Linode Review 2020: is Their Cloud & VPS Pricing Worth it?

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If you’re interested in VPS hosting, you may have come across the name Linode. The company made its name specializing in cloud and VPS hosting options and has grown to incorporate cloud hosting, as well. Starting up in 2003, the company has since grown into a multinational corporation. Linode has customers in 131 countries and counting.

Linode also prides itself as a niche service. This VPS host caters to developers, so staff should be up with the jargon and the latest features and developments. It’s one of the highest rated VPS and cloud providers on the market, but it does come at a price. Whether you want to pay for it is up to you.

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Linode review

Linode advantages

Lots of features

Linode offers a wide array of VPS hosting services. Whatever your needs, Linode has a custom package for you. These packages can start as low as $10, to upwards of $400. Linode also has servers located all over the globe, so wherever you want your servers to be, they’ll be there.

Among the features that Linode offers are solid state drives, a 40 GBPS network, and intel E5 processors. All of their options cater to their clientele of experienced web and app developers, providing them the features and services they would like most.

Many features can also be upgraded at no extra cost. Whether you want more RAM, faster bandwidth, or updates on software, you’re covered. All plans include SSH and root access. Linode also offers free data backup, as well as extra features like StackScripts to make managing your website easier.

Even within the specific niche, users have a lot of choice when they sign up for Linode. They can pick the plan, the distro, and the server location. Linode appears to trust their users and let them have the reins to select a variety of features.

Reliable hosting

Linode provides reliable hosting on a daily basis. They have a 99.9% uptime guarantee, keeping up with the industry standard. If users experience a significant amount of downtime, Linode offers a pro-rata credit. While Linode doesn’t publish statistics on uptime and downtime, users can choose to monitor uptime on their own servers.

Good customer service

Linode also provides quality and speedy customer services. Support tickets can be closed as quickly as within five minutes – whereas usually this could take 24 hours for other companies. Not too many reviews complain about this.

Linode disadvantages

Just like any other company, Linode isn’t perfect, and has its downsides for those who sign up. For one, Linode isn’t cheap. Its cheapest VPS plan comes at $10 a month, with 24 GB of data and 2 TB of bandwidth – not a whole lot for the money you’re paying.

Fewer service options

While Linode offers a whole lot of features for its VPS and cloud hosting services, it doesn’t offer any other kind of service. Niching themselves seems to have served them well, but if you’re looking for shared hosting or dedicated servers, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

Nor does Linode offer managed hosting options. You’d be hard pressed to find a Linode managed hosting review. Customers are generally expected to be developers and able to manage on their own. Yet even developers can be inexperienced in some aspects of hosting.

Linode doesn’t have a visual control panel either. Users who are used to visual and reactive tools could be disappointed about this non-feature. And for non-experts, the back end may be more difficult to navigate.

Brief money back guarantee

If you’re a bit hesitant to pay up for Linode services, you may want to look elsewhere. Their money-back guarantee is only good for seven days. If you cancel after more than several days, you’ll get your refund, but a $5 fee will be deducted from that refund.

Extra features cost extra money

Not all features come included, either. The NodeBalancer service is pretty handy. This feature balances demand across all Linode servers, ensuring that all servers are running smoothly.

However, this feature is not included in any plans, and you’ll have to pay extra for it.

Backups are another feature that some hosting services provide free that Linode does not. cPanel and WHM licenses are also considered extra features that you’ll have to pay for if you want them.

Safety concerns

Our Linode reviews conclusion

Linode reviews are positive overall, and for good reason. Linode can be the ideal choice if you’re a developer, and you trust that their upgraded safety features guard against any future hacking attacks.

If you’re looking for cloud or VPS hosting, Linode may be the choice for you. But HostGator can give those who want a wider range of hosting options a whole lot more.

HostGator offers a lot of the same services that Linode offers, and more, with a more affordable price, at that. It’s up to you to review your options and see which host is the best for you, but you can get a special deal at the button below!

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Our #1 web hosting pick:
Get top rated hosting for as little as
$2.64 per Month approved hosting
Our Linode review overall rating

Linode provides consistent, high-quality service for its computer-savvy customers.

However, Linode pricing can be a bit much for small-time users or those who are just starting out.

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