GreenGeeks Coupon Code: Best Promo Deals & Discounts 2020

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Thanks for dropping by to get our GreenGeeks coupon code. We guarantee this is the cheapest of the promo codes and deals you’ll find out there on the interwebs because we personally made sure of it!

We also have a more in-depth look into this companies strengths and weaknesses in our GreenGeeks review if you want to take a look into them for yourself, but we’ll cover a lot of it here.

Want to know more about GreenGeeks before you commit to using our GreenGeeks coupons?

You should, because it’s important!

It’s only natural that you want to know more, and we would think you were pretty nuts if you didn’t do your due diligence before using our GreenGeeks Promo code!

First of all, vs other similar companies, GreenGeeks has been running for over 10 years which makes them a reliable choice in this respect as they are not one of those new companies that will disappear any time soon.

If you are worries about the planet and the environmental impact of data centers you should know that web hosting is actually pretty bad for our planet. Green (or eco-friendly) hosting helps to offset that with carbon offsetting which is why (as well as for their great hosting) we support this company and supply a GreenGeeks discount code.

How to apply Your GreenGeeks promo code discount

It’s very simple, first just visit this link and make sure the images below are followed. The voucher applies to regular hosting (which most people will need), WordPress hosting (pretty much the same as regular, but for WordPress users so don’t be confused), and reseller hosting.

When you get to the website via our link, click the “Get Started” button on the type of hosting you would like to have.

On the next page you can choose to register a new, free domain name, or you can use an existing domain name that you own if you prefer. Don’t forget there is live chat if you have any questions or problems!

Getting your GreenGeeks free domain deal

On the last page you have to fill in your personal details, much like you would when shopping on any site. I won’t insult your intelligence by telling you how to fill this out, but do make look at the “Package Information” section to make sure that your GreenGeeks coupon code deal has been applied!

Highest value GreenGeeks voucher

That’s pretty much it!

Let us know in the comments if your GreenGeeks coupon code worked, and how much you saved. We love helping, and hearing from our readers when they get a great deal. If the promo codes didn’t work let us know too so we can get it fixed! 🙂

GreenGeeks coupon code

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Did you know that there is more carbon dioxide in our atmosphere today than any time in history?

We take pride in reducing our carbon footprint with the #1 Green Hosting Platform


Their servers operate on 100% Wind Energy, so you can help the climate for a super affordable price (through us) while benefiting from the best features a hosting platform has to offer. 

You’ll even get a FREE domain name with them! 

Help save the planet. Get your web hosting with GreenGeeks now.

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