FastComet Review 2020: The Hosting Everyone Is Talking About

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FastcometHaving a website is the best method of promoting your enterprise, advertising your services/products, driving traffic, and enjoying high conversions. In order to attract new visitors and win more clients, the blog or website should always be online and load fast. This is why you need an appropriate web hosting service provider.

One of the fastest web hosting providers in the market today is FastComet. While its services are priced competitively and performance is impressive, it is less known compared to industry leaders such Dreamhost and Bluehost.

This post is a comprehensive FastComet review seeking to answer two questions: “Is it a secure web hosting service?” and “Should you use the service to host your service or blog?” In this review, I also dig deeper into the hosting provider to help you understand other aspects including the main features and pricing plans.

FastComet is a web hosting provider established in 2010. However, it was not until 2014 that FastComet started being used outside its home base, San Francisco.

Although not much is known about FastComet, it boasts of impressive server speeds, impressive security, and top-notch support. Today, FastComet has a global presence in more than 83 countries and boasts over 45,000 customers.

To reach its customers across the globe, the hosting firm has eight server locations in top cities including Chicago, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Singapore, London, and Tokyo.

This hosting company is a 4.4 rated enterprise, because the small number of customers makes it possible to offer personalized services. Whether you are on the lower plan or the advanced ones, FastComet spares no effort to guarantee high customer satisfaction.

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FastComet hosting review: The shared hosting plans and pricing

FastComet provides three main shared hosting plans: the StartSmart, ScaleRight, and SpeedUp.

The StartSmart plan

This plan costs $2.95/month and is the cheapest at FastComet hosting. The plan supports one (free) website and provides SSD storage of 15GB. It is recommended for websites that receives up to 25,000 visitors per month.

The ScaleRight plan

This hosting plan allows the user to host unlimited number of websites, features an SSD storage capacity of 25GB, and allows daily backup of up to 7 times. This plan is recommended for websites that receive up to 50,000 visits/month.

The SpeedUp plan

This is the most expensive shared hosting plan at FastComet. The price of the plan starts at $9.95 and packs top-notch features including support for unlimited number of websites, SSD storage of up to 35GB, and RAM of 6GB. The website is recommended for websites that receive about 100,000 visitors every month.

NOTE: When you select any of the aforementioned plans, a setup fee of $19.95 is also levied. You can also opt to pay for additional features such as add-ons, line Search Engine Optimization Audit, and Google Site Map.

FastComet hosting performance and ease of use

Although FastComet is relatively new, having entered the market only in 2010, I found most of its clients impressed by its services. Here is a closer look at performance and ease of use for the hosting service provider.

Performance and speed

FastComet guarantees its clients an uptime of 99.99%. This implies you are assured that visitors to your website will never find your website is down.

The hosting service guarantees its users speedy rendering by using free Cloudflare content data network (CDN). This implies that your site is hosted in different servers spread across the globe to reduce the distance content travels when clients make queries.

Ease of use

FastComet was created with the standard cPanel that makes it very easy to use for both new and experienced users. The cPanel has a user-friendly and intuitive interface that makes it very easy even for newbies to learn and use the hosting service like a pro.

The FastComet control panel allows you to carry out most tasks with only a few clicks. Some of the things that you can do directly from the control panel include contacting customer support, managing your hosting account, and launching new sites.

FastComet security review

When you decide to host your website with a specific hosting provider, it is important to ensure that its security system is good. FastComet puts a lot of effort to ensure that clients’ websites are secure from attacks.

The hosting provider uses a special application firewall that has been optimized for main content management systems such as Joomla, Magento and WordPress. Besides, every shared hosting account uses an isolated environment on the main servers so that a site that has infected files will not spread to others.

FastComet uses free SSL Certificates that are encrypted with SHA-256 hashing algorithms. These certificates help to secure connections faster than the traditional types by encrypting the connection between the client’s browser and their web server. This means that your server data is protected from man-in-the-middle attacks. It also helps to prevent phishing attacks and increases better ranking by search engines.

During my FastComet web hosting review, I realized that many clients were looking for a highly secure hosting provider after learning about the risks of attacks such as phishing. Others were concerned after getting attacked or seeing other sites suffer from attacks. Even as FastComet works hard to keep your site safe, it is also important that you play your part well by selecting a complex password and keeping it private.

FastComet WordPress hosting review

Today, WordPress is one of the leading platforms for developing blogs and websites. To ensure that you get higher value for your money, FastComet provides you with managed WordPress-ready solutions. Here are the main features of WordPress cloud hosting at FastComet:

  • Free daily/weekly WordPress backup of your data for additional safety.
  • Expert WordPress support guides to assist clients get their sites running as fast as possible.
  • One-click WordPress auto installation featuring free theme setup.
  • Regular updates to your WordPress website.

I was impressed by the FastComet WordPress support, because it complements the services offered by the hosting provider. For example, the additional backup helps to enhance the security of your site and rendering speed.

The following video is a demonstration of how to create website using WordPress with FastComet:

FastComet web hosting customer support review

If you want to assess the quality of a company, one of the main components to look at is customer support. On this front, FastComet has not disappointed.

The hosting provider uses multiple customer support channels that help to reach multiple clients and solve their queries. The most notable of these channels is a direct phone line that allows you to talk directly to any of their professional staff.

You can also opt to use their online chat that allows you to directly communicate with a support representative. Although their chats can have a short delay at times, it takes a maximum of 10 minutes to get an attendant to address your queries.

Other useful support channels include the FAQ page and tutorials. Instead of making direct calls to the company or initiating chats, the “how-to” tutorials make it easy for you to understand different components such as migrating a website without hiring a developer.

Pros and cons of using FastComet hosting services

Since its establishment in 2010, FastComet has put a lot of effort in ensuring that clients get highest possible value for money. Here is a summary of the hosting provider’s main pros and cons:


  • They have a long money-back guarantee. Once you select the preferred plan, FastComet provides a 45 days full money-back guarantee period to allow you to test most of the features.
  • Honest and transparent pricing: Unlike other hosting firms such as Hostinger that have hidden charges, FastComet is transparent. The price indicated on their website when you go for specific plans is exactly what you pay.
  • The hosting service provider has one of the best customer support systems in the industry.
  • The cost of hosting your website on FastComet is relatively low compared to other providers such as Bluehost.
  • The FastComet hosting provider offers managed WordPress services that help to enhance both the performance of the website and customer experience.


  • Though the cost of FastComet is relatively low, the connection fee of $19.95 raises the cost by a huge margin.
  • If you join the FastComet StartSmart plan, you can only host one website.

The final take: Is this the hosting provider for you?

Through my FastComet review, I established that, though the hosting provider is relatively new and its customer base smaller, the commitment to customer service is outstanding. Many clients who have used the service were highly satisfied, especially by its security and customer support.

I was particularly impressed by the host’s effort to offer managed WordPress solutions that help to further enhance customer satisfaction. If you are looking for a hosting provider that guarantees top performance and high security at lower rate, I would recommend you try FastComet.

I also concur with other FastComet web hosting reviews that indicate the provider is ideal for those who want to host their sites for the first time, as the three main plans available at FastComet are ideal for sites with monthly visits of between 25,000 and 100,000.

If your site experiences over 200,000 visits every month, it is advisable to consider other hosting providers such as Dreamhost and iPage. If you want better results from your website, make sure to pick the best web hosting provider for your individual needs.

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