Best Reseller Hosting Reviews: Top Picks for 2020

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Looking to get into the web hosting game? A reseller hosting business model might be the perfect option for you.

In case you’ve never heard, reseller hosting allows a developer to buy server resources and then sell them to third-party websites.

Instead of worrying about all the technical aspects of creating a server from scratch, the tough stuff is left to the skilled data center operators. The reseller (you) is responsible for the ground game. Interfacing with clients, making sales, etc.

Sound like the right arrangement for you? Good, then let’s get into our top 10 reseller hosting list, right after we cover a few key points.

Rating Company Domains Disk Space Bandwidth Price

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How do I find the best reseller hosting plans?

First and foremost, you’re going to need resources. Whenever you’re looking at a reseller plan, you want to find out how much disk space they’re offering, how much bandwidth you get, and how many domains they grant you.

how to monetize a websiteYou should find out if resources are scalable. If you do things right, your business will grow. When that happens, you’re going to need more resources to accommodate.

You’ll want to pay attention to extras (operating systems, programming languages, databases). You’ll want to know how they set up email (if at all), and what they have in the way of uptime and customer support.

If something goes wrong, the data center has to fix the issue, so you want to avoid sticky situations by ensuring their tech gurus are the best in the business. You also want to make sure they are available. Anything less than 24/7 support is unacceptable.

Reseller hosting reviews

​#1 Hostpapa

Let’s get the top dog out of the way first…

HostPapa logoHostpapa has some of the best reseller options around with some of the best prices to boot.

They’re generous with the resources and have oriented the services so you can generate some income.

Aluminum Plan:

  • $19.95/month
  • 60GB disk space
  • 600GB bandwidth
  • Unlimited domains

Copper Plan:

  • $24.95/month
  • 90GB disk space
  • 900GB bandwidth
  • Unlimited domains

Silver Plan:

  • $24.95/month
  • 140GB disk space
  • 1400GB bandwidth
  • Unlimited domains

Hostpapa reseller plans come with their stellar customer support, extensive email features, third-party integration, and multiple programming language support.

#2 GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks logoThe GreenGeeks offer some very robust options for reseller hosting. Pricing isn’t terrible, but they are somewhat stingy with the resources until you fork over cash for the higher level plans.

Some users may find the additional features and advanced security that comes with GreenGeeks worth it, however, and all plans come with as many domains as you can handle.

Seed Plan:

  • $19.95/month
  • 50GB disk space
  • 500GB bandwidth
  • Unlimited domains

Plant Plan:

  • $39.95/month
  • 120GB disk space
  • 1200GB bandwidth
  • Unlimited domains

Forest Plan:

  • $99.95/month
  • 200GB disk space
  • 2000GB bandwidth
  • Unlimited domains

Make sure you check out the full list of features. GreenGeeks has left no stone unturned when it comes to packing options into their reseller plans.

#3 InMotion

InMotion Hosting logoInMotion also ranks among the best reseller hosting companies. Their SSD drives grant a higher level of speed than most other standard disk options.

They also have the top-level support of a large host and the features that come with that. Email, FTP, cPanel, and more are all included.

R-1000S Plan:

  • $13.99/month
  • 80GB disk space
  • 800GB bandwidth
  • Unlimited domains

R-2000S Plan:

  • $19.99/month
  • 120GB disk space
  • 1200GB bandwidth
  • Unlimited domains

R-3000S Plan:

  • $27.49/month
  • 160GB disk space
  • 1600GB bandwidth
  • Unlimited domains

All plans offer unlimited domains, so you can expand as much as you need as your business grows.

Best reseller hosting honorable mentions

The following resellers are good but aren’t quite on the same level as the best reseller hosting options on our list.

  • A2 Hosting — Stellar support, great uptime, great extra features. Not too shabby when it comes to disk space and bandwidth either.
  • SiteGround — Solid features, but abysmal resources.
    JustHost — Unlimited accounts and varied package. A bit tight with the disk space and bandwidth, however.
  • HostPapa — Good support and uptime, but could use some additional resources.
  • GoDaddy — For once GoDaddy isn’t the most terrible option. Good amount of disk space and bandwidth. Could work on their support and uptime, though.
  • Site5 — Above average across the board. No glaring flaws with the service, but nothing that stands out either.
  • A Small Orange — They need to tweak their resource offerings, but A Small Orange is a good deal if you want to start basic.
The following resellers are good but aren’t quite on the same level as the best reseller hosting options on our list.

Reseller hosting explained

So what exactly is the difference between shared hosting and reseller hosting? Let this video decipher it for you:

The best reseller Hosting: our conclusion

Any of our top three would make a solid pick for reseller hosting. Hostpapa, though, gives you the most for the least, with ample resource offerings coupled with a highly reasonable pricing structure.

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