What is the Best Solar Power Bank Charger? Top 10 Reviewed

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Dee van Heerden
Dee van Heerden

Is the power in your hands? With a solar power bank, it really is. Technology has finally found a way to capture the power of the sun, it’s energy, and store it in a small and neat compact device. We have the means to convert that raw wattage into a usable source to replenish the charge our devices require to function – mobile devices like phones, tablets, and even laptops.

These devices still leave most people believing they’re too good to be true. Is it possible to keep your electronics charged and functional using nothing but the daylight nature has given us? Absolutely.

If you’ve heard mixed reviews about power banks, it’s not an accurate reflection of the technology that’s available today. The best solar power banks are manufactured to be pretty powerful contraptions, capable of charging mobile devices like phones many times over before needing a recharge themselves. They’re generally designed to be compact enough to fit into a day pack without adding to your pack’s weight.

Each power bank comes complete with it’s own unique set of traits. Finding the best power bank for your needs requires some comparison and analysis. If you are looking for a solar power bank that can recharge a larger and more power consumptive device, like a laptop, a higher mAh capacity is recommended. If you value portability and durability, look for something that’s designed with shatter-proof casings.

Our 10 favorite solar power banks serve a range of purposes. From affordability to sleekness and even water-resistance, there’s something for every purpose here;

Best solar power bank charger: Here are the top 10 choices compared

Best solar power bank
  • Hiluckey Portable Solar Power Bank
  • Goal Zero Venture 30 7800 mAh Waterproof Power Bank
  • Qi Portable Charger
  • Solar Charger 20000 mAh Portable Outdoor Waterproof Mobile Power Bank
  • Green Maui 20000 mAh Large Capacity Fast Charge External Waterproof Portable Phone Charger
  • ToughTested Solar Charger – 24000 mAh Portable Solar Powerbank
  • BEARTWO 10000 mAh
  • MXX Wireless Portable Solar Charger
  • FEELLE Solar Power Bank
  • ADDTOP Portable Solar Power Bank

1. Hiluckey portable solar power bank (Best solar charger overall)

The Hiluckey portable solar power bank is considered the best solar charger overall because of its high capacity (25000 mAh) combined with its intuitive functions, it’s durability (it’s great for use outdoors) and its high-speed charging. This Hiluckey power bank is also super practical with its dual USB ports.

The foldable solar panels also add to the overall experience of owning one of these Hiluckey portable solar power banks. The entire contraption opens out with 4 panels absorbing the sunlight and folding away into one lightweight and neat little package when you want to pack it up.

With a capacity of 25000 mAh, you can expect high-speed charging, both when you are recharging your devices and when you are replenishing your solar power bank’s charge. The solar power bank recharges faster when you use a USB cable and an electrical power source, but solar charging is also a great option.

It’s tough enough for outdoor use and lightweight enough to use on camping trips or business trips. Rated 4.5 stars on Amazon, this product has received predominantly raving feedback from reviewers – so if you were wondering how well they deliver on their claims, that should set your mind at ease.

Hiluckey Portable Solar Power Bank pros and cons

  • Intelligently detects and matches the output current to protect it
  • Waterproof, shock and dust resistant
  • Includes a micro USB cable

2. Goal Zero Venture 30 7800 mAh Waterproof Power Bank (Best waterproof solar power bank)

The Goal Zero Venture’s IPX6 weather-proof rating makes it a popular option for those seeking the best waterproof solar power bank. The manufacturer’s popular phrase, “Dunk it, spray it, use it in the rain,” gives testament to its great design – ideal for use in extreme weather conditions and outdoors.

Just the same as all the reputable power banks, the Goal Zero Venture is able to charge two devices at once thanks to its dual USB port. To gain a full charge in the power, it needs to have sun exposure for at least 9 hours. Charging it via a power source gives you a full charge within 4 hours.

Another of its key features that makes this device noteworthy is that despite being rated the best waterproof power bank, it is not submersible. It gains this rating because of the overall engineering and durability, combined with the ease of use and portability. It’s the best all-round power bank with well-rated water-resistance.

Goal Zero is considered one of the top solar power bank recharging manufacturers. They have a solid reputation in the industry and there are many review articles that feature their products. This particular solar power bank is a worthwhile purchase; you can expect a lightweight and practical device that will keep your devices charged when you are on-the-go. On the down-low, this is also the best value solar power bank.

Goal Zero Venture 30 7800 mAh Waterproof Power Bank pros and cons

  • Waterproof: Dunk it, spray it, use it in the rain
  • Best value solar power bank
  • Power two devices at once

3. Qi Portable charger (Best portable solar power bank charger)

If you’re looking for efficiency combined with portability, you have found your ideal match. The Qi Portable Charger is compatible with most devices (including iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S9 and all Qi-enabled devices). It is compact and pretty lightweight, making it the best portable solar power bank charger.

The manufacturers certainly had the adventurer in mind when they designed this solar power bank. The outer shell is super sturdy and tough, ideal for those who are hiking, backpacking, camping, or out in the wilderness. It is dust-proof and shock-proof, further emphasizing durability.

The only real downside is that you will need to rely on electricity from time to time to get a full charge in your power bank, but solar will keep it topped up. It is equipped with both USB and type C ports, which gives you more convenience.

Qi Portable charger pros and cons

  • Extensively tested charging times
  • Truly cable-free and tangle-free
  • High quality

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4. Solar Charger Portable Power Bank (Best cheap solar power bank)

You might choose to get a lower budget power bank, but that shouldn’t mean you have to compromise on quality or longevity. This particular solar power bank might be the best affordable solar power bank because it has a longer lifespan with its built-in ability to self-regulate, avoiding over-current, over-voltage, overload and short circuits.

Not many power banks give you a warning when you need to top up the power, but this one has a unique feature – it has five pilot lights that give you a measure of the current charge. The actual device is super compact, making it portable and easy to take on trips; definitely the best affordable power bank.

It charges from both electricity power sources and from solar power – although the solar takes significantly longer. Despite not coming from a famous brand, the product is very well reviewed on Amazon, with a 4-star rating.

Solar Charger Portable Power Bank pros and cons

  • Tough enough for the rugged outdoors
  • Compatible with most devices: iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Nexus, Go-pro Camera, Tablets and other USB devices
  • Affordable

5. Green Maui waterproof portable phone charger (Best lightweight solar power bank)

If the sleek design of the exterior doesn’t grab your attention, the number of features packed into the device will. It is not the most lightweight, but it’s the best lightweight solar power bank because of the way they have juggled the number of features with the weight and diameter.

Besides being a high-capacity power bank that can recharge its own power using the sun, the Green Maui is also lightweight at only 1.1 pounds and compact in its design. It is IP65 waterproof and dust-proof and it can charge up to 4 devices at the same, doubling the typical number of devices that power banks in this price range are capable of charging simultaneously.

The wireless contact area gets rave reviews from some and mixed reviews from others. While wireless charging comes with many benefits, it also requires you to pay extra attention to the device’s positioning when you leave it to charge.

Green Maui waterproof portable phone charger pros and cons

  • Solar light indicator
  • Charge up to 4 devices at the same time

6. ToughTested solar power bank (Best high capacity solar power bank)

The striking orange coloration combined with the waterproof attributes and the exceptional charge capacity makes the ToughTested charger the best high capacity solar bank, which means it’s also a great fast solar power bank. It really is ideal for those visiting the deepest darkest corners of the world that have no power sources. Attach it easily to hiking gear by its heavy-duty toting carabiner.

A solar power panel and charger that pushes out 24,000 mAh while being tough enough to join you for a swim (up to 1 m in depth) and if it withstands dust, impact and extreme weather, it is a keeper! It’s compatible with most devices and has built-in smart features, like protection from a power surge, short circuit, overcharging and overcurrent.

The ToughTested solar power bank is likely to become one of your best buddies when you leave the house; it is a promise that your devices will have battery power no matter where you go. This is the best fast solar power bank if you need to recharge in a hurry.

Toughtested solar power bank pros and cons

  • Shock-proof, patent-pending outer casing
  • Exceptional efficiency
  • Provides over 60 hours of talk time and 50 hours of browsing

7. BEARTWO 10000 mAh ultra-compact power bank (Best brand solar power bank)

Definitely one of the most lightweight and compact power banks on the market, the BEARTWO is a great travel companion, especially for work trips. BEARTWO is a well-reviewed brand and reputable in this industry, and this device is the best brand solar bank you can find in this price bracket.

10000 mAh isn’t particularly impressive; there are power banks with a far higher capacity and there are also power banks with a lower capacity – this is a happy medium as you’re going to get a decent charge. What makes this device noteworthy is the all-round balance you get in terms of features and durability.

It is fantastically lightweight and to make matters even better, it’s also durable, a powerful combination you don’t find easily. It is also waterproof and if you’re an environmentalist, you will appreciate the fact that it’s made from eco-friendly silicone rubber and ABS + PC material.

It’s a pocket-sized power blast. Add this power bank to your packing list for power on-the-go, no matter where you are. BEARTWO is a worthwhile brand known for servicing the industry with great quality products. This 10000 mAh ultra-compact power bank is no exception.

BEARTWO 10000 mAh ultra-compact power bank pros and cons

  • Fantastically lightweight for travel
  • Dual USB
  • Made of eco-friendly silicone rubber and ABS + PC material.

8. MXX Wireless Portable Solar Charger (Best solar power bank for laptops)

The manufacturer states that this power bank comes with a bright torch light (most power banks do) but they don’t tell you that it is actually bright enough to light a whole room. Alongside the impressive luminescence, it pushes out 26800 mAh, making it the best solar power bank for laptops.

Forget unreliable power, a solar charger like this one (MXX Wireless portable solar charger) puts the power back in your hand. Enjoy a fully charged laptop wherever you are – provided you have access to daylight to replenish the power levels of your power bank.

Ideal for trips into the middle of nowhere, this device gives you a light and a charger as a 2-in-1 deal. Wireless charging means no more tangles and cables and no more failures to charge because the cords have started to age. The IPX6 waterproof features mean it is perfectly suitable for camping trips during inclement weather and it will survive spills in your suitcase on a business trip.

The power bank works best when it is recharged via a power source, but the solar panel is the ideal backup recharging power source. The manufacturer claims the 26800 mAh is the largest on the market, giving you the most reliable charge for your laptop. The device comes with built-in IC protection for overload, over-discharge, over-voltage, over-current and short-circuit.

MXX Wireless Portable Solar Charger pros and cons

  • 26800 mAh
  • Equipped with anti-over-current, over-charging, over-heat and short-circuits
  • Wireless charge & 3.1A quick charge

9. FEELLE Solar Power Bank (Best travel solar power bank)

Three highly-efficient solar panels that fold up into one extraordinarily lightweight and convenient package. It slips into the side pouch of your backpack, into a lady’s handbag or even as part of your daypack. It’s the foldable feature that makes this the best travel solar power bank.

This is considered by many experts in the field to be the best solar charger and power bank – FEELLE is a reputable brand. The design of the product hints that the manufacturers themselves spend time outdoors and understand the unique requirements of adventurers when it comes to keeping devices charged.

The FEELLE’s high capacity gives you a conveniently fast charge thanks to the work of three efficient solar panels working together. The manufacturer claims the FEELLE can recharge itself three times faster than its competitors, requiring less time in the sun to achieve a full battery.

The power bank comes with a micro USB cable and the power bank has a built-in LED light, making it handy during camping trips. The USB ports tend to be the weak point for damage on power banks; the FEELLE power bank’s USB ports are water-proof, shock-proof and dust-proof.

FEELLE Solar Power Bank pros and cons

  • Super lightweight
  • High capacity for a fast charge
  • Ideal for travelers and hikers

10. ADDTOP Portable Solar Power Bank (Best USB solar power bank)

If connectivity is your top priority, the ADDTOP is your best USB solar power bank. The high capacity provides super fast charge times to your devices via USB and Type-C cables. You can charge two devices simultaneously, and if you use a USB-A to USB-C cable, you can also charge your laptop.

Another reason to get excited about this device and its connectivity traits is its unbelievably fast charge time. You can expect a full charge in 90 minutes for a device that consumes around 2000 mAh. This is one of the very best charge times in the industry. That definitely makes it a great USB solar power bank for those who are out and about and looking for convenience. It’s really the top solar power bank if you’re looking for connectivity.

While the added weight might not make it the perfect option for those who are trying to keep their luggage weight down, the performance of this power bank when compared with many others might have you change your mind. For its bulkiness, it really brings great value and features.

ADDTOP Portable Solar Power Bank pros and cons

  • 2000 mAh phone can be fully charged in 90 minutes
  • Waterproof, shock and dustproof
  • Built-in a super bright LED flashlight with SOS emergency mode

Best solar charger: key takeaways

  • All solar chargers/power banks need significant time in the sun to fully charge.
  • Solar power banks will run down if you don’t use them or recharge them regularly.
  • For a faster charge time, look for a higher mAh level.
  • Dual USB power banks will take longer to charge a device.
  • Power banks are ideal for use on-the-go, while camping, backpacking and when you have no power.
  • Choose a solar charger based on your needs – it might need to be compact, lightweight, efficient or waterproof (or all of these!)
  • Unlike phone chargers, power banks and solar chargers don’t need direct sunlight to charge; they simply need direct daylight.
  • While power banks will charge in ordinary daylight, direct sunlight speeds up the charge time significantly.
  • Solar charger and power banks are useful for both outdoors adventurers and business people needing guaranteed power on trips.
  • Always opt for a solar charger that can charge multiple devices at the same time.

Top solar power bank FAQs

The technology to charge mobile devices with solar power is there and so far it’s proven itself effective. The manufacturing quality isn’t always there to deliver the kind of results that give the industry a good name. Opt for better quality if you want a reliable solar charger.
Goal Zero is one of the most reputable names in the solar power and solar charging industry. The Goal Zero Venture 30 7800 mAh Waterproof Power Bank is one of the most reviewed products alongside the FEELLE Solar Power Bank, which is a high capacity solar power bank.
One of the best types of solar power banks is one that is a capacity device, meaning it can recharge your devices relatively quickly. The best type of solar power bank is efficient and has enough solar panels to gain a charge within a few hours. The FEELLE Solar Power Bank fits these requirements.
Yes, they are. Solar power banks are particularly handy when your devices run out of battery and when you aren’t close to a traditional power source. Some power banks can charge as many as 4 devices simultaneously. Always look for a power bank that can charge more than one device; otherwise, it’s not worth it.
Look for a device that’s got a capacity point of 7800 mAh or higher. 10000 mAh is a popular power capacity because you still have the benefits of a compact device with decent power output. High capacity solar power banks are around 24000 mAh although they tend to be bulky for travel.
The purpose of a power bank is to recharge your devices; for that reason, you need to know the total wattage of all of the devices you want to charge and choose a power bank that generates that wattage. Also look for a solar charger that is capable of charging more than one device simultaneously.
Most solar chargers will charge via daylight and also via a power source. That means that when you recharge your power bank via daylight, you do not need direct sunlight; direct daylight, even on a cloudy day, will recharge your solar panel. However, sunlight will give you faster charge.
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