134 Blog Ideas: Post Topics & Unique Things to Write About

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Struggling to find interesting blog post ideas for your blog?

Want your blog to succeed, too?

Do you know that to takes a lot of determination and persistence to turn your blog ideas into posts that make your blog sizzle, viral, or “hot” on a daily basis?

As a matter of fact, I know many bloggers who produce excellent content.

Their approach is different, out of the box and it makes them extraordinary.

blog post ideasBut it’s not easy.

So stick with me here.

And I will show you a list of 134 blog post ideas that will make your blog more interesting.

This list has enough ideas on what to blog about to keep you busy for the whole year. But don’t panic because first…

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134 good blog post ideas

Things to blog about

1. Run a contest

I’ve run blog contests on this site before, and all I can say is that it gives great attention and new traffic to your blog.

2. Review books/products/films

Reviews deliver a lot of value to your followers, and people are constantly looking for honest opinions, not the fake ones that the web is full of.

3. Make a comprehensive guide or tutorial

If you’re a professional in a field or know some topics extra well, feel free to help the ones who have fewer skills and experience than you do. Tutorials and guides are great blog post ideas and provide a lot of value, which can help drive traffic and convert followers. As an experienced blogger, I teach others how to start a blog and maintain it.

4. Interview someone

Know any celebrities or people who have great stories behind their work/life/career? Interviews are extremely popular in two cases: a) you deliver an interview with a famous person who rarely speaks in public or b) your shares rally insanely useful and practical tips and content.

Interview someone

5. Post a cool infographic

Infographics help to visualize complicated data, and they’re hugely popular these days as blog content ideas. As always, when something becomes mainstream, the overall quality is poor. So, if you’re not a designer, hire one to get a viral infographic that stands out from the crowd.

6. Criticize a website/blog or a person

The web and blogs are great for discussion, opinions and criticizing. Nevertheless, if you are brave enough to say some crispy words about someone, make sure your text has strong arguments and is based on real facts. Random ranting is pointless.

7. Make a post full of GIFs

GIFs are the symbol of online entertainment and humor. There are thousands of GIFs and generators that help to produce new ones. See example: Linkbuilding in GIFs

8. Create a photo post

Share your favorite photos from your niche or personal photos from your latest traveling adventure. Keep in mind that if you’re not the author, you should always give credit to the original photographer by providing a link.

9. Tell a personal secret

Blog secretWe all have our dreams as well as secrets. Sharing them publicly gives very engaging content to the followers. As much as people love rumors, they love to know the dirty little secrets of other people.

10. Write inspirational/motivational post with famous quotes

People need little kicks to get going and get things done. Big things start from small ones, and motivational blog posts can do miracles. Here’s one of the best quotes from Steve Jobs: “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else´s life.” Here are some tips for using quotes in your posts.

11. Share recent travel experiences

Another popular blog post idea is to create travel blogs and posts. There are actually people who earn a living solely from writing about their adventures. Sharing inspiration and tips from your adventures is very useful to your audience, whether you’re in the travel industry or not.

In case you haven’t traveled for a while, publish the best or worst experiences you’ve had in certain countries/airline companies/etc.

12. Host a giveaway

Have you ever wondered why products like GoPro become more and more popular with each day? They do giveaway campaigns regularly. People love free stuff, and taking advantage of that helps you reach new audiences.

13. Write down a conspiracy theory

Have you heard all the crazy (and not so crazy) theories behind important events and people? Now it’s time to start a new one; let your imagination free, or simply share your opinions about the known ones.

14. Show log files of intense conversations

Who doesn’t like to read log-files that are somewhat offensive?

15. Write a short story

No previous experience with writing fiction? Publish your short story (about 200 – 500 words) as a unique blog idea, and ask your followers for feedback.

16. Sing a song

Great artists and singers are not born overnight. First, they’ll have to discover their talent. Find your new hobby or passion in music and turn it into a wonderful blog post idea.

17. Create a list of something

People are lazy. They don’t want to waste time on searching and gathering information. That’s the reason why lists are popular blog topics. Create a TOP10, or better yet, a TOP100 list. Lists of movies, books, influential people, or any other topic can easily generate buzz.

18. Write down all the thoughts you had in mind today

This is a pretty mindful one, but if you are bored, then you can try this method as well for another blog content idea.

19. Share your goals/dreams publicly

Write down all your goals for the current year or dreams where you want to be in 5 years time. It gives nice pressure and motivation to achieve the goals, and it will excite your loyal followers, and it might give you even more good blog ideas too!

20. Make a link carnival and ask others to join

All sorts of link carnivals and linky parties are becoming very popular.

21. Announce that you’ve turned the comments into “do-follow” links

You will probably get 50% more comments with this on. However, the downside of this technique is that you might receive a lot of “spam” blog comments that you have to deal with as well. Got to take the rough with the smooth on this one.

22. Build your to-do list

There are many to-do list apps and services, but try to publish your tasks on your blog. Other people will have the opportunity to learn from you. How you build your tasks, how broad or narrow they are, etc. can all be helpful to your audience.

23. Write a post in response to a recent post or news

In other words, become an opinion blogger or analyst. When you manage to write high-level content on hot topics, your blog can be featured on major newspapers and websites.

24. Make a full case study about something

We covered tutorials already, but case studies reveal what you’ve done, how you’ve done it, and what the results are. These can be interesting blog topic ideas. This is extremely interesting for many folks, especially for me.

25. Share your favorite blogs or bloggers in one post

It’s a bit similar to the “Make a list” idea, but sharing the blogs and bloggers you follow is never a bad blog post idea. Give the resources to your readers; believe me, they are grateful and won’t stop following you.

26. Invite your readers to submit guest posts

guest blog
Are you struggling with blog topic ideas or have to leave for some time? Ask people to write guest posts. It’s a win-win situation; you get the content, and they can build up their name or brand.

27. Publish the best comments that your blog has received throughout its history

Are you using a voting system on your comments or just know the posts where some comments have raised very fruitful discussions? Share them in a separate post.

28. Share your blogs income & traffic numbers

Blog incomeProve that a blog in your niche can have reasonable traffic numbers and maybe even be profitable. Bring Google Analytics data to daylight and it’s very nice if you provided some analysis on important points, for example, a major change in traffic numbers, etc. Pat Flynn has done that, why don’t you?

29. Tell a joke

That’s pretty straight forward. Humor never gets old, and great jokes are really entertaining.

30. Bust a myth

There are thousands of well-known things that actually are not true. In other words, they’re called myths. Take some time and do some research to disprove some of them. If your followers love it, feel free to become a MythBuster.

31. Produce or publish your art

Online galleries and portfolios look cool and can be the first step to the world for artists. So publish your paintings, comics, graphical design masterpieces, and other creations as well.

32. Publish a post about your success and epic failures

Being successful means making mistakes (or in other words: failing). But failing is not all bad. It’s a learning experience that allows you to be better the next time. So, that’s the reason why you should talk publicly about your success and failures, to let others learn from it.

33. Ask your readers to tweet, like, and share the posts they like

Spreading the word about your blog or posts is important, but sometimes people need a little extra kick to do that, so write a post for that.

34. Start a poll

That’s simple. Want to know what other people prefer or think about a certain topic? Start a poll to get quick overview.

35. Write a post about things you regret doing/not doing

When you surf around Quora or Yahoo Answers, you’ll find many very popular blog topic ideas and posts about the things people regret doing and not doing. Try to write down your own list.

36. Pose a rhetorical question in your blog post

This blog post idea is similar to posting random quotes just to produce some content, but it can really spark a discussion, even if the question is rhetorical.

37. Post a picture that speaks more than thousand words

Awesome imageSometimes you can and SHOULD post images that tell us a story. It does not only grab attention and increase your visitors average time spent on the blog, but it’s also extremely interesting.

38. Publish some little or unknown facts

The Internet and different encyclopedias are full of facts, some of them really random. For example “Did you know that the pink/red/white color of flamingos comes from the food they eat?” You can gather those facts in your own post to generate buzz.

39. Publish an In Memorian post

It’s polite and respectful to commemorate the people who pass away.

40. Bring out the most important dates in history

Pick a country/war/invention/company, and write down the important dates of it. People love to get general but detailed overviews.

41. Tell about your latest event experiences

Visited a concert or a festival lately? Write a review about it.

42. Publish your CV online

Show your previous experience and the things you are good at. You might get a job offer for doing that.

43. Post an obvious lie

You can turn things upside down when you tell an obvious lie inside your blog post. People might get mad at you, but that doesn’t matter.

44. Write where you’d like to travel

…and encourage others to do the same in your comments. This kind of conversations usually turns out pretty big.

45. Blog about marketing secrets

Tell your readers about your top secret strategies, techniques, and tactics you use to get more followers and traffic.

46. Write about the most important lessons you’ve learned in your life

What is more kind than helping others and analyzing yourself at the same time?

47. Tell your readers what they should do to succeed

Create a blog post that explains to your readers what they should do in order to become as successful as you are.

48. Do a video post about your day

Video blog postLet your readers see about your daily life. For me, it’s extremely interesting, but you also need to have some courage to do that. Either way, it’s up to you.

49. Show off your personal stuff; car(s), house, accessories

This is something that creates many different opinions among your readers. Don’t be scared to show your stuff. It can also turn out as a motivational blog post for someone who doesn’t own those kinds of things.

50. Build a list

Build a list of your readers. You can use Aweber or Mailchimp for that; in that way you can inform your readers about the new posts you’ve made.

51. Create a blog post about your bad habits

Smoking, alcohol, drugs, yes they could be blog ideas too! Tell them something shocking!

52. Offer free help in your industry to get new contacts

Free help gives you great reputation and people will start sharing your blog more often as well as suggesting to their friends. It helps to grow into a branded expert.

53. Research and analyze a topic in your industry

Well written and analyzed posts get great attention. Invest time and grow your followers by that. Many professional bloggers write one post for more than 12 working hours, they invest a lot of time to produce perfect posts.

54. Answer to every single comment personally

Make your readers feel special and honored. It takes only a couple of minutes to answer them personally but you can get new friends, co-authors or even business partners.

55. Write a longer "About Me" post

Classical About Me posts are a couple of lines but introduce yourself more and write a longer one. People like to know what’s the background of the content they’re reading but they usually don’t have time to check LinkedIn accounts or just Google the name.

56. Create a post that utilizes a bar chart or pie chart

Infographics are one of the hottest blog ideas in the web industry. Visualizing data makes it easier to read, gather interesting data and build charts!

57. Write down your monthly personal budget and expenses

You can document what ever costs you like. Take your website and show how many dollars you’ve spent on it and also show the income/revenue side of it. Additionally, you can use the same model on your family budget.

58. Participate in reciprocal guest blogging

Talk to your followers and look for people who’d like to write you a guest post and you’ll write one by yourself.

59. Post linkbait

Don’t know what linkbait is? Have a look here: 10 extraordinary linkbait examples

60. Make a post about your most popular blog ideas to date

Gather the data behind the most popular posts (traffic, shares and comments) and write them down in a single post.

61. Publish a "What If" post

What if postUse your imagination and write a post about what if you’re going to move to another country or travel the world or win billion dollars. People love to dream and believe that these things will happen to them.

62. Publish online courses/e-books

If you’re an expert in your field, invest time in writing and publishing courses and e-books. Create quality content, and people will be ready to buy it for a nice amount of money. When money is not an important aspect, publish the content for free.

63. Turn on Gravatar images on your blog comment

Make it like a real conversation by turning on Gravatar images that let commenters show their face.

64. Build your portfolio

A portfolio is a great way to showcase experience. It’s a wide-spread myth that only artists and photographers can use it. Build a portfolio of projects you’ve run, the applications you’ve coded, and so on.

65. Write in your own everyday language/writing style

Forget the well-known rules, and use the expressions you use every day. It’s a great way to make your posts more enjoyable and stand out.

66 Share food recipes

Don’t know what to write about? Share the recipes of your favorite meals and desserts.

67. Publish a post about the pros and cons of something

Things are never black & white, and there is nothing perfect in this world. There’s always some cons about something.

68. Show others how to secure their blogs

This is something that is useful and interesting at the same time. I recently posted an infographic about “What if your WordPress gets hacked?”

69. Hold a conference or a webinar through blog post

Blog webinarHave a “group” meeting next Saturday at 9 PM. I’m more than sure that if you hold a live event through your blog then there will be people watching it.

70. Ask for general feedback on your blogging

Sometimes you can improve your blog by the way your readers want. Minor tweaks here and there can add value that can bring you more traffic and returning visitors.

71. Curate or summarize someone else’s work

Write short summaries to bring out the most important aspects or points in other published writings. This helps save a lot of time for the readers who are only looking for the most important information.

72. Publish a list of your most successful Tweets/social media posts

Have you had any success with massive re-tweeting, liking, or sharing? Bbased on re-tweets & likes share the tweets and posts with others.

73. Compile a list of common mistakes in your niche

Many people don’t know the basics and make common mistakes. Write tutorials to help them prevent these misunderstandings.

74. Publish a manifesto


75. Make a post about future plans

Dreaming of being a world-class analyst or an entrepreneur in five years time? Looking to start studies at a university? Write the plans down; it’s interesting to read them later on, and it gives new ideas to other people as well.

76. Write down an extremely long blog comments

In that way, you can show your readers that you actually care about their comments & opinions.

77. Thank your audience for following you

Show that you respect them.

78. Write about why you actually started blogging

Simply tell your followers how it all started…

79. Abandon your blog for a week and make others think “what happened to you”

It’s pretty risky, but if you are famous blogger – this will get you a lot of buzz.

80. Write the list of things and activities you want to do before death

Ever seen the books in the bookstore called “1001 places to visit/foods to eat/artists to listen before you die?” Build your own list, and inspire others to do that as well.

81. Show others how to do something extremely FAST

Everybody likes to do something quickly. As you know, time is the most valuable thing in our lives. For example, David Risley teaches you how to blog fast.

82. Write a satirical blog post

Satire never gets old as blog ideas go, but don’t be too harsh. These posts can easily go viral, but be sure you’re prepared for backlash.

83. Write a series of blog posts

To make your readers constantly engaged with your blog, then I suggest you start a blog post series. Here’s a good example of a blog post series: How to Make a WordPress Plugin.

84. Publish a questions and answers blog post

Make a “Questions Monday” and Promise to answer all the questions your audience has.

85. Post a quote

People adore quotes that motivate them or make them think, so use them wisely.

86. Launch a free e-book about your best blog posts

eBookGather the most viewed and commented posts together and convert them into an e-book that can be published on Amazon or other online bookstores.

87. Run PPC campaign through Facebook to your blog posts

It costs a little, but this option means a lot of new traffic and followers.

88. Update/invest in customized blog post design

Great blogs and posts need great design to keep the readers coming back. Hire professionals; never try to do “something” in PhotoShop unless you’re not a designer.

89. Make 404 page that is a game

That’s a fun way to get people staying on your page.​

90. Make a handwritten post and publish it by taking a photo

Hand-written texts look amazing and show off your creativity as well as character.

91. Make an ultimate resource post

Operating in the fishing niche? Publish a list of most useful resources for that.

92. Invite experts to comment on your posts

Busy people work the most, but they’re quite often ready to help if you offer them value from your side. If you ask them, do it kindly, and state clearly why they should do it and what they get for doing it.

93. Publish a post as an audio file (mp3)

Write your post and record it as an audio file. It allows the readers to follow the blog on the go; all they need is an mp3 player or a smartphone.

94. Make list of useful & interesting people to follow in your niche

This is another “TOP” category post idea. List the useful people who provide great insights; these posts become viral quickly.

95. Nostalgic list post about different blogs in your niche

Web design and trends have changed a lot. It creates great WOW effect for people to see how ugly the websites used to be back in the dot.com bubble times. Show readers how these sites have changed from 2000 by using the internet archive wayback machine.

96. Link to new or interesting patents in your niche that amazes people

Ever heard that Apple patented the two-finger movements on smartphones and tablets? Here’s your chance to shine.

97. Ask some billionaire to write a post for you

As these people are often too busy to respond, they enjoy fame and publicity. This is definitely worth a try, even when you fail.

98. Rant about something that REALLY disturbs you

Ranting on the Internet is sometimes pointless, but well-arguented posts may get a lot of attention.

99. Create a list of tools you find useful

Blogging toolsThere are literally dozens of tools that can make life a lot easier, create a list of the ones you use or would like to use.

100. Dare your readers to do something

And then ask them to report back on how it went. Or, have them dare you to do something, and then post a video of you doing it.

101. Host a voting contest

Ask your readers to nominate the best blogs in your niche. This can turn into several posts since you can take those nominations and write a “Top 100 Blogs in the Industry” post. Notify the winning blogs so that they’ll send some of their followers your way.

Update: This article was originally 101 blog topics, but since I got a lot of great feedback from the first 101 things to blog about, I decided to add another 33 blog post ideas to the list.

102. Curate content in your niche

Did you read some interesting articles this week? Link to the best ones in your blog post as a resource for your readers.

103. Wish yourself happy birthday

Are you entering the second year of your blog? Wish it a happy birthday, and then show readers how far you’ve come.

104. Make a list of interesting stats in your niche

Want to blow your reader’s minds? Create a useful resource of stats in your niche.

105. Repost a long email response to a reader's question

Do you often get personal readers’ questions only to respond in a long email? Share that response with your other followers. (Just be sure you’re keeping any emails, names, etc. confidential.)

106. Write a FAQs post

What questions do you get asked constantly, either about yourself or your industry? Create a FAQs post answering all these questions. Repost this as a page on your website so that it’s easy to find for newcomers.

107. Write an ultimate list

Choose a topic and write an ultimate list of ideas so that it’s the first go-to resource for your readers.

108. Create an A-Z post

For example, write an A to Z post on travel tips or an A to Z post on the best WordPress plugins.

109. Develop a profile on an influential figure

Is there someone in your niche you admire? Write a profile on them detailing who they are, what they do, why you love them, and where your readers can learn more.

110. Shoutout to your mentors and fans

Write a post naming specific people who have influenced your blogging journey. Be sure to let them know when the post is public to help drive their followers to your site.

111. Showcase a reader

Do you have a strong relationship with some of your loyal readers? Ask one of them if you can interview him or her and post his or her responses on your blog.

112. List the best apps in your niche

Are you in the finance industry? List and review the top 50 mobile accounting apps. The more apps you list, the better.

113. Write a makeover post

Did you just get a haircut? Maybe you remodeled your kitchen. Show your readers the before and after photos.

114. Run a month of giveaways

Each day, post a new blog post (or have a guest author), and then include a quick gift for one winner at the end of each post. Be sure they have to earn it, such as by leaving a blog comment to be eligible. Add in a few “surprise” gifts so they don’t always know what’s coming.

115. Hold a guest post pitching contest

Do you accept guest authors on your blog? Hold a pitching contest where readers can pitch their idea in the comment section and give each other feedback before you decide which pitch will turn into a published blog post on your site.

116. Develop a quiz

Use a quiz-building application like Online Quiz Creator, and make your next post into a game for your readers.

117. Create a glossary

Do people get confused about terminology in your industry? Write a post detailing the definition to commonly confused words in your niche.

118. Write an open letter

Do you have someone you’ve always wanted to say something to, whether it’s your child or a celebrity? Finally say those things, and then post it on your blog for the world to see.

119. Share a worksheet

What’s the number one thing your readers want to know about themselves and your niche? Create a worksheet that will help them answer that question. For instance, if you’re in the finance industry, you might develop a “Get out of Debt” worksheet that will help readers better plan their finances.

120. Share coupon codes

Do a bit of research and find out which online stores in your niche are offering discounts or coupon codes right now, and then share that information with your readers.

121. Create a list of free eBooks

People love free stuff, so help generate some buzz by creating a long list of helpful and free eBooks in your niche.

122. Predict the future

Tell your readers where you industry is going in the next five years, or talk about where you think a celeb will be in a year or two.

123. Compile a list of jokes

People love to be entertained. Make them laugh with a list of jokes related to your industry.

124. Draw a comic

Show your personality by drawing and uploading your own comic. Try to make it clever and funny to drive more traffic.

125. Write a poem

This is a great option for lifestyle bloggers, but if you can provide enough entertainment value, your poem can become wildly effective in any niche.

126. Tell your readers who to follow on Twitter

This type of posts provides a lot of value to readers, and you just might get the attention of some influential people in your industry.

127. Make a list detailing influential people's response to a single question

Connect with a dozen or so popular individuals in your niche, and ask them all the same question, such as, “What’s the go-to marketing tactic for you, that you believe is the most successful?” Compile their answers in a blog post, but be sure to ask their permission and to give them credit for the answer.

128. Highlight the key takeaways from a recent conference

Are you planning to attend a conference in your niche? Be sure you’re taking notes so that you can report back to your followers the most important points covered.

129. Make a list of hacks

People love it when they discover something that will make life easier. Write a list of hacks that will make your readers say, “Why didn’t I ever think of that?”

130. Write about your plans for the holidays

No matter what holiday is approaching, share with your readers what you’ll be doing. This gives them a heads-up if you’ll be gone, but it also sparks conversation. Be sure you ask them to share their plans as well.

131. Record a Skype call

Get in touch with a well-known person in your niche and talk with them via Skype. Record the conversation and post it for your viewers to see later. You can also host live calls via Google Hangouts.

132. Put on a skit

People absolutely love short entertaining videos. Video tape a quick skit, whether you want to send a political message, educate your viewers, or just produce a spoof that will make them laugh.

133. Host a free live workshop

Who would pass up something free, especially if you have something valuable to offer? Share some of your training and consulting material with your readers via a live online workshop.

134. List 134 blog post ideas to show others what to blog about!

List down 134 blog topics in your niche; a lot of people find it useful. 🙂

Blog post idea FAQs

You should blog about things that are of interest to you if you intend to do the blogging yourself. Try for something a little unique that isn’t in too much of a broad niche to start with.

If you sign up for my course from the top of this page, I’ll send you a worksheet to help you make a choice that will be profitable as well as fun for you.

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