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US-based TMDHosting just came into being in 2007 which puts them among the newest players in the web hosting space. With only four full-time employees at the time of opening, they went on to expand to the formidable company they are within the few years that have passed. Right now, they give older web hosts a run for their money.

Peter Darazhanski, the company’s founder and CEO remarks that the mission of the company is to help people, even those with little or no technical knowledge to have an online presence. That’s what has led the company to offer installation and configuration of applications, installation of themes, and templates as well as modules for their users.

So far, the company lays claim to the title of being the most dedicated web hosting service, reason being they largely concentrate on the VPS and dedicated options although they do provide a shared hosting plan. Most important to them is to ensure the customer simply concentrates on their website while they concentrate on the hosting management. And well, this philosophy has worked for them as they have received raving reviews about the site’s reliability, customer support, and speed levels among other features.


TMD Review

tmd hosting reviewsWith many web hosts on the market today, users are a bit leery of web hosts as they try to ascertain who offers the best services. TMD has a proven track record of reliable speed and performance, thanks to the use of SSD servers which ensure your website receives excellent load times.

Much effort has been put by the company into refining their customer service which is evident in their professional customer support unit that can handle all queries whether basic or technical in under 15 minutes. Famously known as experienced personal geniuses, these customer service agents undergo rigorous training and are evaluated on a daily basis to maintain and improve the customer experience.

Furthermore, the price of the services is reasonable although not dirt cheap. On functionality, it utilizes the cPanel which makes the administration of your website extremely easy. On top of that, they have gone ahead to partner with CloudLinux’s control panel to increase the stability of your site as well as security.

Overall, the contribution of this company to the web hosting space is significant. They have managed to revolutionize the world of web hosting with their efficiency and customer-centric approach to business. And the best part of it is their services are accessible to every consumer bracket.

Review of TMD: pros & cons


Great pricing

While not the cheapest web hosting service, TMD is amongst the best. Considering the quality of web hosting the site provides, the prices across all its plans are well justified. On top of that, the company offers you a 60-day money back guarantee even as almost the industry standard sticks to 30 days. This gives you a longer trial period to try out their services.

Customer service

It is certainly refreshing to have a customer support that lives up to the hype. TMD customer service agents are helpful and knowledgeable. It is also quite impressive how they are able to sort out technical problems in just under a few minutes. The company also acted upon the wish of its clients of having a live chat in addition to the phone support. So now clients are assured of support on live chat, phone, email and ticketing system 24/7/365.


As you will see later in our review, the site’s server is maintained by SingleHop. As the leading industry SLA, they have a reputation for zero tolerance on downtimes. As such, you can be sure TMD’s hosting services will not be experiencing downtime incidences.

This is not to say it will never happen (downtimes are an unfortunate part of the job) however, by partnering with SingleHop, they have ensured it is not a common occurrence. In fact, working with SingleHop has kept this company ahead of the pack with an impeccable uptime record

Ease of use and security enhancement

Use of the cPanel which most users find easy to use and understand is a great thing to note. It’s well known for being feature-rich and besides that, it allows you to easily maintain your website and run it as well.

But TMD has gone a bit further to make the site easier to use. How? You may ask. Well, they have combined the cPanel with another cool control panel, the CloudLinux. This can only mean one thing: more stability for your site as well as enhanced security. Watch this video to see how well the two integrate:

CloudLinux provides a lightweight virtual environment that stabilizes the system and keeps it moving even when limited resources would otherwise slow it down. It also provides a virtual file for further security for your sensitive files and documents. This is in addition to the extra layer already provided that prevents information from being accessed.

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Unimpressive speed tests

While the speed levels of the site are decent enough to pass several tests, they are not the fastest compared with other sites like Hostpapa. Knowing the importance of speed in the web hosting industry, we feel the speeds should be better. After all, there is no reason to be on a web host unless they can provide you with speedy load times for your website. This shortcoming stood out clearly because everything else on this site is outstanding.

Unlimited is really limited

Although the company has invested heavily in providing a great customer experience, they have done exactly what everyone else in the industry has done with their unlimited offers: limited them. They have a disclaimer in their terms that expects customers to understand that the terms limited and unlimited are defined by the company’s experience with the industry standard in similar situations as well as with the resource usage of the shared hosting account.

Usually, there’s the aspect of the convenience of expecting to have unlimited resources as promised only to be limited when your website hits a great stride. You can’t host beyond 175,000 inodes on the TMD shared account and can only use 2,000 CPU seconds/hour. In some TMD hosting reviews, some users feel this is not generous. So in this regard, TMD is disappointing a substantial segment of the market by not living up to its offering.

Top features of TMD hosting

Feature rich

Overall, the site offers a wide range of features that make running your website an easy affair. One important feature is the Solid State Drives (SSDs). If you don’t know about SSDs, the least you need to keep in mind is they always deliver on speed and boast of faster load times. You can migrate your website with no downtime.

It also offers unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, MySQL databases, and a free domain among many other features on the shared hosting plan. You also get free daily backup that comes in handy when your backup fails you. VPS and dedicated servers come with even more features like high-end hardware among others

High-end features

Of all the important features a web host can provide to its users, security comes on top. And this company, their servers use CloudLinux which is reputable for providing numerous security enhancements. In addition, the company’s servers always receive Operating System updates from CloudLinux Network CLN which guarantee that the servers are protected from offending DDoS attacks.

In addition to that, the site offers you SSL certificates, free spam protection, and has its own firewall built on Apache’s mod which is updated on a daily basis by its support team. In case something slips past the firewall, there is a monitoring team that checks for security threats as they monitor the site’s hardware on a daily basis.

Excellent customer service and support

Unlike other web hosts with a track record of days before they can respond to a raised ticket, this company has kept record response times from the very beginning. No matter what day of the week, time of the day or major holiday, there is always a customer service agent available to answer your questions.

In addition, they have not just hired bodies to pick up the phone, instead, they refer to their agents as “experienced personal geniuses”. They are picked for their ability to tackle issues creatively as well as their experience in dealing with web hosting issues. So while the customer support team of TMD’s competitors can only handle basic questions, experienced personal geniuses will handle content monitoring, traffic maintenance, performance optimization and regular upgrades all with a friendly demeanor and under the 15 minute response time guarantee.

A technical support team that operates from 8 am to 8 pm, Monday to Friday is always available. So is an advanced technical team 24 hours a day all year round accessed over a specialized ticketing system. TMD goes ahead to ensure these high standards are maintained by evaluating the geniuses work daily and conducting training and workshops in-house.


This is not to say it is cheap. However, considering the quality of web hosting by this provider, the pricing is reasonable and at the same time not too expensive. Additionally, the company offers a 60-day money back guarantee which is long enough and beyond what the other web hosts offer.

We also appreciate TMD’s honesty in saying that they reserve the right to revise the price. This is expected by the consumer, however, some companies do not stipulate it and hike the prices after the first month is over. This lack of transparency leaves users feeling taken advantage of.

Performance and uptime

In a bid to avoid the cumbersome downtimes that have become commonplace in the web hosting industry, TMD has major data centers spread out all over the world. From Chicago to Illinois to Amsterdam to London to Singapore, Phoenix, Sydney as well as Tokyo, the site has ensured that they uphold their uptime guarantee and even surpass the industry standard.

The servers are maintained by SingleHop (the award-winning, industry’s only self-monitoring SLA) which assures you of almost never experiencing downtime at all. So far SingleHop has kept the company ahead of the pack with no downtime incidences.

Furthermore, the presence of data centers around the world means that the speed of the servers is up to date as file transfers are quick. Users can rest assured that their online presence will not be interfered with in any way. Also, the company does not oversell the shared hosting space which usually results in users getting crammed onto a server.

The verdict

Let us start by saying TMD is cut from a different cloth. If it were up to them, issues like haphazard downtimes and poor customer service would be obliterated from the industry. However, they are weaning users off poor quality services and showing them how to operate under optimal conditions.

In the last ten years, the company has revolutionized web hosting. Their offering for the small businesses is quite substantial and their features also fit quite well with advanced users such as big corporates. They have smashed through industry standards by providing superior services that enhance the enjoyment of many users. Featuring packages from shared hosting and reseller hosting to VPS and dedicated servers to cloud hosting, they are all a good value for your money.

They also boast of military style security for their websites by putting up a cisco guard firewall. With data centers that reduce consumption of power while at the same time increasing the efficiency in their operations using green energy, this hosting company’s green culture has seen them reduce the carbon footprint associated with web hosting services.

However, just as you will see in many TMD hosting reviews, they are also not without a few downsides, top of them being their speeds which apparently don’t match up to the industry’s best. If this is of concern to you, then there’s a better option with blazing speeds that are sure to leave you satisfied. Hostpapa has proven itself as remarkable when it comes to loading speeds so they might just be the best alternative you could get with respect to that.

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