How to Start a Vlog (Video Blog): 101

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Starting a video blog can be a great hobby (or profession) no matter what your interests. With the huge success of YouTube and smartphones, video content is available to stream instantly all around the world.

These days the most successful vloggers have built brand empires on the back of their success and the influence of video blogging as a platform is undeniable.

If you would like to share your passions or experiences with the world and want to know how to make a good video blog then you’ve come to the right place, I’ve put together a step-by-step guide on how to start a vlog.

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Choose A Camera

Viewers are most likely to engage with and enjoy high definition videos, so if possible try and get your hands on a good camera.

This should ensure good image quality as well as audio recording to help you upload a polished video.

If you don’t have a handheld digital camera then using your laptop’s camera is also a good option.

Try to ensure that the camera is at eye level, this will help your videos look more natural and feel more like a real conversation with your viewers.

If you’d rather use your smartphone for recording and editing videos then it’s still possible to film good quality vlogs, check out this video guide which explains how to make a vlog on your phone.



Pick A Theme & Title

Your subject matter might already be obvious to you, or it might require some careful consideration. The most important thing is to pick something that you have a genuine interest in and can speak about confidently.

There is an ocean of vloggers uploading videos online so when you consider vlogging, take some time to look at what other people are doing.

While this might give you tips on technique, try to establish what you can do differently to stand out and make your theme unique.

Once you have a theme, you also need a name. Many YouTubers opt for a quirky and fun name to help people remember them.

It can include your own name, refer to your theme or be completely random. Names that give a brief insight into your video subjects are a good way to attract suitable subscribers.

Spend some time choosing the right title for your channel, if possible then try something witty or have fun with wordplay, puns or rhyme.


Practice (A Little)

A good idea before you film your first full-length video is to do one or two short test runs. While you don’t want to appear over-rehearsed and scripted, you do want to get an idea of how you come across on camera.

Try filming just a brief section of a video and make some notes on how to improve your output.This might be as simple as remembering to fidget less, or not mumble your words.

You can also adjust things such as lighting and remove background objects that might be distracting. Remember that no one is perfect while they’re learning how to start a vlog, it takes time to get it right and your videos will improve as you do.

As you get more experienced you can also play with your editing techniques to add different elements to your videos. This guide provides a great advice to get started with video editing.


Time It Right

Before you film your video, have an idea in your mind of how long you want to speak for. Research has shown that the videos most likely to be watched all the way through are no longer than 2 minutes in length.

However, that’s not a lot of screen time so if you want to talk for longer than that then a good length to aim for is between 6 and 12 minutes. This is when your viewers are more stable and there’s not much drop off of in figures.

To make sure you don’t get stuck for things to say or ramble on for over an hour, aim to write down a brief overview of what you want to talk about and for roughly how long.

A loose structure to your videos will help keep them interesting and worthwhile for your viewers. If you’ve got a lot to say on a particular subject, try breaking down your videos into more bite-size parts and upload them in a series.


Create A Schedule

While you don’t necessarily need to plan months in advance, having a rough outline of upcoming content will help you feel prepared and avoid rushed videos, or filler-content when you’re lacking inspiration.

Each time you have a great idea for a new vlog, make a note and schedule it in. You can always shuffle topics around as and when you wish to help keep the videos relevant.


Remember Your Audience

When you’re filming and talking to a camera, it’s easy to forget that someone will eventually be watching at the other end.

Before you get started with making your vlog, take some time to think about who might like to watch your videos and subscribe to your channel.

A key piece of advice on how to make a good video blog is to know your audience, this will help you tailor your content and build a following.

What’s more, try to build a relationship with your viewers by asking them questions and for their opinion in the comments.

Getting them to interact with you is a great way to build up loyal fans who, one day, might be purchasing your merchandise. It’s also a great way to seek ideas and inspiration for future content that you can add to your schedule.

Maintaining a vlog and uploading regular content definitely takes commitment whether it’s daily, weekly or monthly. But if you do it well then it’s a fantastic platform to share your thoughts and have your voice heard.

Knowing how to vlog with quality videos is key, as is getting to know your viewers and building a subscriber base. I hope that this guide has demonstrated how to start a vlog and inspired you to get vlogging today!

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