How to Start a Unique Blog about Student Life

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You’ve been through a ridiculous number of crazy events during your education. You studied a lot. You found ways to cover exam material in less time than average and still achieve good results. You’ve also had your share of partying. Or maybe you’re still going through these experiences and you’d like to share them as they occur. 

If you have a writing talent, it makes sense: you can start a blog about student life. You will use your influence to educate and amuse other students. You can guide them through the tough challenges they face, and offer entertaining resources that enrich their free time. 

The question is: how do you do this?

There are countless articles covering all topics from the “student life” niche. How do you make your blog special? Where do you even start?

You can start by following this guide.

How to Start a Student Life Blog and Make It Successful

1. Choose a narrow niche

  • “Student life” is a general theme. In general, this will be a lifestyle blog. But if you spread it out to too many topics, it might get messy. Student life encompasses several points:
  • Learning and studying techniques
  • Tech gadget that makes studying easier
  • Fashion and beauty
  • Budget traveling
  • Food and health
  • Fitness and inspiration
  • Spirituality/religion
  • Part-time work tips
  • Budgeting
  • All sorts of hobbies
  • Student debt
  • Relationships and friendships
  • Partying

The list can go on and on. Do you see the point? You’ll get many topic ideas on your blogging schedule if you cover the general theme. However, your website won’t be special enough. To make it better, you should focus on a particular (narrower) niche. 

What’s the aspect of student life you consider yourself proficient in? Is it studying? Is it technology? Is it fitness and health routines? If you focus on what you know best, you can establish yourself as an influential authority. Students will take your tips seriously, and they will follow them. 

2. Put Blogging in Your Schedule

Do you have time for blogging?

Most bloggers start with a plan to post once per week. Keep in mind that a detailed post will require hours of research, writing, and editing. Spreading out this time throughout the week will make you feel more relaxed. 

The point is to get your readers used to a particular schedule, so they will return to your blog when they expect a new post. They should see regular activity there. If you start a blog and don’t maintain it as frequently as possible, it won’t become popular. It won’t matter how detailed and impressive your posts are; they won’t gain enough traction. 

These are the phases that you’ll need to cover:

  • Plan your topics, so you’ll maintain a logical flow on your site. Whenever you get an idea, fit it in your schedule. Your readers will give you ideas with their comments. Consider them; it’s important to meet the needs of your audience. 
  • Do the research throughout the week. You can use private Pinterest boards to keep all resources in one place. You can also create a document with a bibliography. Write notes next to the resources, so you’ll remember the ideas you get while reading them. Don’t forget: you’ll have to reference them all. It’s not okay to use someone else’s work without giving credit. 
  • Do the writing on a particular day of the week. It may be Saturday if you’re less busy then. Start in the morning and focus! 
  • Don’t rush to publish your post. It’s best to allow it to settle and go back to it the next day. During the editing process, you can use this useful checker from EduBirdie. It’s one of the most reliable online tools for grammar checking. But you have to rely on your own skills as well. Read through the content to fix the logical flow and all other issues. 

3. Setup your Blog

So you made a plan. You have an idea on the blog’s niche, you made a schedule and you’re ready to get to action. These are the steps to follow:

  • Choose a hosting provider and get a domain
  • Install WordPress and configure the settings
  • Choose the plugins you need and figure out how they work
  • Install the theme (it’s best to invest in a Premium theme to make a nicer impression)
  • Set up the final appearance of your blog
  • Write your first post and publish it

A blog can make profit if you’re committed enough. This guide gives you great tips on how to set your site up for success. But remember: starting a blog with a goal to get rich is not the right approach to have. 

Yes; people get rich by blogging. However, you should start with more modest expectations. You’ll need to grow your blog from scratch. That takes a lot of time and effort (or crazy luck). You will start making money in time, but a single blog is not likely to make you filthy rich. Build a strategy with a step-by-step approach. It’s okay to start small and be aware that blogging won’t replace your job. Stay committed to it, and you might see a decent profit in the future. 

4. Setup your Blog

Don’t bother starting a general blog with topics that have been covered countless times before. “How to make money while studying” is a common topic. When you search it on Google, you’ll get thousands of results to check. It’s hard to compete with all those websites, which have already established themselves as popular. 

You need a unique approach. You can cover the same topics, but think of an original twist. “How to make money selling your knowledge” is a better idea. 

Always invest yourself in the posts. That’s what makes them unique. Speak from your own experience, and only cover the things you know about. 

You Can Do This!

A successful blog is unlikely to happen by accident. It’s hard work! You’ll develop it in stages, according to a detailed plan. The above-listed tips are enough to get you started. From there on, you’ll find your track. It’s a learning experience, so you’ll develop new skills on the go.  

Paul Calderon

Paul Calderon

Paul Calderon is passionate about travel and blogging. He loves sharing tips, which can skyrocket new websites into popularity. Paul uses blogging and writing as sources that fund his trips around the world.

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