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Best WordPress Image Optimizer Plugin: Top Compression Options

Best WordPress image optimizer plugin

Most website owners either don’t know about the WordPress image optimizer options available to them, or they ignore the fact that images add to the size of their site because they feel that the visual element images add is important for user engagement.

This is true of course, but the site’s performance suffers.

Thanks to some of these WordPress image optimizer plugins however, you can get the best of both worlds!

How to Secure WordPress: Protect from Hackers and Data Loss!

Secure WordPress

I’ve had my site hacked twice because I didn’t secure WordPress properly.

Neither was a particularly fun experience.

In short, getting your site hacked = spending your whole day trying to fix things that you don’t entirely understand, and that’s provided that the hack wasn’t of a deep-cutting variety.

Luckily for me, patching a few things and changing web host did the trick and fixed everything., but not everyone gets off that easily…

Speed Up WordPress: 26 WordPress Optimization Tips

Speed up WordPress

A few weeks ago, I was digging into some WordPress speed/performance resources and ended up going down the rabbit hole of how to speed up WordPress sites.

After reading for what literally days on the subject, I decided to do a case study on speeding up this site.

Long story short, I did it, and if you are after the best fixes then read on…

How to Write an About Me Page that Rocks! (Template Examples)

about me page

The truth is that About me pages are almost always one of the most visited pages on any website.

They’re incredibly important because your audience cares to know who you are and wants to be able to relate to you.

They love seeing the face behind the blog!

So my question is…

When they see so much traffic, why are most “About Me” pages so BORING?

Website Pages List: Essential Web Pages All Sites Must Have

Website pages list

What are the required pages should I use on my website?

This is a common question from bloggers and new website owners which is why I put together this must-have website pages list.

Check it out and see what you are missing from your site!

How to Write Website Content for SEO and Humans

How to write website content

Let’s kick today off with the most crucial lesson I have learned after blogging for more than 4 years. To be honest, that’s one of the most IMPORTANT things I’d tell myself when I had to start over again.

How to write website content for SEO and humans at the same time!

Yep, that’s an essential aspect of content creation that I ignored for a long time. Here’s why it’s super important…

Free Images for Websites & Blogs: Copyright Free Pictures

Free images for websites

Images are a vital part of a website and blog because they add a visual element to your site, and secondly, images when optimized correctly, can contribute to your SEO.

But not everyone has time or the skills to take beautiful images for use on their site.

Thankfully, we’re going to show you where to get free images for websites and blogs…

Page vs Post WordPress: When Should A Website Publish Each?

Page vs post WordPress

If you are a newbie to WordPress, you may find it confusing to understand the difference between WordPress pages vs post. The basics are that a page and post are both used to create content on WordPress, but…

The difference between a WordPress page vs post is that a page is static and contains your core information such as Home page, About Us page, Contact page, and so on while a post includes information specific to your site’s niche with published dates in chronological order, an author name (usually) and other…