creators need to know which platform provides the best features, design tools, onboarding experience, and customer service for an affordable price. In truth, both platforms provide an assortment of web development tools that may be geared towards your specific online marketing goals.

How to Buy Cheap Domains: 10 Cheapest Domain Name Registrars

cheap domains

When trying to get off the starting blocks with a website, sometimes price and price alone will be your primary concern. In these situations, you’ll want to start shopping around for cheap domain names to keep your costs low.

If you’re just getting into building a website, finding affordable domain names isn’t a walk in the park. There are a virtually unlimited number of services promising the cheapest domains.

This guide will present you with some of the best options, along with tips for what to evaluate when seeking out cheap domains.


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