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If you want to find the web hosting that is right for your particular circumstances then you’re in the right place!

Here we take a look at all the web hosting services available and tell you who our top picks are.

Web.com Review 2020: Everything You Need To Know

Web.com has a lot to offer so you’ll find plenty to love about this hosting service. But as with any successful company, you can find both positive Web.com reviews and complaints about their shortcomings.

In the end, whatever company you choose will have its own advantages and disadvantages. So rather than trying to find the perfect company, you should be looking for the one that offers the features you need and has drawbacks that you can live with.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting Providers: Top 10 Reviewed

Best dedicated server hosting

Deciding on the best dedicated server hosting can be a tricky task even if you are tech-savvy. However, with the many options available, you should be able to find something that fits all your requirements along with your budget.

Who is the right choice, however, and is the same choice right for everyone?

Network Solutions Review 2020: Shared Hosting Pricing & More!

Network Solutions review

Network Solutions is a solid company in the web hosting and domain market. While the web hosting plans are not necessarily jaw-dropping in any way, this company stands out for the fact that it offers such a wide scope of services.

As you’ll see in our Network Solutions review, they will design your website, register and protect your domain name, host your website, and provide a whole host of other services and products as well.

iPage Review 2020: Web Hosting Plan Pricing & More!

iPage review

Tt’s easy to overlook that this old-school service is still alive and kicking. iPage currently hosts more than 1 million websites. In addition to hosting, they offer domain registration, managed WordPress blogs, and a whole swath of extra features users love. Nowadays, though, most services can’t get noticed without a solid website builder to help the newbies.

With that in mind, we’ll be devoting extra attention to the website builder in our iPage reviews as well as its other services. Does it stack up to the big names like Wix and Weebly? Or is it just a feeble attempt at trying not to get left in the dust?

Let’s begin.

DreamHost Review: All You Need to Know About Their Hosting!

DreamHost has been around since 1996 and in that time, they’ve grown into one of the largest and most respected hosting sites around.

The company has remained independently owned, billing themselves as proponents of open-source solutions. But what hosting company wouldn’t be a proponent of open-source solutions?

Looking at Dreamhost reviews, by-and-large, customers love them. As they’re currently hosting more than 1.5 million sites, the accolades seem well earned.

Register.com Review: The Good & Bad You Need to Know!

register.com review

Register pricing, while not the cheapest, remains on the reasonable end of the spectrum for new users. Their Essential plan is the cheapest at $5.95 per month. This bare-bones plan comes with dedicated IP, MySQL, and cPanel. And 300 GB of disk space isn’t too bad, either.

On the outside, it all seems pretty good, but find out in our register.com review if there is anything hidden that you might not first be aware of.

WebHostingpad Review, Complaints and Everything Else for 2020

Webhostingpad Review

On its website, WebHostingPad claims to offer hassle-free hosting. The company works with shared hosting, WordPress, and VPS hosting, putting customer service first. Founded in 2005 and based in Illinois, WebHostingPad is a bit newer to the web host scene. But being in business for 11 years is no mean feat.

WebHostingPad primarily bills itself as a low-cost shared hosting option. The company caters to individuals and small businesses with tight budgets, but are they performing as well as they say?

Find out in our WebHostingPad review!

NameCheap Domain Review: Pros & Cons You Must Know!

Namecheap review

NameCheap started out as a domain hosting company back in 2000 and it has since built its reputation on providing amazing domain hosting services.

Are they the best, however, or is there a better option out there for you?

Arvixe Reviews: Web Hosting Plans, Ratings, Pricing & More!

If you have been looking at Arvixe reviews online, you may have noticed some inconsistencies. Our Arvixe hosting review will focus on Arvixe in the here and now, but also explain some of the more important things that have occurred in the past with the host. If you are wondering whether to use Arvixe for your website, we hope to offer you the helpful information you require.

SiteGround Review 2020: Good, Great, or Simply the Best?

If everyone else uses SiteGround, should you use it, too?

Probably not, until you learn as much as you can about the host so that you can reach a decision you most likely won’t regret.

SiteGround is one of the most popular web hosts out there. Founded by a group of university friends in 2004, today SiteGround has over over one million domains around the world. Not as many as what other top hosting companies have but still quite a lot.

Types of Web Hosting: Shared, VPS & Dedicated Explained

Types of web hosting

Do you think that all web hosting is identical?

Sure, the end goal is the same in all instances, to “host” the files that make up a website, making them accessible to visitors.

The particulars, however, vary with different types of web hosting. There are separate operating systems, there are multiple hardware setups, and different types of web hosting services will offer a range of plans, each finely tuned to fit a specific kind of customer…

Media Temple Review 2020: What is Their Hosting Like?

Media Temple review

Never heard of Media temple hosting? Well you’re about to!

Our Media temple review will let you know everything you need to know to make a decision on whether to use this companies services or take your media elsewhere.


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