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Website tips and tricks
If its website tips and tricks you’re looking for, this is the category for you whether your a beginner, intermediate or a seasoned pro!

How to Increase Conversion Rate: Improve Website Conversions Now!

Increase conversion rate

Does your site get a good amount of traffic but you fail to turn these visitors into customers?

You might be doing things wrong or there might be things you are not doing right or you are not doing it at all.

The infographic featured here will help you learn how to increase your conversion rate in 9 different ways.

Cool Website Ideas: 26 Niche, Content & Layout Suggestions

Website ideas

Perhaps one of the most daunting tasks when starting an online venture is generating niche website ideas, but this applies equally to content and design.

You’ll want to come up with good website ideas that will hook visitors. Then you’ll want to present them in a way that is appealing and keep those visitors returning.

So how should you go about brainstorming website ideas?

A Beginner’s Guide on How to Launch a New Website Like a Pro


Let’s talk about how to launch a website.

Once you have your idea set, you have to take on the task of bringing the site into existence. In the past, this meant hiring a web designer. Nowadays, with new web building tech, you can handle much of the task yourself.

Provided you’re willing to put in some time to learn a few things outside your comfort zone, that is.

Buying a Website: 10 Tips on How to Purchase Without Disaster

buy a website tips

There are a lot of reasons you might be considering buying a website.

To begin with, it probably already has a name and a following so it wouldn’t take much effort to publicize it.

It might also already have a good enough backlink profile which will make it more popular and authoritative than a lot of other sites in its niche.

In short, it would take less to make more people visit the site and earn more money at the same time.

How to Sell My Website? Complete Guide for 2020

sell website

You got into blogging or running a website because you were passionate about a topic or found it to be an easy and quick way to make money.

Now that your website has had some initial success, you may be thinking, “I want to sell my website.” Maybe you’ve realized your site is a cash cow and you want to cash out.

Whatever your reason for wanting to sell a website, it is possible, and it can be very lucrative. But you need to make sure you’ve taken the time to fully optimize your site and that you’re putting its best foot forward.

Best WYSIWYG Web Builders: Top 10 Softwares Reviewed

best wysiwyg web builder

Web design has made some amazing strides over the years. A process that once required advanced coding knowledge and weeks of work can now be accomplished in the span of a few hours if you know which software to use and how to use it.

With the best WYSIWYG web builders, the power to create an awesome website has changed from the hands of the few to the domain of the masses.

Here’s how you can get started with WYSIWYG website builders.

Website Builder Reviews: Wix WordPress Squarespace & Weebly

Website builder reviews

There are scores of builders on the web, some widely known and adored, others key to a niche of developers and some that aren’t all that special. The industry is highly competitive, as we’ll be looking at the top four, WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, and Weebly.

All of these website builders offer extensive communities, control support, customer service templates, blogging, e-commerce features, and integrated developer supported plugins.

Who is the best, however?

Read our website builder reviews to find out!

Yola Review: Website Hosting Plans, Pricing & More!


What is Yola? You’d be forgiven for not knowing (but I guess you do if you’re reading a yola review :-/) a thing about this service. Originally from Cape Town, South Africa, the web host set up shop in San Francisco in 2009, changing their name from SynthaSite and going through a complete rebranding to attract new users.

SquareSpace Review 2020: Pros and Cons You Must Consider!

Squarespace review

“Make a beautiful website.” You’ve probably heard Squarespace’s tagline on a video or podcast before. They’ve been around for a while, since 2004, but have made a strong marketing push over the past few years. Now they have plenty to show for it.

Ask just about any hipster under 35 what Squarespace is, and they’ll be able to tell you it’s a platform for building sites. They’re big enough now to afford Super Bowl ads starring Key & Peele:

Does being big, however, translate to offering a great product? Read our Squarespace review to find out!

WordPress Review 2020: The Best Choice for Building Websites?

WordPress reviews

Today, we’re going to do a review of WordPress and cover some of its pertinent features. Please note that we’re talking specifically about doing a self-hosted site with

With any luck, after reading our WordPress review you’ll be able to draw a conclusion on whether or not it will work best for what you have in mind.

Weebly Review 2020: Does Weebly Wobble or Fall Down Flat?

Weebly Reviews

Chances are, you’ve heard of Weebly before.

It’s one of the older drag-and-drop website builders, having been in existence since 2006. In the span of ten years, they’ve built a large base of customers—more than 40 million.

The service has been lauded for its ease-of-use, features, and speed (when it comes to getting a site up and running).

But how do they stand up against all the new kids on the block?


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