A2 Hosting Review 2020: Are A2’s Features Bad or Worth a Look?

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You may know the name A2 Hosting from the seemingly endless rotation of deals and sales they have to entice new users. Or, you may not.

The company doesn’t have the same level of renown as some of the top players in the hosting game, but that doesn’t mean you should write them off as a low-level service. Either way, after our A2 Hosting review is finished you’ll know if they are right for you or not.

They’ve been around since 2001 (formerly as Iniquinet) and have billed themselves as a “high-powered web host” with “blazing fast speeds” that far outclass the competition. This is in addition to account services, customer support, a money-back guarantee, and supposed 99.9% uptime.

By the sound of it, they go above and beyond to give the customer what they need. They’ve got awards to back up at least a portion of their talk. Do their claims, however, stack up to the reality of the services that they provide?

That’s what we intend to find out in our A2 Hosting review. We’re going to look at what they have on offer so you know whether or not it’s worth you checking out after you have reviewed this article.

A2 Hosting review


A2 Hosting offer tailored hosting plans

One aspect that can become highly annoying when evaluating services to host your page is learning that they’ve only got a one-size-fits-all plan. If you’re doing any serious web building, you need room to grow, and that requires a multi-tier structure with a range of options for hosting and resources. A2 Hosting has that in spades with Shared, VPS, Dedicated, and even Reseller Hosting.

Their shared hosting options come in three different varieties. The Lite version for single sites, the Swift version for improved resources, and Turbo version for even greater speed. All shared plans offer “unlimited” storage and data transfers (though we all know what unlimited really means), and are accompanied by a generous money-back guarantee. Even without one of their specials, the pricing is fair:

  • Lite: $3.51/month
  • Swift: $4.39/month
  • Turbo: $8.34/month

For their VPS offerings, A2 Hosting again has three options. There’s the basic Unmanaged VPS, a more advanced Managed VPS with greater power, and a Core VPS service that grants the same resources as a managed VPS but includes root user access.

  • Unmanaged VPS: $5.00/month. 20GB Storage, 2TB Data Transfer, 512MB RAM, 1 Core CPU.
  • Managed VPS: $49.99/month. 75GB Storage, 2TB Transfer, 4GB RAM. 4vCPUs.
  • Core VPS: $49.99/month. 75GB Storage, 2TB Transfer, 4GB RAM. 4vCPUs.

A2 Hosting’s Dedicated Hosting options provide even more range and resource, with and without Root Access. The Semi-Dedicated Server for those just dipping their toes in, an Unmanaged Flex Server for more advanced developers, a Managed Flex Server that removes some of the behind-the-scenes hassles, and a Core Flex Server that provides the pinnacle of power and control.

  • Semi-Dedicated Server: $18.99/month. “Unlimited” Storage, “Unlimited” Data Transfer, 8GB Virtual RAM.
  • Unmanaged Flex Server: $89.99/month. 2x500GB Storage. 10TB Data Transfer. 8GB RAM.
  • Managed Flex Server: $169.99/month. 2x500GB Storage. 10TB Data Transfer. 8GB RAM.
  • Core Flex Server: $169.99. 2x500GB Storage. 10TB Data Transfer. 8GB RAM.

They also have a multitude of reseller hosting plans for budding web entrepreneurs. Reseller accounts are fully white-labeled, so you’ll have the most to offer your customers.

These are backed by A2 Hosting’s exemplary speed and uptime, ensuring that you have a quality service with minimal issues. Each plan comes with a free eNom Reseller account and access to the WHM Control Panel.

  • Bronze: $19.99/month. 30GB Storage. 400GB Data Transfer. 40 Accounts.
  • Silver: $27.99/month. 75GB Storage. 600GB Data Transfer. 60 Accounts.
  • Gold: $36.99/month. 150GB Storage. 1000GB Data Transfer. 80 Accounts.
  • Platinum: $61.99/month. 200GB Storage. 2000GB Data Transfer. 100 Accounts.

In addition to offering all these plans, A2 Hosting takes care to use some of the best hardware around, boosting their speed and reliability (more on that later).

With all of their plan offerings, they give customers the freedom to “design their own server” and configure a solution that truly works for an individual site or set of sites.

A2 have optimized their service for CMS

Content Management Systems are a popular option for those wanting to control and update their sites easily. Each has their own slight variances, and A2 Hosting supports three of the most popular with advanced features. WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla come pre-installed and optimized with shared hosting accounts. This means you don’t have to worry about downloads and setups. You can jump right in with the CMS of your choice, and the page speeds will be faster than what you’ve experienced compared with almost any other service.

You can easily incorporate third-party applications to enhance the power of your CMS-driven pages further. Be it e-commerce, blogging, social media integration, or site networking, A2 Hosting lets you create the framework you need for a powerful site with speedy 1-click installs.

Their speed & uptime claims are more than just boasting

A2 Hosting logoMany hosts will talk a big game about how fast pages load and how reliable their servers are. A2 Hosting, for their part, actually backs it up. Their performance rating is impressive, coming in ahead of the pack in uptime (about as close as you’re going to get to 100%) and in the top running for load speeds as well.

This might not seem like that great a deal, but any developer worth their salt knows the advantage even a bit of extra speed can afford. Visitors are quick to write slow-loading sites off, vowing never to visit them again. If you have a blazing fast site for your users, their experience will benefit, and they’ll be more likely to return. In addition, speed is going to aid your site ranking and SEO efforts, allowing even more people to discover your content.

They don't skimp On customer support

A2 Hosting makes sure that you have the resources you need to get any problems resolved quickly. From the A2 Hosting Knowledge Base, you can find out just about everything you need to know about developing and maintaining sites. There’s a library of topics that you can browse or search, and user guide covering some of the most common newbie questions.

If you need to contact A2 Hosting, you can do so via email, chat, phone, or by submitting a support ticket. Customer service is available 24/7 all year round, and quick to respond to any customer requests. Often, they can get to you within an hour to address whatever concerns you might be having.

They also have some great tutorials, like this one about securing your WordPress installation:

Additional considerations to review

Signing up with A2 Hosting is easy. There are three steps; then they’ll activate your account instantly.

They give you access to multiple payment options, including credit cards, PayPal, checks, bank transfers, money orders, and more.

They aren’t out to nab you with a bunch of upsells. What you want is what you get with A2 Hosting.

Unlike some hosts, A2 Hosting has you covered whether you need Linux or Windows-based servers. With their Shared Hosting plans.

Though they don’t advertise it right up front, A2 Hosting has solid Cloud Hosting options as well. The three options, Start, Median, and Ace, run the gamut of resources and can be customized like other plans to fit your individual needs. This way you only pay for the resources that you want, and nothing more.

They’re all-in on helping you with site migration. There are plenty of web hosts who leave you high and dry when you’re trying to get your site moved over to their servers. A2 Hosting makes sure you have what you need to perform an easy site migration, and can even do migrations for free in most cases.


Those constant deals make it difficult to lock down a true price

They’re always switching up the pricing structure with those promo offers, so it’s difficult to predict what price you’ll be met with when you pay them a visit.

Their normal prices, fortunately, aren’t exorbitant. They aren’t the lowest around, mind you, but they are competitive enough.

Additional considerations worth reviewing

There isn’t much bad to say about A2 Hosting. You could make a minor complaint about the fact that they restrict their Turbo speed boosting options to the higher level plans, but other than that, they’re a stand-up company offering quality services to their clients.

Has our A2 Hosting review convinced you?

So, should you give A2 Hosting a try?

Absolutely. This is the full-featured web host that has broken the mold, even if they’re still flying under the radar.

With A2 Hosting, you’ll be able to create an upload a site that’s fast, responsive, powerful, and full of extras to keep your visitors engaged. When it comes to providing straight-up speedy hosting with few issues, A2 Hosting is far-and-away one of the best out there.

Are you a high-end user requiring more flexibility and control over your servers?

Then I’ve got a deal for you…

Our A2 Hosting review final rating

The short version is that, yes, A2 Hosting is just about everything that it’s cracked up to be. Their servers are fast and reliable. They have a range of hosting plans to fit different customer needs. They offer customizable options to fine-tune the functionality of your website. They’ve also taken the time to ensure that their platform works with plenty of third-party applications.

When all’s said and done, you’ll likely agree that A2 Hosting is a 5/5 hosting service.

So, what earned A2 Hosting such a glowing recommendation?

They’ve figured out how to hit plenty of the hosting service positives while avoiding a great deal of the negatives you often see with less diligent companies.

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