InMotion vs DreamHost Comparison 2020: Who Has the Best Hosting?

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Ante Rados
Ante Rados

InMotion vs DreamHost: Both of these hosting service providers are a force to be reckoned with. Let’s find out which one is better in 2020. We will compare what they have to offer and see who comes at the top in this battle of hosting providers.

Each section of this comparison is based on several factors. In some categories, there is a clear winner; in other cases, the offers are so similar that a difference of $1 or a difference in the number of details they reveal on their respective websites can tip the scales. Be sure to check the details in each section and make your own decision based on which hosting provider is better tailored for your preferences.

InMotion has a better offer than DreamHost for WordPress hosting, and Bold Grid (the website builder InMotion Hosting uses) will give you more options on how to build your website. InMotion is the clear winner in both of those two cases.

Each of them provides some services the other one doesn’t (DreamHost’s reseller hosting is non existent,  and InMotion Hosting has no cloud hosting). In categories where DreamHost holds the advantage, it holds only a small advantage, and InMotion is the overall winner of this battle.

OK, let’s compare InMotion and DreamHost.

InMotion discounts DreamHost discounts
InMotion vs DreamHost hosting

InMotion vs DreamHost for shared hosting



Launch: $6.39/month

  • 2 websites supported
  • 2MySQL databases
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Unlimited email storage
  • 6 parked domains
  • 25 subdomains

Power: $8.49/month

  • 6 websites supported
  • 50 MySQL databases
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited email storage
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • 26 parked domains
  • 100 subdomains

Power: Pro: $14.71/month

  • Unlimited websites supported
  • Unlimited MySQL databases
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited email storage
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Unlimited parked domains
  • Unlimited subdomains

InMotion and DreamHost have similar perks in their shared hosting plans. All plans include unmetered bandwidth, free domain registration and free website builder.

InMotion’s plans for shared hosting come at steeper prices and don’t offer much which isn’t covered in DreamHost’s Shared Unlimited plan.

The biggest benefit InMotion has to offer is unlimited email storage and an unlimited number of email accounts you can create with any of their shared hosting plans.

It is also worth mentioning that each plan comes with $150 advertising credits you can use to market your website on any of the popular search engines.

InMotion advantages
From $6.39/mo
Unlimited number of email accounts
Unlimited email storage
DreamHost advantages

Our #1 Choice For Hosting Blogs

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Starting From


  • Free 1 Year Domain Registration on Select Plans
  • FREE SSL Certificate
  • Drag-and-drop Website Builder
  • E-commerce Ready
  • 1-Click WordPress Installation

InMotion vs DreamHost for WordPress hosting



InMotion Hosting has four different plans for WordPress hosting. Here are the prices for those plans:

  • WP-100S: $6.99/month
  • WP-200S: $9.99/month
  • WP-300S: $12.99/month
  • WP-400S: $19.99/month

The only differences between plans are the size of the storage, monthly limit to the number of visitors and the number of websites supported on one account. Here are the details:

  • WP-100S: 40 GB / 20,000 visitors
  • WP-200S: 80 GB / 50,000 visitors
  • WP-300S: 120 GB / 125,000 visitors
  • WP-400S: 160 GB / 300,000 visitors
  • WP-100S: 1 website
  • WP-200S: 2 websites
  • WP-300S: 3 websites
  • WP-400S: 6 websites

Cheaper prices and support for more than one website on the same account make InMotion Hosting a clear winner in the WordPress hosting battle.

InMotion advantages
From $6.99/mo
Multiple websites
DreamHost advantages
No advantages at all

Cloud hosting plan comparison



InMotion doesn’t offer cloud hosting.

DreamHost advantages
From $0.0075 / hour
Free bandwidth
Hourly prices

InMotion hosting vs DreamHost VPS hosting



InMotion has three options for VPS hosting:

VPS-1000HA-S: $44.99/month

  • Storage: 75 GB
  • Monthly premium transfer: 4 TB
  • Available RAM: 4 GB
  • Dedicated IP Addresses: 3

VPS-2000HA-S: $84.99/month

  • Storage: 150 GB
  • Monthly premium transfer: 5 TB
  • Available RAM: 6 GB
  • Dedicated IP Addresses: 4

VPS-3000HA-S: $149.99/month

  • Storage: 260 GB
  • Monthly premium transfer: 6 TB
  • Available RAM: 8 GB
  • Dedicated IP Addresses: 5

All InMotion VPS hosting plans have a free domain included and offer an unlimited amount of domains and websites under one account.

InMotion advantages
From $44.99/month+
Free domain
Unlimited domains/websites
DreamHost VPS advantages
From $10.00/month
Free SSL certificate
Unlimited traffic

DreamHost or InMotion for dedicated hosting?



Here are some examples of what InMotion has to offer when it comes to dedicated servers. There are a few more preconfigured plans to choose from, but I only showcase three of them here to compare them with the DreamHost plans.

Essential Server: $159.99/month

  • 3.5 Ghz CPU clock speed
  • 4 CPU Cores
  • 4 CPU Threads
  • 8 MB CPU Cache
  • 8 GB DDR3 RAM
  • 500 GB SSD
  • 6 TB Bandwidth

Elite Server: $289.99/month

  • 4.2 Ghz CPU clock speed
  • 4 CPU Cores
  • 8 CPU Threads
  • 8 MB CPU Cache
  • 16 GB DDR3 RAM
  • 2 x 500 GB SSD or 2 x 2TB HDD
  • 10 TB Bandwidth

CC-500: $389.99/month

  • 2.7 Ghz CPU clock speed
  • 6 CPU Cores
  • 12 CPU Threads
  • 15 MB CPU Cache
  • 16 GB DDR3 RAM
  • 2 x 500 GB SSD
  • 15 TB Bandwidth

    InMotion is more straightforward with their dedicated server plans and goes in deeper detail of what exactly you get for your money. If you want a server that is a bit different from these pre-configured ones, InMotion will let you configure your own server.

    InMotion and DreamHost have similar prices for dedicated hosting. However, the option to configure your server and detailed information about what you get if you choose InMotion for your hosting provider tip the scales in favor of this provider.

InMotion advantages
From $159.99/month
Configure your servers
Offers explained in detail
DreamHost advantages

Compare DreamHost vs InMotion domain registration



These are the prices that your domain extension will renew at, NOT the introductory offers (green denotes the cheaper option):

  • com $15.99/year
  • net $15.99/year
  • org $15.99/year
  • info $15.99/year
  • us $17.95/year
InMotion advantages
.com $15.99/year
.net $15.99/year
.org $15.99/year
DreamHost advantages
.com $7.99$/year
.net $10.99/year
.org $13.95/year

DreamHost vs InMotion website builder



InMotion uses the Bold Grid website builder, which is built on WordPress. With Bold Grid, you can choose between a drag & drop builder and coding. With 200+ templates and an option to incorporate blog posts with Bold Grid pages, it is a better choice for bloggers.

If you decide to create an online store, neither of the website builders is the best option for eCommerce. But when they stand toe to toe, Bold Grid wins in this category due to the WooCommerce plugin you can use.

InMotion advantages
Choose between drag & drop builder and coding
200+ templates
Built on WordPress
DreamHost advantages
Drag & drop builder
Easier website creation
Export website to WordPress

DreamHost vs InMotion speed, uptime, and reliability



InMotion is one of the best hosting providers. As one of the market leaders, they are quite reliable. With nearly 100% uptime and a professional support team, you will be in good hands if you choose them as your hosting provider.

  • Support: 24/7 live chat
  • Speed: 642ms
  • Uptime 99.95%

Reseller hosting comparison



InMotion has six different reseller hosting options to choose from. I won’t go into much detail here because DreamHost doesn’t have reseller hosting, which makes InMotion the clear winner in this category.
However, here is the list of reseller hosting plans InMotion has in their offer:

R-1000S: $29.99/month

  • Web Space: 80GB
  • Monthly Bandwidth 800GB
  • IP Addresses: 1

R-2000S: $39.99/month

  • Web Space: 120GB
  • Monthly Bandwidth 1,200GB
  • IP Addresses: 1

R-3000S: $57.99/month

  • Web Space: 160GB
  • Monthly Bandwidth 1,600GB
  • IP Addresses: 1

Reseller VPS-1000: $59.99/month

  • Web Space: 150GB
  • Monthly Bandwidth 4TB
  • IP Addresses: 3

Reseller VPS-2000S: $99.99/month

  • Web Space: 260GB
  • Monthly Bandwidth 5TB
  • IP Addresses: 4

Reseller VPS-3000S: $169.99/month

  • Web space: 80GB
  • Monthly bandwidth 6TB
  • IP Addresses: 5

Although you can still resell the services you get from DreamHost, it is better to choose a hosting provider with plans created for reselling. This way you get technical and customer support, and you are not directly responsible for what your clients do on their websites.

InMotion advantages
Offers reseller plans

InMotion vs DreamHost pricing comparison



Based on 3-year subscriptions (green denotes the cheaper option):

  • Shared: $6.39/month
    Cloud: N/A
  • WordPress: $6.99/month
  • Reseller: $29.99/month
  • VPS: $44.99/month
  • Dedicated: $159.99/month

From the cheapest offers perspective, it looks like InMotion is the more expensive company. However, there is a smaller difference in price when you compare the offers with similar value.

InMotion hosting vs DreamHost hosting conclusion

The winner is InMotion!

This was one tough decision to make, but my final verdict goes in favor of InMotion. Both of these hosting giants offer top-notch services. There are slight differences in the quality of their website builders, and much better offers for WordPress hosting have won InMotion this battle.

InMotion versus DreamHost final score

Host Final web host ranking Discounts?
Overall Score: 39/50
Overall Score: 37/50
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