Three Successful Blogs & Bloggers that Changed How I Think

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Blogging getting you down?

Let me try to fire you up with some stories about successful blogs and the bloggers that run them.

In short, I asked 3 professional bloggers with one simple question.

“How has blogging changed your life?”

Without further ado, let's go straight to the point!

1. Darren Rowse from

Darren is the most famous blogger in the US right now. He helps starting bloggers (just like I do), but he is much more successful than I am. Nevertheless, he had time to give me a really awesome answer:

“Blogging has enabled me, an ordinary guy living in the suburbs of Melbourne Australia, to develop a voice and profile that stretches across the globe. I still sometimes feel like I'm living in a dream and blogging has enabled me to meet and become friends with some wonderful people. Build learning communities around my passions and to create sustainable businesses that not only pays the mortgage but which help my readers and online network to make their lives better. Blogging can be used in many ways to help you achieve your goals and make the world a better place. Go for it!” – Darren Rowse

2. Pat Flynn from

If you don't know about this guy yet, it's time to check him out. A dad, blogger and very hard working person, who makes a living through blogging. After losing his job (laid off, not fired) he started a blog and within a year was making more money than he was in the old office. Now he pulls a great income from Smart Passive Income and helps thousands of people to do the same.

He gave me a brilliant quote for this question:

Blogging has become a vehicle for so many wonderful things that have happened in my life. It has connected me with all different kinds of people around the world. It has given me the ability to share what I know with people who may need that information, and learn from others who have more information than I do. It has improved my writing skills and even my speaking and presentation skills.

It has helped me become a more confident, more outgoing person. It has made me realize that there are so many opportunities available to us and the more I put myself out there, the more opportunities will gravitate towards me. And finally, I've also learned to be patient, because success, and especially financial success through blogging doesn't happen overnight.

– Pat Flynn

These are the guys we should be paying more attention to – the ones who tell you to work hard and be patient. Pat is one to watch.

3. John Wu from Bankaholic

This site is unfortunately no longer live, but it was the stuff dreams are made of. Imagine starting a blog and then a few years later selling it for around $14.9 million! Thatís not a typo. That was the reported price tag when John Wu sold in 2006.

One of my other online heroes, Aaron Wall, did an interview with John at the time where I found this really cool quote:

“If you are a true authority in your niche and you create remarkable content, your website will naturally attract links, advertisers, and business development opportunities.” – Johns Wu

If you are good at something and know it well, there are blogging and business opportunities out there for you. We might not all be able to crack a whole industry like some big players do, but there are a lot of opportunities for us almost everywhere.

To sum it up, I'm not saying that a blog will change your life and you'll become a millionaire within a year, but if you don't take action, you will never know.

Here's some motivational stuff for you – 10 Famous Multi-Million Dollar Bloggers

So here is my advice: Take action now!

Go to (if you haven't already), read the step-by-step tutorial and get your blog out there.

If you get stuck or need help during the install/setup process, feel free to email me. I'm always helping my subscribers, although it sometimes takes a day to answer all the emails.

In the next lesson, I'll show you THE MOST common blogging fears that people tend to have. And right after that you'll start receiving some MORE actionable advice to improve your blog, such as:

  • How to build a list of returning visitors
  • How to get more search engine traffic
  • How to design your blog on a tight budget
  • and so on…

Stay tuned.

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