Blog Niche Ideas List: What type of Blogs Make the Most Money?

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Dee van Heerden
Dee van Heerden

Content marketing is one of the greatest gravy trains of the day and age we live in. There’s something for everyone. If your topic is something you can have an opinion on, you can blog about it.

Naturally, certain blogs do far better than others. When you look at the net worth of each industry, you can see that certain blog niche ideas meet the needs of internet researchers better, so they perform better. When you choose your topic, you also have to keep in mind that marketing in the modern age is about so much more than placing an advert in your local paper.

It’s about engagement. It’s about connecting and understanding how the information and ideas on your blog improves the lives of your audience. Less selling and more sharing – as a result, lucrative transactions happen. Welcome to the world of ‘Ws’ and ‘dotcoms’

Keep in mind, blogging is not a passive income. It’s hard work and it comes with pre-requisites. You have to have personality (even if it’s only behind the safety of your screen) and you have to have a basic ability to write something that’s readable and engaging.

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Lifestyle blog niches

Blog niche ideas in the lifestyle category usually tell the story of your personal journey relating to a lifestyle topic like gardening, sewing and health among others. What makes this niche work? The rise in disdain for advertising has led to an authentic form of promotion.

When consumers research new products or services, they like to get personal recommendations. Lifestyle blog niches have abundant opportunities for bloggers to share their personal experience with certain brands in their niche. Influencer marketing stems from this blogging niche. What type of blogs make the most money? Here is our lifestyle blog niche list:

1. Fashion

Ideal for the fashionista with experience in the field as well as those who are simply knowledgeable on the latest trends. If you have a great eye for ensembles and new style ideas, take your style-leadership to the internet and spread the word.

2. Beauty

The beauty blogging niche is said to be saturated but it’s simply not possible. Not with an estimated 230,000 searches for the keyword “beauty” per month. Find a subcategory and stick with it – hair, makeup, skin health or products. Google visitors love reviews, comparisons and budget DIY beauty tricks.

3. Health

This is one of the high demand blog topics with 146,000 searches monthly. However, Google’s Medic update will reduce your blog’s visibility if you go into the health-care niche without a good plan.

Google wants to clamp down on fake news in the medical field. Steer away from medical topics. If you have a health-care degree, this niche is a gold mine. Google has reduced your competition, giving real health-care providers the chance to shine.

4. Food

The term “foodie” wasn’t coined lightly. Whether you are a professional chef or a dedicated flavor-enthusiast, food blogs remain popular. In fact, recipes receive 468,000 monthly searches. That doesn’t even cover the food blogs related to travel and tasting exotic dishes.

5. Travel

This is a competitive niche but it’s always a winner if you can find a unique angle. You should have a few stamps on your passport and a few great fireside tales of your own travels to really appeal to readers.

Your audience will often be well-travelled people, so make sure you’re an authority here or that you can at least bring something entertaining to your writing.

Best blog niches in health and fitness

With a wide range of potential audiences, get into this niche with authentic passion. What motivates you? You can’t fake it in this niche.

Tap into your audience and carve a niche for yourself out of this list of best blog niches. Some of the top fitness topics that are new in the arena include fitness for new moms and busy parents, yoga and strength, weight loss and female empowerment.

1. Personal fitness/health journey inspiration

Everyone loves to hear from those who have walked the walk and seen the gains. Since this niche relies on personality together with valuable information, a first-person experience engages readers better.

Plus, there’s loads of opportunity for endorsements, affiliate links, and in time, you can leverage influencer marketing to your advantage by testing out products and giving your honest opinion on them.

2. Parenting and fitness

This subcategory has great potential because parents need easy exercise routines they can follow at home. Work humor into it and show your human side with this list of niches. Parents relate to others who are faced with (similar) challenges, so post yours and talk about how you overcame each challenge.

This niche hasn’t quite bloomed to its full potential yet, so jump into it now and establish your name before competition spikes.

3. Eating and exercise plans

There is a tremendous amount of division in all of the health-care fields. In the fitness niche? Even more so.

If you have trialled a few different exercise routines yourself, followed a few different eating plans and found one that works for you, share your idea. Don’t share it as the gospel truth; share it as your subjective journey.

This is one of the easiest ways to use blog topics to establish your views as an authentic authority in this field without getting into trouble with Google for pushing false information.

4. Spirituality and fitness

In a world of chaos, make your health blog a place of calm. There’s a reason Apple’s products sell so well despite higher prices for the same function when compared with Microsoft. That minimalist design offers over-stimulated brains a vacation.

We’re bombarded with bright advertising from dawn to dusk, daily. If you can provide a genuinely calming effect through your blog’s resources, instructables and tips, you’ll break into this blog niche idea with great success.

Profitable niches list in gaming and entertainment

The gamer’s list of niches for blogging is expanding as more affiliate marketing programs emerge. There are a variety of angles you can use to monetize your gaming blog.

Aside from the affiliate marketing opportunities, look at the different audiences you want to target to branch into different subcategories. These are the high demand blog topics:

1. Casino and gambling

It’s not just about sharing tips and tricks; the industry sees a constant growth as new platforms emerge. One of the fastest ways to get traffic to a casino and gambling blog?

Share the top sites where players can get free plays and bonuses. Only share truly valuable resources to establish trust in your readers.

2. Internet gaming

YouTube has seen many talented gamers monetize their skills simply by live-streaming their gaming. Take this a step further by compiling the highlights of your play into blog posts to create a how-to style article. In fact, one gaming session can easily fuel 10 blog posts if you focus on one area where you succeeded.

If you’re humble, you’ll even write blog posts sharing how your opponents beat you. Use the game’s name and your tip/challenge in the title and you’re likely to get traffic super fast.

3. Reviews

Again, a personal blog that shares first-hand experiences will always do better. People want to hear what real people have to say about products and services. Review the different games you have played and include video snippets to substantiate your claims.

You have an opportunity for affiliate links, on-page adverts and of course, once you have a good following, you’ll be invited to demo games for free and do paid reviews. Your easiest money-maker lies in third-party adverts.

4.Industry news

The business world knows there’s serious money in the gaming and entertainment industry. If you have a business mind and you’re an enthusiastic gamer, put your skills to use on a blog in this niche.

Share industry news and regulations and tips for gamers and gaming service providers. Share insights from consumers – what is the market hungry for? Where can gaming platforms improve?

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Hobbies and interests blogging niches

Got a hobby? Monetize it with a blog even if it’s not strictly speaking on the profitable niches list. Your blog could build up a great following and offer advertising space. You can also have affiliate links to premium products. It’s a great way to monetize an existing hobby.

You’re more likely to get great incentives if you post YouTube videos and aim to get high volumes of views in these hobbies blogging niches:

1. Needlework

Blog topics like crochet, for example, get 112,000 monthly searches. It’s not just the rise of trends like bohemian fashion; it remains a popular hobby. This niche is a tricky one to monetize unless you start selling patterns.

2. Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking has become a digital hobby. Showing people how to display their photos and reviewing the best scrapbooking tools will win you an audience. It’s a very low-competition niche at this point but it has a fair amount of interest.

There are a number of platforms for scrapbooking. If you have a print-on-demand store, a scrapbooking website is the perfect sideline topic.

3. Photography

With the world of technology improving as it has, everyone has a camera in their back pocket and everyone wants to capture artistic memories. People want to know how to take better photos; that is why the word “photography” gets 217,000 monthly searches.

Another idea is to tap into the reviews niche, sharing your experience of different lenses and cameras, and you can even recommend (or create) photography courses. Your photography blog can also improve the searchability of your portfolio and help potential clients feel more connected with your brand’s personality.

High demand blog topics from the finance blog niche list

No one has been as vocal about the economic climate as the millennial generation. Incidentally, this is the same generation that accounts for the majority of the world’s money spending. When you combine these two facts, you can see how a finance blog is going to be lucrative.

There are so many possible blog niche ideas and directions to take, meaning there’s an abundance of opportunities to monetize your site. It is worth noting that your own lifestyle should reflect what you are promoting. If you promote frugal living, you should live frugally.

1. Frugal living

This is one of the topics with a diverse number of offset topics. For example, frugal living might include learning where to find coupons and discounts and teach you how to do some basic homesteading. It will contain lots of DIY tips. It also crosses over into psychology, talking about the mindset you should have to live frugally with success.

2. Personal wealth and investment

You have to know what you’re talking about here. If you re-hash information that is already on Google, you won’t be offering any real value. If you can take the complicated financial information of the world and interpret that so ordinary people can understand it and make their own decisions, you’re going to do exceedingly well in this niche.

3. Careers

One of the most popular uses for the internet? Moving up in life. People use the information on Google to change their careers and upskill themselves. This starts by researching how to get into a particular field, so searches like “How to be a copywriter” are common.

Answer the call for information in this blog niche and you have the web traffic. Ideas for monetizing that come easy; add affiliate links to courses and self-help downloads.

4. Business topics

In this blog niche entrepreneurs giving a first-hand account of their journey to success, entrepreneurs sharing their best tips for success and entrepreneurs talking about how to overcome very specific problems are just some ideas for this blog niche.

This is a niche with many opportunities for monetization, including selling your business’ services, coaching programs, paid downloads, self-help guides and affiliate links.

5. Marketing and SEO

As one of the more saturated business and finance subcategories, marketing and SEO is a difficult niche to break into. The experts who are well-established practically own the industry, but that’s not to say you can’t make a major success of it. Put a unique spin on old tips by writing about how those tips worked for you instead of rehashing the same ideas that are already on the internet.

Again, you can monetize this just like you would monetize business topics – use affiliate programs, paid downloadable resources, coaching programs and self-help books.

What type of blogs make the most money? (Top 10 list of niches)

If you are looking for ways to answer the call for information online, here are the top 10 types of blogs that make money:
Top 10 most profitable blog niche ideas list

  1. Marketing and make money online
  2. Parenting and mommy blogs
  3. Travel
  4. Personal finance
  5. Lifestyle topics
  6. Food
  7. Fitness
  8. Real Estate
  9. Gadgets And Technology
  10. Relationships

Understand that blogging makes you money when you gain a following. For that reason, it’s not about choosing the most lucrative niche with the hope that you get your fair cut from the industry’s net worth.

If you want to make money, your top priority must be to choose a niche you are knowledgeable in. Your success hinges on how authoritative you are in your field – do you know your topic inside out, or are you passionate enough to truly immerse yourself?

Key takeaways from our niche ideas list

  • People read blogs to improve their lifestyle. They want to take control of their finances, improve their relationships, make more money, gain qualifications, and learn how to be healthier from your blog.
  • You have to get used to the idea that you must win readers’ trust. They want to see results and first-hand accounts of people getting real results.
  • Establishing trust in your readers will increase your web traffic, opening the doors for monetization.
  • You have to love what you blog about – this is super important. Readers can engage with authenticity. Use this to set your blog apart from the others in your niche.

FAQs about the best blog niches

Always blog about topics you are interested in. Your passion will be noticeable in your writing and it will engage readers better. You can look at the trending topics that have people’s attention.

If you are not knowledgeable enough to share information, share your opinion. If you can write with humor and personality, you can cover almost any niche.

Almost any topic can generate a substantial income when you have something unique to share with the world. Some of the most lucrative blog topics include DIY and crafting, fitness and health, personal finance, travel and marketing topics.
Monetizing your blog is a slow and long-term process. In the early days, you can generate a starter income by placing affiliate links in your content, which gives you a commission on sales when you recommend products or services. You can also offer other businesses advertising space on your website but be careful not to devalue your site before you gain a following.

Promote your blogs on social media platforms, comment on other blogs that are relevant, link back yours and utilize newsletters to get the word out. You can pay for advertising on high-performing third-party platforms.

When you post high-quality content on a regular basis, you will have return visitors who will also promote your links as an information resource. It can take many months or even a few years before you reach this point. Persevere to succeed.

The industry recommends up to 5 per week but this will vary from person to person based on your own personal schedule. Don’t favor quantity at the cost of quality. Choose a schedule and try to stick to it.

Google will favor your blog if you update it regularly, so walk the thin line between quantity and quality, maintaining a perfect balance.

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