Digital Nomad Packing List: Ultimate Gear for Nomadic Travel

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I've been traveling the globe for over a decade, sometimes with family (preferred), and sometimes alone. If there's one thing I've learned, its that you have to learn to pack right (hence the ultimate digital nomad packing list article if you hadn't guessed! 😉 )

You'll get packing tips from both a men's and women's point of view (my husband had had to deal with my semi-nomadic lifestyle too!) so don't think this is an all girl packing fest. I'll keep you guys happy too so don't worry. There's nothing worse than a scruffy, smelly hubby tagging along right girls? We'll get you guys kitted out to keep the woman in your life interested, all in a bag you can throw over your shoulder. 🙂

On a budget? I'll also include a good quality alternative where I know of one. This digital nomad stuff can get expensive!

Any digital packing list obviously includes items that assist in packing in a way that saves space and weight, but it's much more than that! You have to be prepared for whatever the world throws at you, you have to be prepared for whatever work throws at you, and sometimes, you just have to look darn good and feel comfortable while not weighing yourself down.

Just as a heads up, this is a new post for my followers who have signed up for my blogging course. It's intended to help those among them who are already earning a decent amount from their sites and have decided to hit the road, so it's a sparse at the moment as this is a weekly update kinda scenario (Rome wasn't built in a day!) If you want to keep updated on the best nomad travel gear, hit the button for the free blogging course on the top right of this page.

So let's dig into it…

Ultimate digital nomad packing list

Digital nomad packing list
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OK, so before we start, have you got your passport with you?

Yep… state the obvious right! But a ton of people slip up and head off to the airport and leave this at home, so add this to your checklist right away. Better to be safe than sorry!

And while we're on the subject of checklists, make one. A physical one that you can see. And make your passport the first item on this list.

I like to keep this list right next to my computer at my home office, if you're anything like me , you're there checking your emails last minute before you hit the road, so for me, this is the ideal place to have a plain old piece of paper with everything I need to take (and it's something to reuse this every time you travel).

Bags and organizers

OK, so you're going to need something to carry your stuff in obviously. Below are my recommendations for this, but you also need bags to put in your bags. Counterintuitive huh? Well, what if I told you you could save a ton of space this way?

Packing cubes

Best option:

I've found these packing cubes to be the best value for the money. Are there cheaper options? Yes, of course! The problem is they end up splitting in my experience.

I'll give you a budget option next, but if you want something that will last a lifetime, this is what I recommend.

You can ranger roll just about anything, jackets, underwear, jeans etc. just Google how to do it with individual items and you'll be packing like a digital nomad/ranger in no time!

Budget option:

Amazon has their own version of the packing cube, and if buyer ratings are anything to go by (I haven't used these) they do the job quite well (Amazon don't really put their name on the line with crappy products right?)

Hitting the beach or taking part in watersports?

This waterproof dry bag from Earth Pak is absolutly amazing. It keeps your kit dry while out on the water, but to be honest, that's not really why I use it.

I like to keep my iPad and phone close at hand so I can keep online, and when I hit the beach with my family this stops sand (as well as water of course) from getting near my gadgets. A must with kids kicking sand around! 🙂

The best part? For something so durable and useful that folds flat in the rest of your luggage the price is surprisingly low. No need for a budget option on this.

For business

Need to look smart?

This is the ultimate if you want to keep your shirts or blouses in tip-top condition for business meetings.

It even has a guide on how to fold correctly for minimum creasing built in!

Hungry to get your digital nomad gear together quickly? Here's what Amazon has in their lineup:

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