eHost Review: Is eHost any Good with its Plans & Pricing?

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Update: eHost is no longer running under that name, they are now doing business under their other brand name “JustHost“.

Have you ever wondered “is eHost a good web host for my needs?” Are you interested in finding the best host for your content at a good price? If so, read on. Looking at the information about the eHost hosting service, we strive to answer all your burning questions. You can find other eHost reviews out there, but we promise to offer an unbiased review of the company and their hosting.

We use our resources to find out the details about this hosting service and how they do business. You will find detailed insights and pros and cons of using this particular company. We strive to make the hosting search as easily as possible.

eHost review

eHost reviews
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Looking at the features for eHost, they get a relatively high score. They do not include every single option out there, but what they have is very useful and well-known.

The backend is easy to use, and many add-ons require a single click to add to your site. The pricing is extremely affordable, with their plan starting at $2.75 monthly for a 36-month plan. A 12-month plan is only $5 a month.


eHost offers a very affordable hosting package that includes many most-wanted features. The inclusion of marketing options, free specialized security features, and well-regarded customer service are all in their favor. If you are looking to start blogging, they make it easy with WordPress installation and other add-ons.


While eHost has many points in its favor, it does have some limitations. eHost is not the place for you if you need a high-end virtual private server (VPS). They simply do not offer it. Another negative comes in if you are planning to host an incredibly high traffic site. However, this is very unusual, and only applies to less than 1% of websites worldwide.

Review of eHost's offerings

eHost offers a huge line of features for their clients. With a hosting account through the company, you will get unlimited domains. Also, they offer a free domain name when you sign up if you do not have one of your own already. The addition of unlimited free email addresses adds to the usefulness of their offering.

As far as the core features go, eHost offers unmetered storage space and bandwidth. You will also receive an unlimited amount of MySQL databases. If you are not sure where to start with your website, their drag and drop website builder will help you get something up and only. Also, eHost gives you thousands of templates and an easy to use blog setup wizard.

For those who are using eHost for their business, there are features included just for you, too. You will be able to add a free online store with your choice of shopping cart. This includes PayPal integration, as well as integration with social media. There are also marketing features, including access to marketing guides and $100 credit for Yahoo!/Bing ads.

If you are concerned about site uptime, eHost has you covered there, too. At the time of writing this article, eHost has had almost 100% uptime over the entire year. In the months where there was downtime, the uptime still ranked at over 90%.

Speed of the websites loading can be another important facet when looking for a host, and eHost does well, also. eHost performs with an average page loading time of 538 milliseconds.

Once you have your website up and running, if you run into a snag, you can count on eHost customer support. They offer phone, chat, and email support that is available at all times of the day. There are also tutorials and a help center if you prefer to work things out for yourself. They also include a 45-day money back guarantee if you find that the company does not quite work for your needs.

Company analysis

eHost is a budget-friendly host that has been in the hosting world for over fifteen years. The company is owned by Endurance International Group (see our EIG review), who are well-known in the hosting arena. They own many other big brands in the market and have a reputation for excellence. Their main values relate to small business advocacy, promoting open source, and strengthening web civility.

The main eHost datacenter is located in Houston, TX. They partner with CyrusOne to house them. They periodically upgrade their servers in order to give a more reliable customer experience. They do try to avoid downtime when this occurs, but that may not always be possible. If you need PCI compliance for your server, they offer help achieving it, as well.


e-Host is a good choice of web host for most people. Those who need a VPN or have outrageous amounts of traffic may not find their home there, but for everyone else, their hosting is an option with lots of points in their favor.

Our review of eHost delves into the specifics, as well as the pros and cons of the hosting service. They are managed by a well-known and appreciated group and will continue to be a top contender when it comes to finding the perfect host. However, as always, check out the company and make the best decision for yourself and your needs!

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Our eHost reviews final rating
  • Save offers extensive options and features for individuals and small to medium-sized businesses with many of them being completely free once you have a hosting account through them. A quick and easy site builder option is available for those who are new to websites, but cPanel hosting is another option for those interested in more advanced features and do-it-yourself building. Overall, eHost is worthy of a very positive rating. Overall, our eHost reviews rank the site a score of 4.8 out of 5. Their hosting is well-known and well-regarded and they offer something for almost everyone, but due to having no VPS or offering a high-traffic hosting option, the score had to be dinged a small amount.

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