What Would the World be Like if Your Blogging Fears Don’t Exist?

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Here's Lesson #4 from the Blogging Course.

I've seen a big trend rising up for people who are interested in blogging but have some doubts or fears about it. So, today I'll try to cover and give answers to them.

1. Fear of failure

Many potential bloggers hold themselves back because of the fear of failing. It's common and I had the same problem myself when I was just getting started. I was worried about what people would think about me if I fail, does it have any long-term effects on my career or future.

So, I took a whole different view on that:

Failing is totally acceptable and part of success

Just like everything in life the sweetest victories are the ones that are the most difficult. I just started building my blog, did some mistakes and learned a lot from it.

I wouldn't be here today without these failures. Here's a video I always look when I need inspiration and take the next step that seems scary:

2. I don't have much to say

That's another common fear potential and current bloggers have but it's easy to solve. You just have to keep your mind opened to ideas and note when they pop up.

It's hard to sit behind the table or computer and just start writing. Quite often my head feels empty and I have some sort of a writer's block. To avoid that, I carry a notebook or just a simple file where I gather all my ideas. Even the ones that sound dumb at first. That way I can eliminate the fear and have a couple of topics to choose from.

For me, the best ideas come up just before falling asleep. It's a bit funny when I go to bed and great ideas start appearing. I quickly memorize them and write down the next morning. That way they don't get lost.

3. I have 0 technical background

Coding and different programming languages are the buzz-words that go hand-in-hand with blogging. Fortunately, technology has developed so fast that everything is made easy now. Different tutorials, layouts, and helpful people can support you. If you're able to send an email then blogging with WordPress isn't more complicated.

4. People won't like me when I have an opinion

I know you've felt it before in life. Some people disagree with your opinion or think always the opposite. The same applies to blogging. My suggestion here is to focus more on people who have similar ideas and views. There will always be the ones who are different but there's really no need to worry about them.

5. I don't have enough time to blog

It's a wide-spread understanding that blogging takes a lot of time. In my opinion, it's the opposite. The most time-consuming are the first weeks to get started. You'll have to write the “About Me” page do some simple designing. From there on, you only need to post once a week or even once in two weeks. The time needed for that isn't that huge when you consider the learning and amazing journey you'll have.

6. I won't get any feedback or comments from readers

The statistics say that 1 reader from every 500 leaves a comment to a blog post. The number can be raised significantly when you give people a simple reason to leave a comment. I always try to raise a question that is strongly connected with the post. If this lesson were a blog post, I'd just write the last sentence something like this: “Have you had any other fears? If yes, please mention them in the comments, I'm happy to help or discuss”.

So, that's lesson #4. if you have these fears, I hope it's easier to fight and overcome them now. And if you want to get started with blogging, here's the illustrated tutorial: https://startbloggingonline.com/.

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