How to Come up with a Blog Name: 6 Tips for Great Results

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How to come up with a blog name

Coming up with cool blog names can seem like a frustrating, near impossible task. With so many possible options and word combinations, it can be hard to know where to start.

How to come up with a blog name without feeling overwhelmed? The best thing to do is break it down and work on the building blocks to coming up with your title. Working through the criteria logically will help you ensure that not only is it memorable and catchy, but relevant too.


Thinking up your perfect name takes time and consideration, but it needn’t take all year. If you’re in a creative mindset and ready to start brainstorming then you could have it nailed down by lunchtime.

How to come up with a blog name: 6 tips for success

  1. Include a niche element
  2. Take the tone of voice into account
  3. Use your heroes for inspiration
  4. Use alliteration or wordplay
  5. Make it personal
  6. Map it out

To help get you started, here are some top tips and points of consideration that I’ve put together as a guide for coming up with a cool blog name.

1. Include a niche element

Whether you’re blogging about exercise, music, fashion or parenting, you should try to include an element in your blog name that reflects your genre.

While it doesn’t need to be too descriptive or factual, something that alludes to or gives an insight into what you like to blog about will help your potential readers find you and most likely keep them coming back to view new content.

If you’re stuck for inspiration try browsing through a thesaurus to come up with an interesting spin on everyday words. Exploring synonyms are a great way to start thinking more imaginatively and you may stumble across a word that fits perfectly with another idea you’ve had and completes a great title.

2. Take the tone of voice into account

The genre of your blog will also influence the style of your writing. If your topic is likely to attract a particular type of demographic of a reader then you might want to adjust your tone of voice best to suit them.

Likewise, if your blog is particularly social or professional; your blog title should reflect the tone of voice that you intend to write in, allowing your readers with an insight into your style.

If you’re not sure how to incorporate this, try jotting down some adjectives to describe the tone of voice you will use and how you want to come across on your blog. These might be: approachable, informed, funny or honest. This exercise might help you figure out how to come up with a blog name that reflects your character.

3. Use your heroes for inspiration

There’s no harm in paying homage to your writing inspiration, just don’t plagiarize other people’s work. Perhaps there’s a particular song lyric or childhood book that you can use in your title. Drawing ideas from stories can be a fun way to come up with a creative blog name and get your imagination going.

If you’re really stuck for inspiration then there are plenty of blog name generator sites available online that can churn out ideas. Whilst that certainly might not be the most imaginative, it can be a great way to expand your possibilities and think further afield, why not experiment here to get some examples.

4. Use alliteration or wordplay

Readers love clever titles, they’re memorable, engaging and make us want to know more about the blogger. Try playing with words for a creative blog name; puns are a great way to add some quirky humor to your title and leave your reader wanting to know more.

Likewise, alliteration can be a great tool for making your title more memorable or roll off the tongue of everyone who wants to sing your praise.

Take a look at some existing blogs to see the ways that they’ve used wordplay to come up with cool names, this may just spark some blog post ideas of your own.

5. Make it personal

If your blog is designed to be personal to your life and experiences then your identity is your brand. More than anything, you want your readers to buy into you as a person and subscribe to a newsletter.

Adding your name to the title is a great way to help build this connection and rapport with your readers. If you would rather not include your real name then you can still allude to who you are, such as ‘girl’ ‘teacher’ ‘mother’ or ‘player’.

Whether you choose to use your real name or a moniker, remember that it may stick with you for a long time, so don’t pick something that you think might become boring, irrelevant or embarrassing.

It’s natural that your blog may evolve over time, but changing the name too often can be confusing and off-putting for your readers so thinking about how to come up with a blog name with for the long-run is crucial.

6. Map it out

To get the creative juices flowing, why not create a mind map of all the words you can possibly think of relating to your blog. Expand upon them with similar themes or synonyms until you have exhausted options.

This exercise is great to help you think outside the box and generate new ideas, here’s a great video to show how to create an effective mind map.

If you’re out and about and a great name or word pops into your head – write it down! We all know how frustrating it is to have a million dollar idea in the supermarket, only to have completely forgotten it again by the time you get home. Whether you think it’s a good idea or a bad idea, keep a note of anything that pops into your head throughout the day.

There’s no sure-fire way to come up with a cool blog name in one go, but thinking carefully about the message you want to give out is a great place to start. Once you’re confident that you know your audience, your tone of voice and have loads of different word combinations to play with then your imagination should do the rest.

If inspiration doesn’t strike you on the first attempt then take a break and clear your mind – it may come to you when you’re least expecting it!

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