OVH Hosting Review 2020: Are Plans & Pricing OVH the Top?

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OVH has made a name for itself as a leading international hosting provider. Based in France, OVH Hosting Inc. was founded in 1999, riding out the first e-commerce bubble. In 2006, OVH expanded to the rest of Europe when it opened subsidiaries in France, Spain, and Senegal.

ovh hosting reviewToday, OVH stands as the largest hosting provider in Europe, and has expanded to North America and Africa. OVH now runs 17 data center facilities all over the world.

Currently, OVH hosts about 18 million websites and has registered almost three million domain names. That’s pretty good for a European company.

OVH didn’t become the largest hosting provider in Europe for nothing. Their reliability and speed of services top-notch on the continent. However, in some respects, OVH doesn’t quite hold up to the competition.

Review of OVH hosting pros & cons

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Variety of services

OVH is by no means a single-service provider. You can find VPS hosting plans, dedicated servers, and cloud services. Plans for OVH dedicated servers depend on speed, size and bandwidth, so you can sign up for the plan that you feel is best suited for you. There are no shared hosting plans, however, so you’ll have to look elsewhere for that service.

Plan pricing

Pricing for OVH remains affordable for all levels of website developers. Their cheapest VPS plan starts at a mere $3.49 per month. This plan comes with 10 GB of disk space and 1 GB of RAM.

The most expensive VPS plan is only $22 a month, able to store up to 100 GB of data and 8 GB of RAM. Dedicated server plans start at $109, but you get a lot more data and RAM. Their cloud hosting plans are a little pricey, but they run on VPS, giving you that extra personal touch and sense of security.

Customer support

OVH customer support is available 24/7, but their advice is not for tech newbies. Customer service reps will most likely give you some guidance for how to fix a problem. But it’s up to you to implement the solution yourself.

If you’re not too confident in knowing what to do, they can provide real-time guidance. However, problems will likely take longer to solve. There’s no hand-holding going on in this customer support center.

Energy efficient

OVH has also gotten into the market of eco-friendly data centers. Acknowledging the environmental impact of energy-intensive servers, OVH has made a commitment to energy efficiency since 2003. The company eliminated air conditioning from data centers in 2010, and optimized their cooling system to reduce energy use.

OVH has consistently scored between 1.0 and 1.2 on the Power Usage Effectiveness index – better than most companies have been able to achieve. You can watch a video detailing the cooling system at their first North American data center here:

Speed and reliability

OVH offers a 99.99% uptime guarantee, with a five minutes or less response time if there’s an outage. The company’s servers are also fast in both server response in page loads. In one test, response time averaged at under 400 ms. Their services remain very reliable. More than 90% of OVH users attest to the company’s reliability.

One-week rentals

They also offer something a little bit different for customers. As opposed to a free trial, they offer a one-week rental for dedicated servers. While you do have to pay for the week, there’s no commitment beyond seven days. You’re essentially test-driving their servers.


OVH VPS and dedicated hosting plans are affordable and include a good range of features. But these plans have received several complaints from customers.

Most customer complaints cover the usual customer support frustrations. But others have cited issues with refund disbursement as a major problem with OVH.

Hands-off customer support

OVH customer support is transparent about their more hands-off approach to customer solutions. But many customers have complained about this approach. Most negative OVH web hosting reviews mention poor customer support. Apparently, customers may have different expectations for customer support than what they actually get.

OVH VPS customer support does not offer assistance for applications. They’ll only offer support for infrastructure, which is the company’s primary responsibility. This bare-bones approach is unlikely to be a good fit for inexperienced users. So if you prefer a more active customer support team, OVH may not have what you’re looking for.

Many OVH hosting reviews complain about customer support for other reasons as well. Response times can be slow for support tickets. It may take 24 hours or more to get a response. If you ask for a refund, even just one day after signing up for their service, you may have to do a lot of emailing before you can get your money back.

Confusing interface, inconsistency across borders

Their interface is not always the most user-friendly. OVH also has a lot of different management interfaces. This can get confusing for new users who want to reconfigure their website. Management interfaces and the level support offered also vary by location. That can be a bit inconvenient for multinational customers.

And if you want to expand your site’s server capacity, you’ll have to pay up. OVH hosts servers all over the world, but accounts are limited to one location per server. If you want to set up a server in another location, you’ll have to sign up and shell out for another account.

The verdict

OVH offers affordable dedicated, and VPS hosting, but with this low cost comes fees for extra features and fewer perks. If you want to use dedicated servers on the European continent or Africa, they’re well-established enough that their reliability and affordability may be adequate.

But if you’re based in North America, a provider like HostGator may be a better option for you. HostGator offers plans at similar prices, but as a US-based company, they have more servers based in this hemisphere and more responsive customer service.

Choosing the right types of web hosting provider is an important decision. If you want VPS and dedicated servers, it can be a particularly crucial choice. Always check plans carefully to see what is and is not included in your price.

Our OVH Hosting review final rating

OVH HostingWith a good variety of services and reasonable pricing, OVH does have a lot to offer. This is likely why they became the biggest, most successful hosting company in Europe.

The customer service is not fantastic, and the confusion on the interface is a problem. On top of this, if you are looking to target a US-based crowd then there are definitely better options with more servers in the States.

We give 3 stars out of 5 for our OVH review.

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