5 Blogging Myths Everyone Thinks Are True (In 2019)

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Here's Lesson #2 from the Blogging Course.

I work daily with bloggers and people who want to get started, so I've seen a lot of misleading opinions. Today's lesson will focus on discussing the myths that have spread widely to people who have recently started or desire to have a blog.

1. Blogging is an easy way to earn a ton of cash

The Web is full of guides and posts like “Blogging makes you rich without much work”. In my opinion, that's one of the biggest issues about blogging. People jump on board, publish a couple of posts, see no income after 4 weeks and quit. Here's an important point: It isn't going to be easy – nothing rewarding in life is.

Want to start your own site? Check out my step-by-step tutorial on how to start a blog.

P.S: I'm not saying you can't make money with blogging, but it takes some time and dedication.

2. You need to be tech-savvy and have coding skills to start a blog

Technology is developing super-fast but many people still believe coding skills are crucial to start a blog. More than a decade ago, email seemed like an unbelievable magic but now we are used to it. Everyone knows how to send and read one. The same applies to blogging, it used to be complicated but it has become easy nowadays.

Everyone is capable of starting a blog these days and gets a decent blog up and running. Believe me, I have helped people from age 7 to 79. They all have managed to do that, why shouldn't you?

3. You have to write every single day

Most blogs don't publish content every day unless they are big news sites. The average number of posts is 1-2 per weeks. Some professional bloggers even write only one long post every month but they still have thousands of readers.

Every blogger develops their own regularity. The most important thing is consistency, not quantity. It's not wise to flood followers with tens of posts as it is not good to leave the blog not updated for a very long time. When you get started, you can publish a post or two every week and that's just enough to keep your readers excited and engaged.

4. You'll have to invest a lot of money in blogging

People are talking about expensive blogging services, layout templates and paid services ranging from $50 – 500. I don't agree with that because I use free tools, templates and everything necessary. The only inevitable cost is the hosting plan & a domain name. In total, that's around $50; less than $5 per month. That's the only cost to get started besides your own personal time.

Unfortunately, people who have never blogged often discuss the topics they know nothing about; the same applies to money and expenses.

5. There's not much to learn about blogging

There are a lot of skills that are regularly enhancing when people blog. Starting from self-discipline and writing skills, you get a lot of valuable information about marketing and specific industries.

I'll bring an example about my friend, who is a travel blogger: If you're a travel blogger, you build valuable connections, learn a lot about the industry (how to find cheap plane tickets, where accommodation is the best etc) and other blogs. After finishing his journey in 15 different countries, he got 4 job offers from travel agencies.

You may ask why and here's the answer: He knows the people & bloggers, what they care about, how marketing works in this industry and much more. So, he's a really valuable asset for the company.

So, that's lesson #2. If you hear someone spreading these 5 myths about blogging, you know the real situation is a lot different. And if you haven't started with blogging, here's the illustrated tutorial: https://startbloggingonline.com/

In the next lesson, there will be some valuable quotes from the most successful bloggers. Be prepared for it 🙂

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