HostPapa Review 2019: Hosting Plans, Ratings, Pros & Cons

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With thousands of web hosting providers lurking in cyberspace, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and lost in a sea of ratings and comparisons. There are a ton of different options and features that start blurring together and seeming the same.

HostPapa reviews
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With so much going on, it’s easy to see why a lot of people stall out in the decision making process.

Another issue with this is that places that compare sites to one another tend to offer very shallow reviews that highlight only a couple different features, so even after doing your research, you're left with questions.

HostPapa is a fully featured web hosting service with top-rated customer service, around the clock support, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. It takes away the mysteries and offers a comprehensive guide with everything there is to know about HostPapa as a web host. I have endeavored to answer every possible question you may have.

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With society’s renewed focus on living green and sustainability, it’s good to learn that HostPapa was one of the first web hosting companies to embrace green technology.

A review of the company shows that HostPapa promotes the development and use of wind and solar energy. To further demonstrate their commitment to green energy, HostPapa purchases green energy certificates to offset all the power they use in their data centers and offices.

Other than their solid commitment to preserving our environment, here are the most important things for you to know about the company.

Host Papa was founded in 2006, so they’ve been around for a reasonable length of time. They are a full service web platform, offering domain purchases, web hosting, and site building, so if there's one thing they know, it's how to host a website. They cater to small businesses, with competitive pricing and user-friendly features.

HostPapa strives to give all of their customers a hosting package that is backed with features. Everyone gets personable, world class customer service. They are a privately owned company, so the owner has the freedom to make decisions with end users in mind instead of just the bottom line. They are committed to the highest possible uptimes and security, and they want their customer support to offer technical expertise and empathy.

Over the years, this strategy has led them to a boom in growth. Despite that, they still want each customer to be a lifelong member of the HostPapa family, so they invest in their clients.

As part of this HostPapa hosting review, let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of their platform.

Our Hostpapa reviews pros and cons


Free migration

HostPapa clients will enjoy getting free migration of their WordPress or any CMS from their existing host. Techs are happy to help you transfer your site without problems, hassle, or unnecessary downtime. Once you are set up, learning to use the cPanel is fast and simple.

Green commitment

HostPapa is proud to be a leader in sustainable business practices. HostPapa was one of the first web hosting companies to go green. They believe that each of us needs to do our part to keep our earth healthy for this generation and those to come. HostPapa believes that by putting equivalent clean energy back into our world, they are reducing their carbon footprint and supporting renewable energy resources.

But this means they don’t offer the option for dedicated server hosting. To reduce their impact on the environment, they offer shared and virtual private server hosting instead.

They also find other ways to back up their commitment to the environment. HostPapa runs its business largely on renewable energy. They have been buying Renewable Energy Certificates to offset the impact they do have on the environment by virtue of having servers. Companies that specialize in creating renewable energy generate renewable Energy Certificates and Credits.

When companies like HostPapa purchase these credits, the money is used for the specific purpose of generating renewable energy. When the renewable energy company receives these credits, they can reinvest them into creating additional green energy and finding new initiatives to further reduce carbon footprints.

To quote HostPapa, “Whether you’re a business owner…webmaster, or blogger, you’re also a consumer of energy and energy products and services. Every Kilowatt hour of power that you use, including running your website, has an effect on the rest of the world.”

cPanel control panel is ultra easy

HostPapa uses cPanel which users can install in just a few steps. cPanel is highly compatible with most of the open source applications. It’s the cPanel that easily transfers websites from one hosting company to another.

If you have users that you want to have different levels of accessibility, cPanel can do that for you too. cPanel holds a strong reputation for being intuitive. You can manage databases, set code backup, manage email addresses and accounts, and manage multiple websites under a single account. There’s no web developer expertise required.

Using the cPanel, the design tools and templates let you set up an attractive website.

Uptime has a solid reputation

HostPapa uses state-of-the art data centers with backup data facilities scattered around North America. HostPapa backs up its claim of 99.9% uptime with back-up power generation, a dedicated diesel generator for power redundancy, redundant climate control systems, and dual pre-action fire suppression systems.

HostPapa set up its systems so that they are rarely down, while having as little impact upon the environment as possible. In fact, this number is so great that it means that HostPapa has less than 3 hours of downtime per year!

One of the best value green hosting companies

HostPapa likes to give a lot of features for the money. The Starter plan starts at $5.95 a month. While that is an attractive price, HostPapa often offers discounts, coupons, and other promotions that may bring that price down to just under $2 a month. Get the Business Plan for just $9.99 a month. You can also upgrade to the Business Pro Plan for $12.95 a month.

All plans come with unlimited domains, unlimited storage, unlimited websites, and a free domain name. Business Pro users also get access to advanced security features. Starter plan subscribers can get up to two websites, and Business or Business Pro subscribers have access to an unlimited number of websites.


Customer support is a tad slow

HostPapa highlights their round- the- clock tech support as a notable feature of their service. What they’re not so bold to say is that the customer service representatives that answer the phone can only help with minor issues. When you need the geek-type experts, you’re likely going to have to wait until they get to you.

The support team at HostPapa is available to answer your questions at any time of day or night and any day of the year. You can contact them via email, chat, or telephone, regardless of which plan you subscribe to. The con to the tech support is that the tech support that you need is not always available in the timeframe that you need it.

An important thing to note is that clients complain of long wait times for return emails and trouble tickets. Waits can be as long as 48-72 hours. That’s a long time to have your website down and is a huge source of frustration.

Lower prices for long term relationships

In keeping with its reputation for giving great value for its services, HostPapa offers contracts from 1-3 years. In exchange for your continued business, they give you the most discounted rates.

Money back guarantee

Like many other web hosting companies, HostPapa offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, but even that is a little misleading. You can easily cancel your subscription online, and they’ll refund your money. This refund doesn't include what you paid for in domain names, privacy, setup fees, mobile fees, or other add-on features.

HostPapa web hosting review top features

Ultra easy website builder

The Premium Website Builder comes standard with all HostPapa hosting plans. The basic plan comes with plenty of features to create an engaging website, and you can upgrade to another plan if you want even more features or functionality.

The drag-and-drop feature lets you build in your photo gallery, carousel, social media buttons, maps, contact forms, content boxes, and publish them with one click. Build your site using an endless array of readymade apps and tools that set your website apart from the crowd.

HostPapa offers flexible navigation menus that let you build and organize as many pages as you like. Customized templates take away some of the planning and design headaches. Just choose your colors and drag and drop for a professional looking page.

Customer service is friendly

When looking into all the different reviews available from customers, I found that most of them had the same thing to say. Nearly every single review mentioned specifically that they have an amazing team.

One reviewer says, “their service and attention to detail is second to none.” Another says, “HostPapa support teams deal with the issues in a non critical way and either clear up the matter for me, or else pass on information to me about what I should do in order to overcome my problems. ” Another user has remained with the company for over a decade and says he has never had an encounter that wasn’t with a very polite and professional team member who accommodated him and resolved the issue quickly, even when that issue wasn’t HostPapa’s fault!

In fact, to ensure that they are offering personable service that no one can compete with, they assign a dedicated account manager to every single customer. This way, you have a single point of contact within the company who knows you and your needs. They are able to recommend products that will help you grow your business organically based on what you have and what you need. This extends so far that they are even willing to recommend Google Apps and plugins, Microsoft Office 365, and other products that are occasionally direct competitors to their own platform of products.

Their CEO, Jamie, says, “We want to act as consultants and help our customers reach new heights. It’s a different take on the hosting industry.”

Their customer support team has locations in 18 different countries and offers support in English, French, German, and Spanish.

Representatives are able to assist their clients around the clock, and they even make themselves available for one-on-one video chats. Yes, that’s right. HostPapa is actually the only company that provides sessions, in half hour blocks, for their hosting clients to have video and phone support that goes above the norm. Feel free to take advantage of these for tutoring sessions on coding, business development, and more.


HostPapa isn’t some random startup. They have been in the business for a while. One of the great things to note about them is that they know how to form lasting relationships. Most of their clients have been with them for years and years.

One of their decade old customers says that he runs dozens of websites, and HostPapa has remained his company of choice. He cites their ease of doing business, competitive pricing, and simple one-click usage for most functions among his reasons for staying. The panel is easy to navigate, and they are not designed to make you buy even more add-on services.

HostPapa gets viral with mobile compatibility and social plugins

The HostPapa Website Builder guides you through how to make your website compatible on mobile phones, tablets, and other electronic devices. Your visitors will get to see the best of your site no matter how small their screen.

Once your site is up and looking great on all devices, it’s time to share the excitement of your new site on your social media outlets. The HostPapa Business Pro plan includes a one-click Facebook page creator. The business that Facebook brings in may more than pay for the extra cost of the Business Pro plan.

One stop shop

The great thing about HostPapa is that it is more than just a great web hosting or blogging platform. They are a one stop shop for small businesses, capable of handling everything from hosting an virtual private network (VPN) to website building for business owners who don’t have the resources to hire a programmer to design and maintain their website.

They have a suite of customer relations management (CRM) tools, automatic backups of your changes, unlimited storage, and tons of products for every step of your web building needs. In fact, their website builder is free!

They have a ton of widgets available for your website. This is an area they absolutely excel in. You can easily add images, maps, social media links, and videos from the very beginning of your web building process. Upgrades even allow you to furnish an e-commerce store and publish to Facebook with a single click!

They also have a form building tool. If theirs is a bit basic for your tastes, just use Wufoo which can be added, along with email marketing features, through Constant Contact Integration.

Your site builder allows you to update from any web browser, allowing you to utilize both desktop and mobile devices to preview your site.

HostPapa also has unlimited MySQL databases and allows you to access phpMyAdmin for back-end support and organization. I love using the database function for managing inventories!

Because their CEO believes in “a seamless, easy experience,” they also have a fail safe. As a last resort, or in a time crunch or busy season, you can activate their Do It For Me services. They will design the entire site and optimize it using SEO tools, plus ensure it is compatible with mobile devices. In fact, they will even write your copy! For maintenance, just contact them again, and they’ll even take care of your updates!

WordPress compatibility

These days, it seems like everyone wants to run on WordPress hosting as it's likely the best. As an open-source client, it’s easy to see why. WordPress makes building and coding things pretty easy, and the open-source platform makes it free as long as you know what you’re doing.

That means that almost all web hosts are making sure they are compatible with WordPress. They will simplify it so that you can use it with next to no experience as part of their building services.

HostPapa is no exception. In fact, they are ranked among the top 10 companies in WordPress hosting reviews! Given their customer service, this doesn’t come as a surprise.

They make WordPress available through Softaculous, and it’s extremely easy to install. Just look for their logo in your control panel, and they will give you prompts to follow every step of the way!

WordPress is compatible with all of the apps and features already offered through HostPapa, which means that you now have millions of new plugins which will be essential for your site building needs.

HostPapa also offers partnerships, so you can give it even more oomph. Take advantage of the content delivery of Cloudflare for insanely fast speeds. If you want some extra security, then use Sitelock in partnership with Global Sign’s SSL certificates.

Selling is a snap with HostPapa

Interface a free open-source shopping cart into your website, or use Website Builder Enterprise to build your own online store. It takes just minutes to set up attractive, colorful, and informative product pages. Website Builder Enterprise gives you full control over your online store. Track your orders, manage your inventory, and get accurate quotes for shipping costs.

Like the rest of your website, your e-commerce store will also interface with Facebook and mobile phones so that you can expand your customer base.

HostPapa is SSL compatible for the utmost in encryption and safety. Your customers will be more likely to buy from you when they know that their financial transactions won’t be hacked. The Business Pro plan also includes a dedicated IP address so that you have complete control over your computing efforts. Once you purchase your dedicated IP address, you can attach your SSL certificate in just a few minutes.

Final thoughts

A word that sums up HostPapa as a web hosting services is “innovative”. HostPapa led the way in demonstrating that green energy is possible for most any industry when we take the time to think about how to make it happen.

Beyond their commitment to sustainability, HostPapa offers fully featured web hosting services with a plan that is suitable for every user. Their platform is highly secure, has a great record for uptime, and is very easy to install and use. HostPapa keeps their prices reasonable which makes their service an excellent value for business or personal use.

The annual plans and slow tech service may not be negative enough to keep most people away. Try HostPapa and see all they have to offer. You’re bound to love it!

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HostPapa hosts over 500,000 websites. The bulk of their customers give HostPapa rave reviews across the board, so HostPapa fares very well as compared with competitors in that regard. I give them kudos for providing a lot of bang for your hosting bucks.HostPapa uses cPanel, which is intuitive and user-friendly. A rogue customer complains about every website and the same is true for HostPapa, though the vast majority of users agree that HostPapa is almost never down.I give HostPapa a perfect score of 5 stars out of 5.

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