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No website? No business. That's the consensus that many top thinkers on business strategy have reached. Forbes, Entrepreneur, and others agree that the lack of a website, or a poorly functioning one, can be the death knell for a small business trying to expand their reach. There are plenty of reasons to have one:

It provides a presence that customers can always access to find out what you're doing. It grants options for customers looking to peruse your goods and services with convenience. Most of all, it makes you look like the professional entity that you're trying to portray yourself as.

business web hosting reviews
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It stands to reason, then, that the most successful small businesses are going to be the ones with the best business web hosting.

A good host will ensure that your site is fast, reliable, and isn't down and out for hours on end. Researching a range of web hosts is time-consuming, though, so to give you a boost with your small business endeavors, we've tracked down some prime choices for our top business web hosting reviews.

Want to start your own site? Check out my step-by-step tutorial on how to start a blog.

We're going to do a web hosting comparison and look at what you're going to need out of your host, and which companies can provide you with top-notch service.

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Best Business Web Hosting Reviews

1. Hostpapa

Hostpapa is by far one of the biggest names out there, but does that automatically make them the best web hosting for business needs? Not exactly. They've got a lot going for them, but some legitimate criticisms as well. In terms of what they do right, providing plenty of hosting options is a definite plus. Whether you need Shared, VPS, Dedicated, Cloud, or WordPress hosting, Hostpapa has a plan that's tailored to at least some of your needs.

Most of Hostpapa's plans are triple-tiered, meaning that each hosting style has three sub-options that provide different levels of resources. Naturally, you'll have to pay a greater fee for more resources. By-and-large, though, their pricing is pretty fair. One of their lowest plans, the shared hosting, can get you started with an intro rate of $3.95/month. Their offerings provide a standard level of resources for hosting your site, and they also have options for Reseller hosting if you're trying to get your own web hosting business started.

So, what are the downsides? For one, if you're looking for Windows-based VPS hosting, you're going to be out of luck. It's all Linux over here. Those low introductory prices? Don't expect them to last forever; you'll be looking at a significantly increased rate once your first term with Hostpapa is up.

Furthermore, there have been more than a few complaints about their security measures leaving something to be desired (and security is a must for any business website). Hostpapa will provide ample options if you're just getting started, but if you're looking to get serious you'll have to go elsewhere for the best business website hosting.

Since we love Hostpapa so much, we have negotiated an exclusive offer for you! Instead of paying full price, you can get over 67% off the regular rate and only pay $2.95/month here.

2. Arvixe

You'll be forgiven if you've never heard of Arvixe before. They aren't the biggest name in hosting, but they are a solid option for businesses, especially if you're looking for a shared hosting option. They've even got a shared option specifically for business clients. It's more expensive, for sure, but Arvixe goes the extra mile in ensuring that it's got features fit for entrepreneurs.

There are fewer clients on each shared server. You get a choice of Windows or Linux OS. You get a domain for free. You get plenty of email accounts, storage space, monthly bandwidth, and web developer extras that you'll need to create and manage a full-featured business site. If that's still too scant, you can upgrade to their VPS or Dedicated hosting options.

The problems with Arvixe stem from their customer support. If you need help getting anything done, you're more often than not going to be on your own. The framework for a reliably hosted site is there, but in practice, any issues that you have with their service might hamper the totality of the experience. Not quite top of the heap when it comes to the best web hosting for business operations.

3. HostWinds

Multiple Shared, VPS, and Dedicated options? A choice of Linux and Windows OS? Affordable pricing? Hostwinds will offer you all of that and a bit more with their service. They've got specialized options with plenty of room for your site to grow. You can host multiple domains. You get security features integrated. You'll also get a generous helping of server resources to boot.

Their "Ultimate" business shared hosting, for instance. It starts at $10.00 a month. You get "unlimited" bandwidth and storage (it's not truly unlimited, but they'll scale as best they can to match your site needs). They'll give you periodic backups of your site, and 24/7 support from HostWinds customer service. What's the catch?

The servers are fast and reliable, but that 24/7 support isn't always the best. There are also some minimal troubles that users report with their email servers. If you're just looking for cheap, reliable hosting, though, HostWinds should be more than enough for your needs, even if it isn't one of the absolute best business web hosting sites.

4. InMotion

Now we're cooking with gas. InMotion is hands down one of the best web hosts out there, business or otherwise.

Multiple hosting options ranging from Shared to Dedicated. Reliable uptime and fast servers.

Great customer support and stacks on stacks of extra features. The only thing that takes them down a peg is the lack of Windows options.

If you're Linux all the way, though, this host is going to be on your short list for your business needs.

5. DreamHost

DreamHost has lots of experience in the hosting game, and it shows. They've got a bevy of advanced features for advanced users.

If you're looking to do serious, high-level web hosting of your business website with all of the high-end bells and whistles, this should be your choice.

Their one weakness? No site builder. You'll either have to brush up on your design and coding skills or hand the task off to a more competent web developer.

Still, if you want the most professional business site possible, that probably should have been your plan from the start.


There are plenty of top level hosts to choose from, and if you're just looking for decent shared hosting for your first business website at a low cost, any of our picks will do.

If you're looking for top-tier hosting and advanced features for a seriously powerful site, however, you should concentrate your efforts on securing hosting from Hostpapa or DreamHost, who run the floor when it comes to high-end business hosting services.

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