How to Run an Online Business While Traveling (for 6 Months)

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To run a successful online business while traveling the world you will surely face some challenges. There are basic things like planning your travel itinerary and finding a working Internet connection in the destination. And then you have to manage a whole team across time zones and face personal challenges too.

Of course, there are some great perks to this lifestyle as well. Like having a large network of people all across the globe. And you are able to discover some incredible places, from the cosmopolitan cities of South America to the temples of Asia. With this infographic we want to point out the challenges and give advice on how to run a business successfully while traveling the world:

How to Run A Business While Traveling For Six Months Every Year

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One of the biggest challenges of the nomadic lifestyle is the disconnection from family and friends for a long period of time. Sharing a life and business as a couple all day every day can be equally challenging. Breaking up trips and traveling for six months at the time may help prevent travel burnout and keep relatives and partners happy.

Manage an online business

A real online entrepreneur must be able to manage all aspects of operating a business entirely from their laptop or smart phone — whether it be hiring and managing a team, marketing, lead generation, pitching and making sales. Help abounds. There are online job sites, free payroll software, and many great communication tools like Slack, Skype, Trello and more to stay connected and organized.

Choose your travel itinerary

Many online entrepreneurs opt for a global nomad hotspot such as Chiang Mai, Bali, Prague and many more. This is largely due to increased networking and support benefits as well as a significant accumulation of coworking spaces to keep productivity at a high.

The perks of nomadic travel

The biggest perk of being a location independent entrepreneur is knowing people in every corner of the world. Being able to network with people with different backgrounds, cultural influences and lifestyles are immensely valuable for personal growth and development.

Give all for the business

It’s no secret that entrepreneurs generally work hard. Digital nomads are no exceptions to this. Working more than 40 hours a week like you do in a standard office job is very normal. There are no weekends or holidays.

Traveling doesn’t mean taking a holiday

Living a location-independent lifestyle isn’t the same as taking a holiday. Online entrepreneurs have a diverse set of roles and need to be ready to give all for the business. Experiencing the world along the way is just more inspiring than sitting in one place.

Develop Routines

Travel is an integral part of a digital nomads life. Building routines for work and play are important to keep focused and balanced at the same time. Not everyone can be productive between 9 to 5. And sometimes it’s also necessary to adjust schedules to the clients’ time zone.

Traveling is cheaper than staying at home

Many location independent entrepreneurs have a lower monthly spending than when living in their home country. Bootstrapping a company and opting for low-cost destinations are the two main secrets to this.

Many digital nomads are minimalists. They do not care about big wardrobes and fancy apartments and rather opt to travel with a simple carry-on and stay in a hut by the beach. Additional News for entrepreneurs: How to start your own blog


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