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TMD Hosting Reviews: Features, Ratings, Pricing, Pros & Cons!

tmd hosting reviews

With many web hosts on the market today, users are a bit leery of web hosts as they try to ascertain who offers the best services. TMD has a proven track record of reliable speed and performance, thanks to the use of SSD servers which ensure your website receives excellent load times.

Laughing Squid Review: Hosting Plans, Pricing, Pros & Cons!

laughing squid reviews

Laughing Squid also didn’t start out as a web hosting provider. Rather, it began as a video production company. When they started out as a hosting provider in 1998, Laughing Squid catered to artists to help them promote their work.

The company started local, creating an events mailing list for the Bay Area. They also provided publicity and design for local artists. But how do they stand up to the competition with the rest of today’s host?

Interserver Review: Hosting Plans, Pricing, Pros & Cons!

Interserver review

InterServer has been in the web hosting game for a long time. Since 1999, the company has expanded to two New Jersey-based data centers, and is in the process of expanding to new locations. Many of the same people who started the company remain there to this day.

A lot of the top management and directorial staff have stayed on for all these years. Some of them even still answer the phone and occasionally provide hands-on support. Such a low staff turnover has proven to be an advantage for the company, but are they delivering the goods?

HostGator Review 2020: Hosting Pricing & Plans Pros & Cons

HostGator review

In the battle of web hosts, there’s a constant vying for a superior position. HostGator has attempted to portray itself as a superior feature-packed option.

Great customer service, they say. Great uptime, they claim. They even boast about their powerful site-building features…

Is all as it seems, though?

Rackspace Reviews 2020: Is Their Email & Cloud Hosting any Good?

Rackspace reviews

If you’re looking to expand your business into the world of cloud computing, our Rackspace review may push this company up in your search.

So, what is Rackspace hosting, and what do they do?

Rackspace is one of the premier managed cloud service providers around. They’ve also been around for a long time: since 1998, to be exact. But our Rackspace review will let you know a few things you might not expect…

Amazon Web Hosting Review: Is AWS Cloud Service Any Good?

AWS Amazon hosting review

You can go to Amazon for just about everything these days. Whether it’s the latest book release, groceries, or electronics, you can find it on Amazon. In the past few years, the company has even ventured into publishing and TV production. Now, Amazon is offering AWS hosting services.

Want to know more about how well they do?

Then read our Amazon web hosting review!

Hosting24 Review: Pricing, Rating, Hosting Plans & More!

Hosting24 review

Hosting24 apparently gives tons of features, unlimited everything, good support, & pricing, but is this the whole picture?

Read our Hosting24 review to find out if you should go with this company, or avoid them completely!

Liquid Web Reviews: Hosting Plans, Pricing, Ratings & More!


A web host that doesn’t even bother with the Shared Hosting options? For many high-level web developers, this is music to their ears. A host that specializes in VPS and Dedicated servers must have honed their skills in these areas to the point of mastery, no?

Liquid Web reviewsLet’s find out, get our full Liquid Web reviews rating and find out what they do well by reading on…

A2 Hosting Review 2020: See This Web Hosts Pros & Cons Revealed

A2 Hosting review

You may know the name A2Hosting from the seemingly endless rotation of deals and sales they have to entice new users. Or, you may not.

The company doesn’t have the same level of renown as some of the top players in the hosting game, but that doesn’t mean you should write them off as a low-level service

HostMonster Review: Web Hosting Plans, Pricing, Pros & Cons!

HostMonster review

On its website, HostMonster boasts high reliability and security. The company provides email, a website builder and shared Linux hosting, among other standard web hosting services.

In 2015, the company merged with EIG. This company doesn’t always have the best track record of maintaining quality among its properties so I took created this HostMonster review to see if its quality truly stands up to industry standards and if the company still provides good value for customers. Review 2020: Everything You Need To Know has a lot to offer so you’ll find plenty to love about this hosting service. But as with any successful company, you can find both positive reviews and complaints about their shortcomings.

In the end, whatever company you choose will have its own advantages and disadvantages. So rather than trying to find the perfect company, you should be looking for the one that offers the features you need and has drawbacks that you can live with.

Network Solutions Review 2020: Shared Hosting Pricing & More!

Network Solutions review

Network Solutions is a solid company in the web hosting and domain market. While the web hosting plans are not necessarily jaw-dropping in any way, this company stands out for the fact that it offers such a wide scope of services.

As you’ll see in our Network Solutions review, they will design your website, register and protect your domain name, host your website, and provide a whole host of other services and products as well.

iPage Review 2020: Web Hosting Plan Pricing & More!

iPage review

Tt’s easy to overlook that this old-school service is still alive and kicking. iPage currently hosts more than 1 million websites. In addition to hosting, they offer domain registration, managed WordPress blogs, and a whole swath of extra features users love. Nowadays, though, most services can’t get noticed without a solid website builder to help the newbies.

With that in mind, we’ll be devoting extra attention to the website builder in our iPage reviews as well as its other services. Does it stack up to the big names like Wix and Weebly? Or is it just a feeble attempt at trying not to get left in the dust?

Let’s begin.

DreamHost Review: All You Need to Know About Their Hosting!

DreamHost has been around since 1996 and in that time, they’ve grown into one of the largest and most respected hosting sites around.

The company has remained independently owned, billing themselves as proponents of open-source solutions. But what hosting company wouldn’t be a proponent of open-source solutions?

Looking at Dreamhost reviews, by-and-large, customers love them. As they’re currently hosting more than 1.5 million sites, the accolades seem well earned.


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