10 Reasons You Should Start Your Own Blog

In this blog post I will point out some of the main reasons why you should start your own blog. I really hope that the list below will encourage you enough to take action.

1. Blogging is Easy

Yep. Blogging is actually really-really easy. The hardest part is setting it up but I’ve fully explained it on my homepage. If you are able to write emails, then you are also able to run a blog.

With WordPress, you don’t have to deal with any website creation or HTML that is time consuming and boring. The only thing you need to do is customize your blog with themes, add some cool plugins and write content. Once you get the grip of it, you will know exactly what to do.

Why is blogging useful

2. Google Loves Blogs

When your blog is ready, Google crawls your pages and it will be listed on Google search. It means you will start receiving additional visitors from the search engines. Isn’t that great? Search engines help to bring new people to your blog that can become your new friends or future business partners.

3. Blogging Makes You a Better Person

Having a blog will surely make you a better person. Why? Well, blogging obviously improves your writing skills as well as communication skills. You will start thinking more intentionally about who you are and who you want to become. Furthermore, when you send a job application, many employers look for employees who have blogs and write openly about their life and opinion. So it would be a definite “plus” for you.

4. Blogging Helps Other People

You can spread your information and knowledge through blogging. Heck, you can even help other people with specific problems. Let’s say you have blog about “mother care”. There are many women out there who are looking for help/solutions/ideas to raise up their children. Your knowledge or advice could be essential and very helpful.

The same thing goes with any other blog topic. EVERY blog helps other people in their own way. I remember when I started to get emails saying “Thanks for providing such valuable information”. It was very heart-warming and I still remember the feeling!

5.  You Can Make Money with Blogging

You must have been heard or seen people who are making a lot of money by just blogging. Yes, it’s possible to monetize your blog. It takes time, but once you have enough readers you will start making some small, yet passive income. When time goes by, your traffic numbers will increase as well as the income. I’m not only talking about some few hundred dollars a month, many people earn their living from blogging.

I remember when I created my first blog that had almost 300 unique visitors per day at the end of the year. I spent many hours creating blog posts and adding new fresh content. I sold it for $2800 and it was my first money ever earned on the Internet or as an entrepreneur. In fact, I’m still very proud of it and that’s the point where things started for me.

However, it’s nothing compared to this: Top 10 Famous Multi Million Dollar Bloggers

6. Self-promotion and New Opportunities

When you have a blog you basically have a “tool” or a “channel” to promote yourself or make you look like an expert. You’ll be amazed how many people start to respect you and I know many cases when employers actually contact blog owner directly to offer working positions or joint venture opportunity. This will open you a lot of doors that you might have not been aware or  dreamed of.

7. Use Blogs To Stay in Touch

Active people tend to have less time to sit on Facebook or any other social “chat-room”. Again, blog can help you to keep in touch with your friends, colleagues and relatives. They can easily read everything about your activities, ideas and success through your blog. Be wise and use this as a communication tool.

8. You Can Make World a Better Place

When you have a blog, you actually have a voice. This means you can spread out all the things you like or don’t like. And those things can help you to change the world.

You have probably seen some blog articles or posts that have gone viral through Twitter and/or Facebook. Once they do that, they will get a lot of attention. Here’s an example story how two young girls launched a blog post that helped to change their school conditions. For your information, they were only 9 and 13 at that time.

9. Blog Can Help To Grow Your Business

Does your company have a blog? If not, then you are missing a lot of it. Blogs can impart a lot of things about your company.

For example, your potential clients can read interesting stories about your company success, ideas, strategies and even new products that might turn them into regular paying customers. That’s a huge opportunity that lot a of small and big firms are not using.

Furthermore, companies who blog have 97% more inbound links (which means more traffic and visitors). – See it yourself.

10. Blogging Can Become Your Hobby

If you have too much free time and you are constantly browsing on the Web then you should really consider starting a blog.

You will soon get addicted to it (in a good way) and you will start learning a lot of things. So if you are bored right now then what are you waiting for? You will get a lot of good and new experiences, there is nothing to lose.

11. Blogging Helps to Improve Writing and Argumentation Skills (extra)

Back to the time when I was in college, my grammar, communication and argumentation skills were really poor. But these are very universal and necessary competences in everyday life and also in professional career.

Blogging has had a huge impact on my writing skills since I started. Although it’s not perfect, I feel myself a lot more confident. The more you write, the easier it becomes. Blogging is quite new but there has already been done research about blogging and enhancing writing skills.

Some interesting facts
  • There are approximately 130 million active blog readers in the US right now.
  • 90% of companies who blog daily have acquired at least one customer (probably much more) through blogging.
  • 80% of the US online consumers trust the information they get from blogs.
  • 61% of US online consumers have made a purchase based on recommendations from a blog.
  • Blogging is most popular in age group of 20 – 35 year old. It’s over 50% of the total blogging population.

Source: Yahoo

Are you ready? It’s YOUR turn.

So do you want to start a blog as well? If yes, head over to the homepage and follow my step by step guide.

– Mike Wallagher


  1. You just encouraged me to start a blog. Thanks!

  2. Richard says:

    Same here…gettin my wheels ready to start a blog!

  3. Hi Mike, your blog was too good!! Thanks a tonne!! Thanks for your positive and encouraging words. It is a sure shot help for beginners..

  4. Thank you for this! I wish to start a personal blog and am currently writing long posts for my eventual blog. These lengthy writes of mine interest me tremendously and I wonder if short and long posts can work and coexist on a personal blog.
    I am not marketing anything and simply wish to add my voice to the blogosphere. My hesitation involves the fact that I do not wish to write only short posts. Any advice on this dilemma? Can long posts be offered in parts? I am even happy to break blogging rules but wonder how this can impact a potential readership…
    Thank you

    • Hi Cynthia,

      Writing long posts is great if you can keep the attention. I personally enjoy blogs that have long articles that are very useful and fruitful. Combining long and short posts is easy and there are a couple of ways to do that:
      1. Just write them as it goes
      2. Divide long posts into smaller parts, that are regularly published
      3. Build two sections for your blog (blog & stories separately)

      Hope it help!

  5. Thanks!
    I’m now gonna go and write my blog XD

  6. You encouraged me to start a blog since I am jobless. Thanks alot!

  7. A friend kept telling me that I should start a blog because I have got so much information that people needed. Your tutorial helped me, thanks a million.

  8. Great write up.

    Thanks for the info. By the way, you provided 11 reasons. :)
    You numbered 4 two times.

  9. You’re the best blogger around. You made me want to start my own blog, thou I have nothing in mind to write about…

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it! Again, think about your hobbies and interests. There’s gotta be something that you are interested in.

      • Thanks for the info. Very useful. I have couple ideas so I might contact you for further support. Thanks again.

  10. Mike you rock!! Thank you so much for sharing really helpful and inspirational information with the world!! I have been dealing with yet another of life’s hurdles at the moment and my escapism takes me to my favourite blogs.. I have been thinking about starting a blog for a while and now I am itching to :)
    However I am not sure from what angle to blog.. Well how honest to be.. I feel after reading your posts that I should just start writing and diving into creative projects I would like to blog about, start with maligning it pretty and getting in the practice of blogging and take it from there!

    Thank you Mike, this is just what I needed.

    • Great Nic!

      I’m glad my post helped you. Let me know if you run into troubles or just need some blogging advice in the future.


  11. Very interesting, simple and convincing…just what I needed! Thanks

  12. Mike, you’ve convinced me to start a blog. I read quite a few and thought, I could probably do that but how do I start? After reading your post, I found out how to do it. I still don’t know exactly what I’m going to blog about but you did give some good examples. Thanks for the info.

  13. Hi Mike,
    I have been wishing to start a blog and thanks so much for the information.Is there a way I can get a direct email to contact you on the ideas I have?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Millie,

      Feel free to shoot me an email at mike @ startbloggingonline. com
      I’m more than happy to help or discuss your questions/issues about blogging.

      Looking forward,

  14. That was a very well written article. Interesting n easy. :)

  15. All the right reasons to start blogging, thanks for the list! On your point of Google loves blogs, very true, they also love it when you add a video to your posts.

  16. Great work Mike!
    This just what I have been searching for. Thanks alot.

  17. PETER KAGOSE says:

    Hi Mike,
    I read you article it is interested to me cause it came at the angle of my ideas, you have encouraged me more to read again and finding more information on how i can start the blog. Its my hope i will do it soon and it will be helpful blog to all people and bringing changes at our daily life towards advanced development.
    Thank you,

  18. Hey Mike!
    It’s Aneri.
    I created my blog but never took efforts to make it something really-really useful for the readers, yet you encouraged me to re-start it all over again.. Thanks buddy.. :)

  19. Hi Mike,
    This post is very encouraging, exactly the reassurance I needed.. I’ve been considering having my own blog for a while now but the thing which makes me doubt myself is the fact that I have a lot of things to talk about n i’m afraid that’ll make the blog sort of haphazard.. Won’t that be confusing for new readers? Also, it’ll be difficult to give such a blog an apt title.. Ur opinion?

    • You can just create different categories for different blog topics. In that way it’s easier for visitors to navigate. About the blog title.. Well, the title doesn’t have to be related to your blog topic. It can just be something catchy and memorable.
      For example, quicksprout.com talk about internet marketing, blogging, social media etc.. Very broad topics, but the domain name is completely irrelevant to the site itself…

  20. A friend suggested I write a blog about treating prostate cancer. I was at a loss about how to create one, until I came upon your website. You spelled it out very clearly even a seasoned senior can understand the process. I have acquired my domain through iPage per your suggestion.
    Thanks, I’ll keep you up to date with my progress.

  21. Seriously, i think this is profound. I really appreciate the fact that your tutorial was not only straight forward but also educating. Thanks for the desire to encourage so many potential bloggers. I have always wanted to do something beyond the normal social media posting but did not know how and what exactly i needed to do. I also want to create a unique synergy of my writing skills and subject that form a contineous theme in my country. And you Mike just taught exactly how to do it. Thanks alot! I need your help with setting up my blog, and to also guide me through the process.

  22. realy love this. On my way to create my blog. I love writting poems and articles and maybe it could help my wireworks business. Wil mail u as i progress. I have some questions.

  23. I am still in the “processing” part of my blog online order, but I have to tell you I am so excited! I don’t want to put my whole journey in this comment area but basically I have been faced with some pretty big mountains to climb in the last few years. Even though physically I have not over come some of my mountains, mentally I have reached the top and I am enjoying the view! The purpose of my blog is to high light my peers impact on me. We all walk through our journey once and some how, I believe, many people may not know how they positively impact others because no one may take the time to tell them until it is time to write their eulogy. In most cases a eulogy is written when a person dies. I want to let others know how they impact my world NOW, not when they die. I was faced with the question of how was I impacting the world, and when I reached out to ask friends to write my eulogy they kind of freaked out. So, I thought I write my own journey, I set the stones of my path, usually by how others impact me so why not let them know. My selfish goal is to have a peace of my life book written down so I may reflect and pass it on to my daughter. Over all, I want to reach out to people and let them know how their star shines in this big world. With out stars our universe would be pretty dark! A BIG thank you to the whole helping me get a BLOG going. I would love to hear from you and get your thoughts on how I am doing.

    • Hi Melissa :)

      I’m glad my guide helped you. Let me know once your blog is up and running. Also, feel free to shoot me an email if you need any help.


    • Jane Harms says:

      Hi Melissa.
      Your comment inspired me to reply as I too have had some truly “hilly terrain” to navigate in the past couple of years. I wanted to start a blog to not only help myself, but perhaps in some small way positively impact at least one other person who might be experiencing such difficulties. My goal was to reach out and instead of being an “army of one”, to embrace the Hillary Clinton approach of “it takes a village”. A blog just might be my answer. Thanks a million for sharing.

    • Ihsan Roslan says:

      Hi Melissa.

      I really like it how you want to write about others on how much they have been an impact to you. We rarely tell how much we appreciate someone, which if done, this world would be a better place.

  24. Mike this is awesome, I’m New to blogging and I do feel I got a lot out of this Thank You.

  25. Thanks, Mike. You just lit a fire under me, I am all ready now.

  26. I agree with everything above!! great information, and fantastic reasons for blogging. I’m thinking about blogging, about being a single mum, teaching Om Kinetics (my own type of pilates, yoga and tantric fusion) and building a house on a very tight budget as an owner builder. Don’t know how to thread these different things together, any thoughts?
    thanks again, Mike, you’re very inspiring!! :)

    • Liz
      You have 3 very different subjects (niches) that you would need to think about whether they should be in separate blogs. That was my dilemma several years ago – my 3 main niches were about info-product creation (home business), sustainable living and strawbale construction (it might interest you), and my professional work as an engineer. I decided that it would very difficult to combine these into a single site/blog, so now they are separated and each has a blog component. Actually two of the sites are published, and the third will be in a month or two. My home business site has a blog component which has 9 categories where I place particular posts. You could set up your blog/site (if you’re going to have a single site) with blog categories around your 3 main topics, and then create internal links between the blog entries to tie everything together. An advantage of creating categories is that you could easily create Kindle books or reports from the posts, thereby increasing your income potential. There’s so much more I could say – such as which blogging platform to use (I’m not a fan of WordPress because of the acute security problems) but I’ll leave it at that and I hope you’ve found this reply useful.

      BTW, Mike’s post is a nice simple one. It’s interesting how enduring it has become since it was first published last year.
      All the best

  27. Hello Mike,

    It’s been a while since I started thinking about blogging but English is not my native language and writing blog in Universal Language (English) would be on issue. What’ s your though about this? Any advice?

    • Hi John,

      That’s not an issue. Blogging helps you to learn English :) It will definitely improve your writing skills.

  28. Frederick says:

    I have been thinking about making a blog for months. Recently I promise someone (randomly actually) that I will make mine within the month. As I was browsing and lost I found your blog, and what a saviour it is! Beautifully written, detailed, and easy to understand. I’m going to visit this blog often!

    • Great!

      If you need any help, get in touch. By the way, is there anything specific you want me to publish? I’m more than happy to know what visitors would like to see on my site.


  29. Hey Mike,
    Thanks so much for posting this, I’ve wanted to start a blog for a really long time but wasn’t exactly sure how to do it. With this information I plan on starting soon. I know what I want to blog about but I’m having a tough time figuring out a name. My blog will include my Paleo lifestyle, recipes, tips about eating Paleo. I want to include as well some of my fitness pics, a few of my hobbies as well as tid-bits about fashion. How do you find inspiration to create a catchy title that includes all of these things?


    • Hi Alyson,

      Choosing a name can take a while. If I’m unable to come up with a catchy name, I usually do some brainstorming with my friends/colleagues.

      Hope that helps,

  30. Hi Mike,

    Thanks a lot, this blog is great. But will you help me ? How to I choose a topic. I’m a technical person(software engineer).


  31. Thanks Mike for the inspiration to start blogging !!

  32. Prince Oberoi says:

    Thanks Mike .. I heard about blogs and always wanted to write them … but I had no clue about how to start and what to write . You just helped me decide that I can do it and now even I think I will improve with time. Thanks again.


  33. Thank you for the information. I’ve thought about advertising for my new business. This is a much better idea

  34. Hi Mike,
    This is really fantastic! Especially your step by step “How to start a blog”. My blogging journey shall begin-Thank you!
    Great job!
    Warm regards

  35. Wow, Thanks Mike!

  36. Marilou Mendoza says:

    Hello Mike, this post is really encouraging. I have heard about blogging for so long, and never thought I was interested until now, when issues in my life seem to be leading me to taking advantage of my writing skills. Am not sure though if my blog needs to be the useful/practical type, or I can use the blog as an outlet for the thoughts in my mind. I might not also what people to know that it’s me who is doing the writing, as I foresee myself writing about very personal stuff. What do you think? Thanks!

  37. I have been debating on if starting a blog would be a good idea for me or not. I am taking online classes for college and have a lot if free time. I think I am ready to start after reading your blog.

  38. Midnyt Beauty says:

    Hey Mike.
    I really wanted to start a blog but i never really got so far. This blog really helped me a lot. Thanks so much……

  39. I know I can start a blog even though my English is kind of poor thanks to you. i know that hard work and dedication will improve it. i just want to express my greatest “thank you” to you. You are an inspiration to those people who wanna start blogging. Right now at this moment I dont have any blog yet but I will promise that 5 months from now I will be on the top of google.

  40. Sonam Choden says:

    Hi Mike, Thanks a lot for the information. Your blog really changed my thinking of creating blog. I was having interest to create a blog long time back but I could not start at all. However, today by going through your blog, it really helped me pay an extra care for my interest in creating blog. I really would like to thank you for putting your effort and sharing your knowledge with everyone of us. :)

  41. you really encourage me to write blogs. My English speaking and writing is poor and i have to improve it.
    so from today i will a blogs every days.


  42. Shealtiel says:

    I am so happy and motivated to have read the above information. Thanks for enlightening me. I am going to begin practicing with a new blog right away.

  43. Paulie Anne says:

    Thanks Mike, now I am motivated to have my own blog that I have always been planning to do.

  44. Thanks for this info, i really need to start cause i feel far behind about it…..

  45. Madasami says:

    Thanks a lot Mike!!! You have encouraged me to start a blog.. I am thinking the same for a long time but due to insecure in my communication and writing skills that hasn’t happened.. but after reading your page i am going to start my blog with confidence. Thanks once again :)

  46. Hi Mike,
    Thanks for the infomation, very useful. However, I do have a question for you, When you create a blog let say in English and the blog is for two different audiences English speakers and Spanish ones, do you actually have to create two blogs one in English and one in Spanish or is there are a way to create one in English and either link the one in Spanish to it or to create the English one and somehow (like in some websites that have the option once you click on the flag that implies other language automatically it translates the information to the language you have ). Can you please give me some advise on this. Thanks a lot !!!!!

    • Hi Maria,

      Great question. If you go with WordPress, you should be able to create 2 different categories and add them at the top of your blog.

      Hope that helps,

  47. Gel Linao says:

    Can u recommend me some free photography templates? more likely like a minimalist template?

  48. forum damani says:

    Really encouraging!
    Thank you sooooo much!
    Was indeed very helpful!

  49. FrizzyGeek says:

    Thank you for the information, that was extremely useful.

  50. Ourgain Thompson says:

    Thank you Mike for the very helpful information on how to blog, I’m starting my first blog today pray for me that it goes well.

  51. Hi Mike

    I spent more time on net just to find tips how to write good blog. I read your post that is awesome. This has encouraged lot even I am new in blogging but I got useful information about blogs. Thanks once again and I would request you to tell me about seo based blogs and writing tips…..looking for your reply

  52. HI Mike,
    Loved your article. Thank you for writing it and motivating me. I’ll start up my own one now.. thanks a ton!! :) :)

  53. Hey Mike,
    Your words are inspiring. I actually ended up reading your homepage first then reading this page. I really would like to start my own blog but i’m actually terrified of criticism and negative comments -__- everytime i get started on beginning one my heart jumps out of my chest and i push it away. Is there any way to prevent any comments on your posts? I’d feel more comfortable if i’m the only one writing.

    • Hi Sam,

      You can moderate comments if you want. But I don’t think anyone would post bad comments, I have received more than 2000 blog comments in the past 12 months and none of them have been “bad”. Don’t overthink and start a blog, you’ll see that no-one will start to criticism you.


  54. Hey Mike!
    I have been wanting to create a blog for awhile now… I have ideas that I think people will b interested in. But I really want to show people my stories that I have done and put them on my (upcoming) blog. Would this be okay? Would like to hear your advice :) please feel free to email me :) and well done with your easy guide step to blogging it has inspired me to start my own :) thankyou

  55. Mike! Thank you so much for brilliantly crafting inspiration and a step-by-step guide. Your “10 Reasons You Should Start Your Own Blog” helped me realize that blogging is the perfect outlet for my love of writing and inspiring others. I feel as though I am starting a new chapter of my life into the blogging world! I’m sure thousands of other awesome new bloggers feel the same. I appreciate you.

  56. Kavisha says:

    I have always wanted to start writing, but i have been just ignoring it!
    Your words have got me thinking.. Yes! I will start now..
    Thanks for the encouraging words!

  57. Ivelina says:

    Hi Mike,

    I’m a 16 year old girl that lives in London. I wanted to thank you for your very inspirational blog as at this age its hard to find a job if you don’t have a friend that can take onto their “supervision”, and obviously being at school takes half of my day to do stuff… Anyways i wanted to thank you for sharing this and ask you this: “How do you get more readers/traffic on your blog?”.
    I hope you become even more successful than you are!

    • Hi Ivelina,

      Check this article: startbloggingonline.com/how-to-promote-your-blog-and-get-visitors/

      It might help you :)

  58. Syvil Ledesma says:

    Hi Mike,

    You deserve an excellent claps for this! You have convincing power that convince me now to start making blogs. Hope I could make it as soon as possible.

    Great job! :)

  59. your blog encouraged me to write a blog. thanks

  60. Hi Mike

    After reading the information that you have provide, I have decided to start a blog!!! I have just retire after 30yrs serving in the military and Fire and Rescue service so have sometime on my hands before I start a new chapter in my already eventful life.

    I have been contemplating setting up a blog for a short while, as come January 2015 I will be doning my backpack and heading to Southeast Asia for four months of traveling. I was thinking of just putting some of the things I was going to get up on fb so that my family and friends could keep up with my adventure, now that I have read your article it’s going to be blogging all the way!!!! Just hope I’m upto it but you never know till you try.


  61. Thanks a lot for your information brother. I wanted to create my own so I googled “how to create a blog?” and hence I found your links. Thanks again.

  62. Wow! Thank you so much for this!
    I’ve been playing with the idea of starting a blog for a while now, and I feel like this just sealed the deal.
    I actually had to do one for a class last semester, and although I hated it at the beginning, I found it really interesting and fun! As you pointed out, it really does help the writing and argumentation skills.
    So far I have been writing things down so I can process down my own ideas and experiences. I guess that the next step is to put it out there in the blogosphere!

    Thank again!

  63. Your blog was super helpful mike! :) I’ve been planning for months to start a blog but I still haven’t found my niche. I like to talk about everything and anything but I fear making a fool out of myself by writing about random daily thoughts on a public forum. Is this fear of looking stupid legit, or am I taking it too seriously? Any advice would be great. :)


  64. Clean, clear, straight to the point

  65. Megha Tyagi says:

    Hey Mike

    I am thinking to start my own blog on fashion. And I am really thankful to you for putting out such great ideas for new comers .I really appreciate your help. Thank you so much . :)

    I will surely be contacting you if I come across any problem in the future ! :)

  66. Khadija Hoilett says:

    Now I’m gonna start my own blog! I’ve actually been interested in how to get about starting one and I stumbled upon your blog page! Thanks so much!

  67.  Hi Mike!
    Thank you for your blog post about the reasons to start a blog. You have definitely encouraged me to start blogging. I do have a question for you. I would like to have multiple categories on my blog page. If I decided to add another category later on, will that be possible? Or do I have to add them when I start?

    • Hi Jessica,

      With WordPress you are able to create multiple categories and add/remove them whenever you want.

      Hope that helps,

  68. Hi Mike
    Thanks for the encouragement and the advice
    I can do this, and I will do it. I have a lot to give.
    Cheers Mike!

  69. Hi Mike,
    Thanks for a great, informative blog, all my answers in one place. You’ve inspired me now so I’m gonna give it a go.

  70. A superb inducing narration to create a Blog.
    Thanks and I am in!

  71. Rituparna Matkar says:

    Although I have been asked to write stuff before I did it out of compulsion, it was either an essay for school or something at work. As times has passes I have come to realise that it is the most effective way of communicating. This is a great starting point and also I can assure myself that I am not the only one sailing in this boat.

  72. I’m impressed with the way you represent your ideas about blogging. And now I’m planning to have my own blog. I’m starter. THANK you.

  73. Hey Mike!
    Thanks for the great article.

    I have recently decided to start my own blog, but since I’m interested in different and incoherent stuff for instance Horse Riding, Music, Photography, Literature, etc. (and I like to cover them all on my blog) I don’t exactly know what kind of mixed up blog :) I should choose to write.

    thanks again,

    • Hi Hassan,

      If you are blogging with WordPress, you are able to categorize each post your write. I think this should do the trick 😉

  74. SARIT PAUL says:

    Really encouraging. Your incisive analysis has really helped me a lot. Seeking your assistance to start a blog on Travel in India.

  75. Thank you for this. I have been searching for avenues to share my knowledge and general issues of interest. I saved your home page for offline reading last night coz internet access here in Papua New Guinea is slow and expensive .

    It is the first thing I am reading now…(crazy you might say ) and went online to thank you.

    I am going to start.

    • That’s sad to hear that the internet connection is slow and expensive. I hope it will get better in the upcoming years.
      And of course, thanks for the kind words :)

  76. Hi Mike.
    It was really nice reading your post.Just simple and easy to comprehend. I however wonder if it’s possible to hide one’s identity (at least at the start) because I’m a very private person. Do I have to put my picture out there?


    • Sure,

      1) You can use a pen-name (not your real name)
      2) You don’t need to show your face OR you could use an animation as your portrait

      Hope that helps,

  77. Isabel Hare says:

    Hello Mike, good stuff.
    Is a blog the right thing for me when I want to share all my creative writing with the world?

  78. Although, I am way beyond the demographics as to who blogs. I am quite interested in starting a blog.
    I found, that the information you provided-” 10 Reasons You Should Start Your Own Blog”- very informative.
    Just reading the reasons you listed, was quite inspiring.

    I have saved to my favorites, and we utilize as my reference point, when I create my Blog.

    I remain young at heart and never want to stop learning.

  79. Hey Mike!
    Thanks for this article. It helped me a lot.

  80. Hi Mike,
    Great stuff.. I am actually thinking about making a blog about me, my hobbies, and how I am getting better at my passion (photography and 3D graphic design).

    Quick question though: If I start a free blog now and decide that I want more from it, how can I change it to become a more professional paid one so I can make money through it and to have full control?

    Do I have to completely close the free one and create a new one?
    Thanks again,

  81. Thank you for the tips.
    Now I got more encouraged to start a blog.
    My main goal is to improve my writing skills through blogging :)

  82. chikeluba dominic says:

    Thanks for the words of encouragement. Now i have geared up to setup my first blog. Hope you will review it after i have finish setting it up?

  83. Hi Mike,

    I was planning to start a blog. Your website is very informative. I have various topics in mind. Not sure which specific topic/area I should focus on. Can I blog about 5 or 6 different topics on my blog even though they are unrelated. Your advice is much appreciated.

    • Hi Mike,

      You can do that. Just make sure you create separate categories for different plugins (it’s pretty easy to do that).
      Hope that helps,

  84. Hi Mike,

    As i stumble upon your site in search of how to start blogging i find your post very helpful. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. You just ignited a fire in me to start blogging. I have a lot of ideas in mind however my biggest hindrance is that i am not good at paragraph composition. Is there any recommendations you can provide to hone my article/posts composition. Or any detail/outline in writing an article.

  85. Hey man thanks a lot, for time I’ve been dragging my feet over the possibility to start my blog, it interests me a lot, but I had little or no motivation, but this just does it.

  86. Dear Mike. Thanks very much. I am touched by your motivation and the responses of many here. Warm wishes. Unna

  87. Hi Mike, great blog and step by step guide, i am also going to start one now, thank you! Just a question though regarding the set-up on iPage, the registration. Do you need to register a business name before you can purchase a domain?
    (I am in Aus if that makes a difference)

    • Hi Rachel,

      No, you don’t need to register a business name before you get a domain. You can choose it by yourself and it can be basically anything :)

  88. Hi, Thank you for this great blog article. I wrote a weekly newspaper column for ten years (back when people read hard copy newspapers). It gets addicting writing for an audience, but the break was good. I had a good following back then and a friend has been hounding me for years to pick the pen back up and blog. Your words gave me inspiration. Maybe it is time. Looking at weebly, because I also want to see books, etc. What do you think of them?

    • Hi Mary,

      I have tried Weebly, but in my opinion WordPress is by far more better. It has more plugins, themes and you also have more control over your blog. You can try Weebly, though – but I think WordPress is slightly better :)


  89. Hey, thanks for the info, I am thinking of starting a blog. I have a question about grammar and spelling – English is not my primary language but I would like to use it instead to reach to larger population. I was wondering if there is a way of having a spell check in my WordPress blog?


    • Hi Kasia,

      WordPress has already “spell checker” built inside it. So when you write something wrong, it turns into red :)

      Hope that helps,

  90. Hi Mike,

    Thank you for all of your useful information. I am going to start a style and pop culture blog and was wondering what the copyright regulations are if I want to use a photo of a celebrity and what they are wearing on my blog.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    • Sarah,

      You can use those images to your blog, but you’ll need to mention the source where you got that picture/image. Likely URL or a blog name.

      Hope that helps,

  91. Hi, I’m trying to write a blog about mystery fiction. Is it okay to quote from other websites (Wikipedia for example) and should I refer to them?
    That’s all, thank you.

    • Hi Marwan,

      It’s OK to quote from other sites, but make sure you refer back to them (with a link).

      Hope that helps,

  92. Hi Mike,
    Thank you very much, reading your starters guide is been very encouraging. I am a translator and have many issues about language that I want to share with curious people, people like you, people like me.

    I already have my own domain and I am -slowly- working on my site but after reading your article I am definitely going to start spreading the news 😉
    have a great Easter and hope to exchange ideas with you in the near future
    Kindest regards, Ma-Lu

  93. Hi Mike,
    Thank you for this. I haven’t yet made my way through the process, but have been thinking about the blog idea for quite awhile. Is it important to readers to have my full or real name on the blog? How about for potential employers?

    Also, is there security with regards to the comments? That is, can they be removed at the discretion of the blogger? And do the comments go to the site, not to one’s personal email?

    • Hi Deanne,

      About the full name: It’s totally up to you. For blogging you can also use a fictional “pen name”. Or just your first name.
      About the comments: Comments can have an auto-approve option or manual approve. In both ways, you should receive a notification on your email that a comment has been placed. You can remove comments to, if needed.

      Let me know if that helps :)

  94. shashank says:


    I am a Technical Writer by profession. I have always wanted to start my own blog to share ideas and connect with people. At least a dozen friends of mine recommended me to have a look at your website. I found it extremely simple, understandable and motivating. Thanks for everything. Can you share me your email address so I can ask a couple of questions?


  95. Faryal says:

    Hey Mike!

    Thank you for such precise , yet powerful and encouraging words. I’m gonna start now! 😀

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