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Here are some of our most popular posts on getting started with your blog!

how to start wordpress blog

Free WordPress Blog: How to Start a WordPress Blog Account is a free blogging platform where you can submit your articles and posts for the public.

In this post, I will give you exact instructions on how to start a FREE WordPress blog on…

what is a blog

What is a Blog, Blogging & Blogger? Definition, Meaning & Examples

You must have heard the term “blog” or “weblog” and you’re probably thinking “what is a blog and what’s it all about?” When I was in college, a lot of people talked about “blogs” and “blogging”, but I never knew exactly what it was. I had absolutely no idea…

Fortunately, I’ve now published and managed many different blogs, so I can truly say I know what blogging is. So here is my definition along with that of a bunch of blogging pros.


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